Astrology Reading for: Aries – 4.6.1961 – Rising Sign: Unknown


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This Spirit Success Report from Halloran Software’s AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program draws upon 576 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, describing your personal houses, sign placements, and planetary aspects.


These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them.  Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances.  How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the “right” choices.


Here are the parts which make up your chart:


HOUSES:  Govern sections of your life, e.g., your money, your health, your partners, etc.  They are also meaningful as to where your early interests lie and if they are worth pursuing.


SIGNS:  Contribute feelings or vibrations to “color” planets, e.g., MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO and emphasizes their qualities of thought, travel, health, and work.  JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and higher education, spiritual growth, and law.


ASPECTS:  Are angles combining the planets in the SIGNS/HOUSES that trigger the manner in which you will be influenced or can handle your qualities to advantage, e.g., MERCURY (thought) TRINE (in good aspect to) JUPITER (education and law) may indicate that you can succeed as a counselor in legal matters.


A “Strength” number precedes each ASPECT interpretation towards the end of the reading.  This number synthesizes how exact is the aspect, whether the aspect is major or minor, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to live it out in your life.


You are most likely to feel and act out the Spirit Success Report’s sign and house placement interpretations when the planets involved are strong in your chart.  This is true especially of the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto.  The Astrodynes program, also available from Halloran Software, calculates the respective power and harmony of all the planets in your chart.





Planets in Signs



Sun in Aries


(Keynote: I AM)


You are self-sufficient, self-motivated, and self-confident, but can be self-centered and self-destructive.  There is little that can deter you from your goals.  Your numerous friends are supportive and follow your lead.  But, you will make dangerous enemies if you are arrogant, conceited or selfish.  Then, you may reach your zenith but will have great difficulty in holding your position.  For all your self-reliance, partners are important to you.  Take others into your consideration or you will find your “top of the heap” as lonely and unfulfilling as you, yourself, have made it.




Moon in Sagittarius


(The Prophet)


You have a gift of farsightedness, which lets you see an entire picture instead of fragments available to others.  You amaze yourself at what your mind can conceive and often achieve with little effort, as though you were born to succeed.  You are open and frank, and for the most part, kind, but your thoughtless remarks can leave a wrong impression or create enemies.  A need for physical activity should not be ignored.  Otherwise, you can suffer “burn out” from too many mental gyrations, which will throw your balance and make you less efficient in your rush to attain your ambitions.



Mercury in Pisces


(The Unique)


Your uncanny intuition and psychic feelings must often be accepted on faith, alone.  It is not easy to be “different.”  You may feel oppressed or fall into depressions that confound those who care for you.  Learn to recognize “teachers” who will help you develop your special qualities.  Then, find a proper channel to present your talents, even to those who cling to orthodox beliefs.  Offer your uncommon gifts in the name of humanity on the altar of mankind.



Venus in Aries


(The Wire-walker)


You are an extremist who is sweetly disposed or aggressively angry in unpredictable turns.  If you decide to be a pianist, you will devote hours and months to study and practice; then trade it in on a clarinet.  Look for a balance that will keep you from impulsively falling in love, marrying, divorcing, and marrying again.  You are a handful of dynamite in an appealing package.  Only in moderation can you find the stability you need for the happiness you deserve.



Mars in Cancer


(The Pressure Cooker)


You will harbor resentments from childhood, and many of them stem from a rebellion against a mother-figure.  You may try to run away from imposed values with which you may not agree, but find you still have a need for the security of a home and family.  Discover early that you must earn the right to be your “own” person.  A certain amount of parental help is necessary as a fledgling discovers its wings.  Professional counseling may be advisable before you “blow your top!”



Jupiter in Aquarius


(The Cosmopolitan)


You are truly liberal in your humanitarian views.  What some call “idealistic,” you practice as a way of life.  You sympathize with minority needs and work with the majority to improve mankind.  Visionary gifts allow you a glimpse of the future. If you succeed in your efforts to enrich the world, it will be a far better place in which to live.



Saturn in Capricorn


(The Controller)


Ambition motivates you to achieve your goals “no matter what!”  It is your belief in your executive qualities of perseverance and discipline that will get you to the top and determination that will keep you there.  Your relationships often take a back seat to your achievements, but man cannot live by bread, alone.  Do not take yourself so seriously that you fail to permit the sweetness of the outside world to intrude, however briefly, in your somewhat solitary life.



Uranus in Leo


(The Trend-setter)


You are first to volunteer, to explore, to introduce, to accept and to BE first in everything.  You enjoy standing in the limelight as someone creatively innovative.  But, you will not be content to perform; you are driven to take your place in an executive position that will distinguish you from your peers.  You attract off-beat people and situations.  Be sure to know who you are inviting into your life to avoid the unhappy pitfalls of impulsively-formed alliances.



Neptune in Scorpio


(The Initiator)


You take great delight in other people’s secrets and may use them to advantage. If you have information that needs disclosure for the benefit of others, you may expose it in a subtle, but effective way.  You may also use your knowledge to promote a principle or public figures while working behind the scenes.  A leaning towards self-indulgence needs careful monitoring so that your strength is not used in abusive ways, but as a benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous.



Pluto in Virgo


(The Restorers)


You have a rare opportunity of renovating the world in carefully-structured channels when the environment seems at its lowest ebb.  Drugs, disease, addictions and crime will no longer be tolerated.  You will have a major part in seeing that justice is done.  Law-makers, and those who execute the law will be among your peers, as well as some who are willing to educate those who truly desire self-improvement as their contribution to elevate mankind.



North Node in Virgo


(The Pushover)


Your tender heart is on your sleeve, welcoming those who would take advantage.  Experience will grant you the knowledge that if you assume all burdens presented by the weak, they become weaker.  As you become discerning, you will utilize your ability to help others without damaging your potential and no longer assume self-sacrifice as a way of life.





Planets in Aspect


Moon trine Uranus  (Strength:  6.52)


(The Remodeler)


You constantly look for new and unusual ways to improve your lifestyle.  You move easily from one relationship into another without arousing resentment or enmity, convincing everyone that changes are for the best.  As you grow in consciousness, you will expand on systems you may no longer find useful in their present form.  Not content to remain “status quo,” you are ever interested in personal progress and willing to explore new ways of attaining new goals.



Sun square Mars  (Strength:  6.33)


(The Outraged)


It is difficult for you to see a need for concession.  You have no patience with another’s input when you are confident you are right.  You may work harder than others and your ego demands you receive full credit.  If denied or opposed, your fiery reactions may eclipse the rewards you have earned.  By learning that compromise is the blending of positive energies, you employ the wisdom of a respected master instead of the mandates of a tyrant welcomed by none.



Pluto conjunct North Node  (Strength:  5.50)


(The Force)


There is no doubt as to how you feel or where you stand.  Friends revere you.  Adversaries honor your determination, drive, and ability to see the best and worst at a glance.  You may be tempted to achieve by subversion, but would be wiser to learn the truths of karmic law:  You must suffer the fate you decree for others.  All are part of the same plan.  Blend the sharp blacks and whites of your life into a gray area — a neutral ground on which to meet your fellow man.



Moon trine Venus  (Strength:  4.76)


(The Lover)


You live for love and instinctively know how to have your love returned.  You enjoy socializing with friends, and like to make or give little mementos that have personal meaning.  You may work or be employed in a manner that provides an outlet for your artistic gifts.  When you fall in love, your partner will be fortunate as you find a thousand ways to express your love unselfishly without jealousy, possessiveness or other destructive qualities to spoil your idyll.



Moon square Mercury  (Strength:  4.57)


(The Misunderstood)


You can encounter considerable frustration in getting your point across.  It is not that others are ignorant, but that you are too emotionally involved with what you are trying to say to use a logical approach.  If you express your feelings, it may be a good way to relieve tension and invite new insight to “clear the air.”  It is not necessarily compromise but mutual rapport that often resolves any lack of communication that exists between you and your opposition.



Venus trine Uranus  (Strength:  4.24)


(The Evergreen)


You may make money in unusual ways and attract those who are very different from yourself or have something “new” to offer.  Your desire for excitement and change keeps your relationships forever young.  There is little danger of possessiveness or jealousy.  You may “reward” each other with unusual trinkets that you both enjoy or hold a special meaning for the two of you. If things get dull, you’ll find a way to liven them up and have a variety of friends to help you.



Sun trine Moon  (Strength:  2.05)


(The Composed)


You have a good understanding of who you are and what you can accomplish.  You often help your friends to make the decisions that will bring their lives into balance through needed adjustments.  You believe in paying attention to stress signals that threaten your equilibrium and correcting your problems through adapting to change.  You are exemplary of the blending of the Yin and Yang or the harmonious merging of spiritual needs and bodily expression.



Sun trine Uranus  (Strength:  1.57)


(The Electrifier)


You are a motivating force, and often inspire others to follow your lead.  Never content with the “status quo,” a search for enlightenment can lead you to explore unusual ways of getting in touch with yourself.  Beware of “kooky” cults or schemes, but uplifting studies can be helpful.  One of these may be astrology.  If you are not productive, restless energy may appear as nervous disorders which can only be remedied by steps you take to restore your cosmic balance.



Jupiter conjunct Saturn  (Strength:  1.45)


(The Choices)


You may have trouble deciding when you have had enough of structure.  Staying in a rut too long can push you to the other extreme.  Then, you may discard caution to take needless chances in your determination to expand faster than is practical.  Develop your plans at a measured pace so that what you achieve will be of lasting value.  Time is on your side.  Testing your endeavors as you develop can save you the pain of destroying what you have built in your efforts to move on.



Mercury inconjunct Uranus  (Strength:  1.05)


(The Misfit)


It is your opinion that “the best laid plans may go astray” — so why bother?  You are a bit of quicksilver that some may label “opportunist,” and surprisingly, your hunches may work to your benefit.  But, your ideas may be too bizarre or you are unwilling to accept proven methods of achievement.  Then, no matter how promising your potential, you may find yourself on the outside looking in at the prize for hard work and perseverance you refuse as a cornerstone for your success.



Mars trine Neptune  (Strength:  0.81)


(The Modest)


You may believe that yours is a life of self-sacrifice with little recognition.  You care for your next-door neighbor as your family and are drawn to those who need your nurturing ways.  You may use your wonderful imagination in a successful vocation, but are somewhat retiring, so your fine work is not immediately obvious.  You have a chance to discover that you are part of a universal plan of brotherhood and spiritual bonding that few are privileged to experience.



Venus square Saturn  (Strength:  0.64)


(The Rigid)


You expect relationships to conform to your standards, which can make a bonding permanent but sacrifice the interaction of stimulation and growth.  In business or personal partnerships, it is impossible to hold a line that is altogether unbending and expect everyone to be happy within its perimeters.  Communication is vital to your unions to find ways to endure that will not make you feel isolated or alone, even though you are bound to one another.


Jupiter inconjunct Pluto  (Strength:  0.62)


(The Moralizer)


You try to impress others that you know best.  Some will buy your extravagant promises of reform, and you may act as a guru or convert them to what you consider a superior way of thinking.  You cannot always afford to pay your way, and your excessiveness can prove costly to those who support you.  If you find it necessary to adopt a role of humility, consider that humility combined with learning is often valuable to produce the wisdom or balance you may still lack as a teacher.


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Fire


You are an active, future-oriented person who is not weighed down by past commitments.  You take advantage of new opportunities better than most.  Life for you can be a vibrant affair in which you passionately pursue causes, lovers, and experiences.  You have the self-confidence to be a leader.  Competitive and flamboyant, you have little patience for slow people or unexciting work.  When an activity interests you, you can be very generous with your time, energy, and money.  Find outlets for your gifts of creativity and intuition.


Watch out for a tendency to exaggerate or to be insensitive to others’ feelings.  More cautious types may envy and resent your free spirit and competitive nature.  You get bored easily and may depend on others to finish the projects that you start.  When your warmth is guided by love, wisdom, and positive goals you have the ability to heal and inspire others, but when you focus on your self or lack direction, your short-lived passions can affect others in destructive ways.



Lack of Air


Expressing yourself does not come easily to you.  You distrust people who are fast, smooth talkers.  It may be easier for you to express yourself nonverbally or in writing than it is through speaking.  If you also lack planets in the houses of Relationships, you will find the normal avenues of communication and social learning blocked.  Your thinking will be personal instead of detached or rational.  With the mind’s normal communication channels blocked, you learn primarily from experience.  Lacking in the ability to view yourself objectively, you gain self-understanding primarily through feedback from others.


Try to see life less personally, in a more objective way.  Take classes and never stop educating yourself.


A lack of planets in Air signs can be offset by an Air sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Relationships.



Lack of Earth


You may be so focused on the “bigger picture” that you have difficulty managing the many details of life.  Balancing your checkbook or leaving your bedroom clean may seem beyond your abilities.  Other tasks may be important, but you find it hard to concentrate long enough to complete them.  Knowing your own lack of concentration and self-discipline, you may cling to established routines because you know that you are able to do important things through force of habit.  If you do not flit from job to job, you could hold onto a job or a relationship for too long because you do not trust that you will be secure without it.  Your lack of real world perspective may make it hard for you to distinguish that which really matters from that which is unimportant, so that you sometimes focus on small things while leaving the really big things undone.  You may say that you care about money, but unless you have abundant planets in the houses of Substance, you will not execute a detailed plan to get it.  If you can avoid driving them crazy, enlist the help of those more grounded than yourself in order to turn your inspirations into reality.


A lack of planets in Earth signs can be offset by an Earth sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Substance.



Abundant Cardinal


With an abundance of planets in the Cardinal signs, you find it easy to function on your own as an autonomous individual.  You have a pretty good grasp of how the real world works, which you may have acquired through your willingness to try new things.  An active person, you find challenges stimulating.  Success comes through big ventures that others are too intimidated to attempt.  You would make a good entrepreneur, but look for other indications in your chart to see if you have the qualities needed to stay with a project or grow a business.  You’re not really a team player.  You are likely to encounter some problems in your life as a result of being so one-sidedly focused on your own goals and activities.  But you are good at overcoming problems.  Personal survival is important to you and you are capable of learning.  You manifest your love through a lack of fear that makes the future happen.