Astrology Reading for Gemini – 5.25.1983 – Rising Sign Unknown

aaron lamley







This Spirit Success Report from Halloran Software’s AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program draws upon 576 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, describing your personal houses, sign placements, and planetary aspects.


These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them.  Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances.  How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the “right” choices.


Here are the parts which make up your chart:


HOUSES:  Govern sections of your life, e.g., your money, your health, your partners, etc.  They are also meaningful as to where your early interests lie and if they are worth pursuing.


SIGNS:  Contribute feelings or vibrations to “color” planets, e.g., MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO and emphasizes their qualities of thought, travel, health, and work.  JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and higher education, spiritual growth, and law.


ASPECTS:  Are angles combining the planets in the SIGNS/HOUSES that trigger the manner in which you will be influenced or can handle your qualities to advantage, e.g., MERCURY (thought) TRINE (in good aspect to) JUPITER (education and law) may indicate that you can succeed as a counselor in legal matters.


A “Strength” number precedes each ASPECT interpretation towards the end of the reading.  This number synthesizes how exact is the aspect, whether the aspect is major or minor, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to live it out in your life.


You are most likely to feel and act out the Spirit Success Report’s sign and house placement interpretations when the planets involved are strong in your chart.  This is true especially of the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto.  The Astrodynes program, also available from Halloran Software, calculates the respective power and harmony of all the planets in your chart.





Planets in Signs



Sun in Gemini


(Keynote:  I THINK)


You are idealistic, witty, charming, inventive and active, as well as being undependable, nervous, restless and fragmented.  Your curious mind leaves few stones unturned, for you love to explore.  You are able to teach others what you have learned, and often improved upon.  Your unpredictability and uncanny intuition stimulates the imagination of your friends; you enjoy the stir you create in social settings.  You lose chances by trading commitment for superficiality. Your flexibility should allow you to choose any partner and turn the thrill of a moment into a lifetime of significance.




Moon in Scorpio


(The Warrior)


Your ability to attract is so powerful that you can bring about almost anything you wish — and some things that you would rather evade.  Your emotions are intense and close to the surface.  You project them into your manner, and when you speak it is usually with authority so that others are compelled to listen.  You are self-reliant and would rather fight your battles alone with the confidence you will emerge as victor.  You are as determined in love as you are in conflicts, but few understand the intensity of your dominant nature or have a desire to endure your possessiveness.



Mercury in Taurus


(The Dedicated)


You believe in the “golden rule” and extend the benefit of the doubt.  You may be slow to anger, but can be physically forceful; will forgive, but never forget an injustice.  Your powers of rationalization demand that you take time to prepare ahead for any task you undertake, which may be mistaken for procrastination.  If you have a weak point, it is being too set in your ways, but on the plus side, once committed, you can be depended upon to follow through.



Venus in Cancer


(The Protector)


You must be careful of “smothering” instead of “mothering” loved ones or, with the best of intentions, you may alienate them from you.  You attract those who need your help, but your own sense of security needs bolstering.   Emotional demands may draw you into studies of mysticism.  You can depend on your parents, and may be involved in a family business.  Your love of kin is paramount and will give you strength to do whatever is necessary to keep them together.



Mars in Gemini


(The Lecturer)


You are a powerful speaker, able to influence others and sway them to your views.  As a teacher, you convince students to do things “your way,” though you may change your methods as often as you change your mind.  If you scatter your energies, you can fail to complete what you have started and accomplish nothing.  Learn early to think before you speak and hone your ability to concentrate.  Otherwise, your knowledge may appear superficial and your ideas not worth exploring.



Jupiter in Sagittarius


(The Philosopher)


You are a student of life and gain your highest learning through experience, but can also expand your knowledge in metaphysical studies.  Your optimism and faith in humanity make you responsible for lighting and passing an eternal flame of wisdom to successive generations, where it will multiply a thousand times with every life it touches.



Saturn in Libra


(The Disillusioned)


Your dreams of a perfect partner may shatter more than once, but you will not give up trying.  Somehow, though you possess fine qualities, you don’t seem to attract the right people to appreciate them.  It is difficult for others to accept your high ideals and you to compromise them.  However, though you may feel lonely at times, you will grow to appreciate yourself as someone who can overcome personal unhappiness by helping others profit by your experience.



Uranus in Sagittarius


(The Diviner)


You are amazingly accurate in forecasting events or circumstances that come about.  You have a good grasp of logic, so are unlikely to exceed your gifts, but use them to research areas that may contribute to the future of mankind. You are unconventional in your beliefs, fearless in your concepts, and may adopt philosophy rather than religion as a guideline.  You should introduce prudence into your restless nature to create wisdom you may share with others.



Neptune in Sagittarius


(The Sage)


You have a talent for understanding human nature and an uncanny ability to know what makes people “tick.”  You are a perpetual student, and a gifted teacher.  Your thirst for knowledge will prompt you to travel extensively.  Try to remember that you must accept the customs of another country before they will accept you.  Your beliefs are unconventional.  You will continue to learn by experience and teach in love as did Plato, Socrates and their descendants in spirit.



Pluto in Libra


(The Rational)


As peacemaker, it is second-nature to act as liaison in fostering partnerships that contribute to world-harmony.  Your high intellect and demand for justice may place you in public service where you can aid worthy causes by your involvement. Your love of truth may influence big business, where deceit will be overcome with honor.  On an individual level, all this may be accomplished by setting an example through the simple amenities you practice every day.



North Node in Gemini


(The Whirlwind)


You try to stay so busy that personal commitment is impossible.  If you take on more than you can handle, you cannot blame yourself for “failures.”  You feel your education is inadequate.  True communication is never one-sided.  Allow others to voice their questions and opinions while you prepare answers gleaned from the worthwhile knowledge you possess.





Planets in Aspect


Moon trine Venus  (Strength:  6.19)


(The Lover)


You live for love and instinctively know how to have your love returned.  You enjoy socializing with friends, and like to make or give little mementos that have personal meaning.  You may work or be employed in a manner that provides an outlet for your artistic gifts.  When you fall in love, your partner will be fortunate as you find a thousand ways to express your love unselfishly without jealousy, possessiveness or other destructive qualities to spoil your idyll.



Mars opposite Jupiter  (Strength:  5.70)


(The Affected)


You often try to impress others with your abilities, which can come off as idle boasting or narcissism.  Or, you may feel discriminated against, which can be the result of selfishly pursuing your aims over the feelings of others.  You sometimes respond to promises of extravagant rewards which may not materialize and tend to overreact emotionally, which is a sure way to lose a battle.  Utilize your positive energy and assert your independence to make things happen “your way.”



Jupiter conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  5.11)


(The Unexpected)


You may be caught off-balance, but have sufficient confidence to regain your footing and make the most of what lies ahead.  You are optimistic and feel that “everything is for the best” so are undaunted by a few bumps and jolts along the way to unusual opportunities that dot your path.  If your landscape were smooth and without hills to climb, you would think it dull and long for the excitement you seem to invite or create as a part of your adventurous lifestyle.



Moon opposite Mercury  (Strength:  4.93)


(The Fluctuater)


Rather than face the “ups and downs” of everyday life, you may withdraw to get in touch with yourself.  Sort out what is “real” and what is emotional confusion that often keeps you from maintaining a position.  Since you will always relate to childhood programming, it is important that you have practical guidance that will afford you security you will need as you mature.  If you lack stability, periods of meditation may give you an insight to employ when you need it most.



Mars opposite Uranus  (Strength:  4.81)


(The Misfit)


You always seem in trouble because you are “out of step with the world” and resent limiting circumstances or authority.  You want your own way and freedom to explore, which can cause you to flare, unexpectedly.  You may use “surprise” tactics in conflicts with others.  It is never too late to change old habits for new ideas to improve your life. Stay flexible and see the views of others objectively.  Allow them the same freedom you struggle so hard to achieve.



Sun conjunct Mars  (Strength:  4.65)


(The Egocentric)


You have unusual good health and a surplus of energy that resists regimenting or sublimating.  You must find personal and positive expression to accomplish your aims without becoming egoistic and argumentative.  Learn to curb your disposition to override others in a cavalier manner.  You may accomplish more on your own than you do in partnership, but are a leader, not a “loner.”  Those who believe in you can make a difference between chaos and the completion of your useful endeavors.



Saturn conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  4.40)


(The Penny-saver)


Thrift is important to you.  You can just feel deprived, or aspire to become a super-achiever, as you overcome poverty of spirit, affection or financial needs.  You will learn to value money, manage and multiply it.  At about age fourteen, you will begin to see the results of your early efforts.  It is possible to go from rags to riches.  Avoid a narrow or workaholic regimen that offers security but can cause you to lose sight of potentials that promise greater fulfillment.



Sun opposite Jupiter  (Strength:  4.35)


(The Listener)


You are so idealistic, hopeful and enthusiastic that it seems unlikely that anyone or anything can deflate your quixotic balloon.  Because to you “possession is nine-tenths of success,” you surround yourself with material proof of your achievements.  Your tendency to overdo needs a tight rein to keep your goals and rewards in alignment.  It is important that since you are such a “Pollyanna” you hear the opinions and advice of others who offer a practical outlook.



Saturn sextile Neptune  (Strength:  3.73)


(The Soulful)


You have a deep understanding of the relation of the spiritual to the corporeal and the ability to fit them into your life’s role.  You take the problems of others to heart and share your resources, though it may mean sacrifice on your part.  You may gain a reputation as a “sober sides” because you are serious about your beliefs.  If you are religious, you adhere to doctrines, dogmas and creeds and use them in daily life as practical guidelines to bettering yourself and others.



Sun opposite Uranus  (Strength:  3.46)


(The Destroyer)


Outside influences may lead you to believe that upsets are inevitable.  In reality, unexpressed feelings result in tensions you find it difficult to acknowledge.  You may not recognize any pace but “fast-forward,” and ignore a need to “relax and enjoy.”  Running away is not an answer to problems.  Interactions with partners can indicate how you relate to the universe.  You are a unique individual who can invent the ways and means necessary to align yourself with the cosmos.



Mercury sextile Venus  (Strength:  2.74)


(The Cartoonist)


Relaxation is important to you and you learn early to pace yourself to allow time for pleasure.  You tend to take things at face value, are easy-going and amusing to have around.  You appreciate art forms, but if you draw, are more likely to “doodle” or present the lighter side of mankind in caricature, which expresses your tongue-in-cheek attitude. You are a winsome companion, if lacking the solemnity to provide variable shadows on your sunny side of the street!



Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  2.67)


(The Self-aware)


It is important that you have the support of your family and friends.  You are extremely sensitive and subject yourself to self-criticism that can be destructive and depressing.  It may be that you need professional help to build your self-esteem.  Later, you may transfer your intense feelings into knowledge you share with others.  You may pursue a career in psychiatry or psychology, but will continue to investigate your own psyche for a

nswers as to what “makes you tick.”


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Air


You seem to live for mental exploration.  Discovering and communicating the connections between ideas, people, and places is your function in life.  Your active mind is good at identifying new frontiers whose basics you quickly master, so that you end up knowing something about almost everything.  You have a dispassionate nature that cooly considers the pros and cons of a situation, able to place logic above personal emotion.  From your mental viewpoint, emotions look irrational.  You make a good negotiator, sales person, communicator, arbitrator, analyst, and information processor.  Ideas flow quickly for you.  While impersonal and dispassionate, you nonetheless thrive on communication and social interaction.  At your best, you strive to understand and accept people, not to change them.  Courageously, you adhere to principles.  You appreciate culture, structure, and systems.


Your greatest strength is also your weakness, namely too much coolness from placing head above heart.  Leaders must be able to follow their hearts without being indecisive or equivocating.  And you ignore your real connection to others if you use your mental gifts to coldly manipulate them.  Try to avoid isolation by functioning as part of a team in which your logic, analysis, and communication skills are put to good use.  Work with others who may be more practical, sensitive, or passionate than are you. Don’t keep your good ideas inside, but write them down and communicate them to others.



Lack of Earth


You may be so focused on the “bigger picture” that you have difficulty managing the many details of life.  Balancing your checkbook or leaving your bedroom clean may seem beyond your abilities.  Other tasks may be important, but you find it hard to concentrate long enough to complete them.  Knowing your own lack of concentration and self-discipline, you may cling to established routines because you know that you are able to do important things through force of habit.  If you do not flit from job to job, you could hold onto a job or a relationship for too long because you do not trust that you will be secure without it.  Your lack of real world perspective may make it hard for you to distinguish that which really matters from that which is unimportant, so that you sometimes focus on small things while leaving the really big things undone.  You may say that you care about money, but unless you have abundant planets in the houses of Substance, you will not execute a detailed plan to get it.  If you can avoid driving them crazy, enlist the help of those more grounded than yourself in order to turn your inspirations into reality.


A lack of planets in Earth signs can be offset by an Earth sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Substance.



Abundant Mutable


With an abundance of planets in Mutable signs, you adapt easily to changing circumstances.  Mentally quick, you adapt like a chameleon to give each what they want, until you are on to the next friend or interest.  Life offers a succession of roles to play.  Skilled at diplomacy and compromise, you make a good negotiator and appear to be everyone’s friend.  You actually are other-oriented, rather than self-oriented, and can be so busy meeting others’ needs that you lack direction in your own life.  Concentrate on finding friends of true worth and value.  Be discriminating in your associations, in whom you choose to help.  The endless flow from your mind, tongue, and hands will then work to return real value to you, which is what you deserve.  You can probably only follow this advice just so far, though, because more than others the Universe sends you people in need, people for whom you are able to make a real difference.  The assistance that you provide to the powerless may actually be remembered long after your facile mental output is forgotten.  Your activities can also bring an end to institutions that have outlived their usefulness.