My email to him:

I am looking to get your book/books, I am waiting for the other to come out next month and I will get them at the same time. I have my charts, and a program. I have been learning from your YouTube's as well, I have been also using your videos to help educate others.

I entered my information encase you see anything case specific I need to know about. I am recently single, I am routinely codependent, cheated on and manipulate; maybe cause of my five Libra's???

I mainly wrote to say thank you for putting yourself out there, I should do some videos too but I am not very video/Photogenic :) I read your FAQ and I am not writing for counsel, just if you see any red flags let me know. I study psychology and I am learning to help others as you and my other mentors do. Probably my 5 Libra's again and my Venus in the 10th house (I learned that last one from you).

Thanks again and I will be adding your books to my collection before the galactic equator does to much damage, CainO'