Astrology Reading for: Leo – 7.23.1967 – Rising Sign: Scorpio

robert kirschner







This Spirit Success Report from Halloran Software’s AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program draws upon 576 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, describing your personal houses, sign placements, and planetary aspects.


These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them.  Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances.  How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the “right” choices.


Here are the parts which make up your chart:


HOUSES:  Govern sections of your life, e.g., your money, your health, your partners, etc.  They are also meaningful as to where your early interests lie and if they are worth pursuing.


SIGNS:  Contribute feelings or vibrations to “color” planets, e.g., MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO and emphasizes their qualities of thought, travel, health, and work.  JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and higher education, spiritual growth, and law.


ASPECTS:  Are angles combining the planets in the SIGNS/HOUSES that trigger the manner in which you will be influenced or can handle your qualities to advantage, e.g., MERCURY (thought) TRINE (in good aspect to) JUPITER (education and law) may indicate that you can succeed as a counselor in legal matters.


A “Strength” number precedes each ASPECT interpretation towards the end of the reading.  This number synthesizes how exact is the aspect, whether the aspect is major or minor, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to live it out in your life.


You are most likely to feel and act out the Spirit Success Report’s sign and house placement interpretations when the planets involved are strong in your chart.  This is true especially of the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto.  The Astrodynes program, also available from Halloran Software, calculates the respective power and harmony of all the planets in your chart.





Planets in Signs and Houses



Scorpio Ascendant


(The Master)


Your unwavering, sometimes piercing gaze states that you are secure in the knowledge of who you are.  You like to have your own way, and if you don’t get it, will devise a dozen different strategies to have it, anyway!  Your strengths are divided, and present two definite sides of the same coin:  You are a loyal friend and a bitter enemy; have high morals or little conscience; and employ your finest or most scurrilous qualities with equal vigor.  The choice is always yours.




Sun in Leo


(Keynote: I WILL)


You are passionate, sincere, generous, courageous and loyal.  You may also be demanding, possessive, jealous and intolerant.  You are a champion of causes and defender of the helpless in time of need — the stuff of which heroes are made.  You resist accepting second-best of anything.  You are at your best when given dramatic license to take center-stage, with all eyes upon you.  Your word is your bond, but you can be unreasonable if things don’t go your way.  Try not to confuse the courage of your convictions with inordinate stubbornness, which is usually the source of your downfall.



Sun in the Ninth House


(The Professor)


Your thirst for learning extends beyond the classroom.  You acquire much of your knowledge from people of different cultures or in foreign lands.  You probably have a flair for languages, making you valuable as a translator.  It is possible you will earn more than one academic degree, and function as a teacher.  One of your most admirable qualities is that, by touching the lives of others, you will come to understand that all men are brothers, separated only by self-imposed restrictions.  Share your wisdom to overcome prejudice and the bigotry which impedes the spiritual growth of all.




Moon in Aquarius


(The Individual)


You are not always practical, but are unorthodox and misunderstood by those who do not appreciate that you are a true liberal of rare talent.  You cannot be restricted by the bonds of convention or a regulated society.  Whatever you do is done with all your heart, but once you have accomplished your purpose, you move on, which may give you a reputation of indifference.  Your independence can result in loneliness, though you surround yourself with people and join causes in which you strongly believe.  You search for enlightenment to bring you to the state of peace and tranquility you long for.



Moon in the Fourth House


(The Fledgling)


Early influences in the home, particularly that of the mother, will remain with you.  Negative input will cause you to harbor resentment against authority figures.   You have the ability to turn it into something positive as you grow in spirit.  If your childhood examples are positive, you will use them to guide yourself and others throughout your life.  This is the most impressionable placement in a natal chart for the moon and the lessons learned will never be forgotten.



Mercury in Cancer


(The Parent)


Your remarkable intuition lets you see the vulnerability of your fellow man, but it may be somewhat narrow in concept. You often depend more upon feelings than rationale to treat issues in an appropriate manner.  You may tend to relive childhood experiences, which can make you moody and sometimes reclusive, if the recall is painful.  Rather than retreat, learn from experience and consider the consequences of present actions as they may affect your future.



Mercury in the Ninth House


(The Traveler)


Life is an endlessly fascinating journey, which you explore as a true adventurer.  Your strong desire to advance your education gives you unique talents as a linguist, and you easily adapt to unfamiliar surroundings.  Your high ideals can inspire others to their own spiritual development.  You are a citizen of the universe. You may choose a career which employs your gifts for writing, lecturing or preaching so others may know what you have enjoyed and now value most.



Venus in Virgo


(The Unappreciated)


Your feelings are vulnerable to the slights of others. Perhaps in retaliation, you have a tendency to overanalyze and criticize any partners in your life.  You may also invite those whose standards are not your own, thereby giving you an opportunity for such censure.  Use the discretion you employ in business to choose someone who will appreciate your fine qualities of selectivity and is able to expose the sympathetic nature you bury beneath the cool exterior you present.



Venus in the Tenth House


(The Ambassador)


Your talents fit you for a life in the public eye.  You do well in front of an audience of one or one-thousand, because you’re always aware that you are really selling “yourself,” even if it’s to the advantage of a client or a friend.  You’re the perfect person to guide a career to the top and then advance it to something even better.  You’re not an optimist — just someone who appreciates self-worth and is determined to make the most of it.



Mars in Scorpio


(The Excessive)


Many are attracted to your powerful magnetism, but may be frightened by the intensity with which you approach life in general and your desires in particular.  You are in touch with your emotions, and may be governed by them so need discipline to succeed.  You live on a grandiose scale.  Everything is magnified by ten-plus and receives the full force of your energy until you are satisfied with your achievements.  You are an unrelenting foe and the most magnanimous of friends.



Mars in the Twelfth House


(The Social Worker)


A frustrated desire for recognition may make you feel as though you were fighting a losing battle.  You tend to be secretive and hold your troubles within, when the answer to your depression is the antithesis of your feelings.  By getting outside yourself and involved in the problems of others, you may find that you are the physician who has healed himself by inspiring hope in those who lack courage to accept a new lease on life, which you both deserve.



Jupiter in Leo


(The Majestic)


You live life in a grandiose manner.  Still, you aspire to improve your standing.  You are a loyal friend, an ardent lover and others admire, rather than envy, you.  What some consider luck, you take as your due, because you are aware of your opportunities and make the most of them.  You are to all a “king” who demonstrates generosity, kindness and good will.



Jupiter in the Tenth House


(King O’ The Hill)


Your supreme self-confidence will take you far in a career.  As a public figure, you might try politics, or acting.  You usually know what you’re talking about, are conscious of your image and try to keep your actions above reproach.  Only if you take your success for granted, or over-extend yourself, are you likely to fail in your undertakings.



Saturn in Aries


(The Repressed)


You may fight against restrictions imposed upon you, but if you insist on doing things “your” way, you will find stumbling blocks in your path and doors that should open will close.  Patience and forbearance will enforce the discipline to climb to the heights you struggle to gain.  In later years, you will receive the rewards you desire now.  Your solid foundations will last long after you have passed the frustration it took to achieve your purpose.



Saturn in the Sixth House


(The Wage-slave)


You will work very hard, are responsible, and follow orders to the letter.  You try to finish what you start. However, you don’t always get along with your co-workers, who see you as a threat to their proficiency and refuse to share your tasks.  You may feel isolated and assume extra duties until your job becomes drudgery.  For you, the reward of work is in the work itself.  If that isn’t enough, find ways to share your pride in achievement with others.



Uranus in Virgo


(The Quirky)


You have talent for discovering unusual types of diet and herbal remedies, but must present an authoritative platform before encouraging others to try them.  Otherwise, you may be taken as a “quack” instead of a mechanist who qualifies as a valuable teacher.  A government position may introduce you to other countries and the fundamentals in ancient science as your foundation.  Employ a critical eye as a useful tool when discerning suitable applications in the healing arts.



Uranus in the Eleventh House


(The Fireball)


Everyone you meet is a potential friend.  You get along well with groups, but set your own standards and seldom give in to peer pressure, so it is up to others to march to your special beat.  You attract beggars as well as kings, and see the value in both.  Others may not share your unconventional views, so though you have a constant flow of people traveling through your life, you have few who are close to you.  Those YOU consider as friends, are “choice!”



Neptune in Scorpio


(The Initiator)


You take great delight in other people’s secrets and may use them to advantage. If you have information that needs disclosure for the benefit of others, you may expose it in a subtle, but effective way.  You may also use your knowledge to promote a principle or public figures while working behind the scenes.  A leaning towards self-indulgence needs careful monitoring so that your strength is not used in abusive ways, but as a benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous.



Neptune in the First House


(The Dreamer)


Your wonderful imagination can take you far in a career or work against you, personally.  Idealistic by nature, you are easily led into situations that have little or no value, or you may guide others erroneously. You are self-effacing and often self-sacrificing since it is hard to turn away those who ask your help.  Unusual childhood experiences should convince you to take a second look at life before plunging headlong into spaces that even angels may avoid.



Pluto in Virgo


(The Restorers)


You have a rare opportunity of renovating the world in carefully-structured channels when the environment seems at its lowest ebb.  Drugs, disease, addictions and crime will no longer be tolerated.  You will have a major part in seeing that justice is done.  Law-makers, and those who execute the law will be among your peers, as well as some who are willing to educate those who truly desire self-improvement as their contribution to elevate mankind.



Pluto in the Eleventh House


(The Searcher)


You may want something with all your heart, but when you get it, decide it’s not what you want at all.  This is also true of people traveling in a sort of perpetual motion through your life.  Examine your relationships closely to determine whether their influence is positive or negative.  In time, meaningless friendships will end and when you sort out your values and are sure of your goals, you’ll take your rightful place in the universe and find it fits like a glove.



Leo Midheaven


You are willing to put energy, dedication, high ideals, and sustained effort into a career.  The causes that you adopt will benefit from your understanding of promotion and publicity.  Often found in positions of authority, you like to deal with big causes and big people.  The image that you present in your career must be an image of which you are proud, which can make you either a charismatic leader to be admired or an authoritative tyrant to be resented.


Develop the confidence to allow your creative energies to flow.  You can be the leader with the exciting ideas on which others depend.  You are rarely found in a career situation in which someone else is dictating the hours.  You can bring much joy to others by giving generously of yourself.  But this will not be in an unassuming way, for you do like to stand out from the crowd.  If you have a weakness, it is to cling to your beliefs or an inflated self-image even in the face of obvious failure.  A wise gambler knows when to hold his hand of cards and when to fold them.


Occupations consistent with your dramatic style of work include actor, producer, executive, sports personality, politician, entertainer, fiction writer, leader, entrepreneur, minister, promoter, artist, or diplomat.  For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of the sun, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.



North Node in Taurus


(The Conscientious)


You are aware of the values of society and surround yourself with obvious signs of wealth and propriety.  Still, you fret that you fail to impress others with your exemplary image.  Such pretense is unnecessary.  You are not judged by what you have, but who you are.  Like the prodigal son, yours are the riches of the universe and are free for the asking.



North Node in the Sixth House


(The Healer)


You must overcome your fear of the unknown before your restorative powers become evident.  At times, your own physical ailments and surprising recoveries will call attention to your gifts until you are confident to explore and refine them.  Acknowledgment of your own self-worth is repayment for the years granted to serve your fellow man.





Planets in Aspect


Mars conjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  7.30)


(The Impetuous)


Your needs are very personal and may reflect your impatience to “get it yesterday!”   You are self-motivated and trigger your own success.  Don’t ignore the value of structure, which is as important as your ability to “get there first with the most.”  You can enlist others in your cause, but must decide whether they are good for a climb, or may fall by the wayside and deter your progress.  It may be better to play the executive and administer from the top of the heap!



Sun square Mars  (Strength:  7.19)


(The Outraged)


It is difficult for you to see a need for concession.  You have no patience with another’s input when you are confident you are right.  You may work harder than others and your ego demands you receive full credit.  If denied or opposed, your fiery reactions may eclipse the rewards you have earned.  By learning that compromise is the blending of positive energies, you employ the wisdom of a respected master instead of the mandates of a tyrant welcomed by none.



Jupiter trine Saturn  (Strength:  7.19)


(The Shrewd)


Little escapes your notice, and you believe in giving the same attention to details as to the larger picture.  You realize your potential and are realistic in your ability to achieve your goals.  You can make-do with little or manipulate your investments and holdings to advantage.  You seldom shirk responsibility and try to do what is expected of you, even if it means going an “extra mile.”  With your willingness to learn as you earn, you have every chance for success.



Mercury square Saturn  (Strength:  5.68)


(The Immovable)


You see self-containment and a stoic ability to survive as virtues.  However, you are apt to lack communication skills which could expand your horizons and save you from feeling isolated from the friendship you crave.  Your sense of responsibility is admirable, but you cannot expect others to accept your over-critical, pessimistic attitudes, whether you mean to project them or not.  Add flexibility and a sense-of-humor for better balance in your seemingly lackluster life.



Uranus sextile Neptune  (Strength:  3.98)


(The Pupil)


You will undergo radical transformation more than once as you progress from neophyte to adept in the school of life. You look for new and different ways to relate to your place in the sun and the universe, and will be happier in philosophies or religions that express “new thought” than in traditional frameworks.  You will attract unusual companions who are involved in the same kind of metaphysical or esoteric studies that you explore; you will support each other in your findings.



Jupiter conjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  3.88)


(The Confident)


You may experience professional triumphs as a young person by being in the right place at the right time, but expand your prosperity beyond practicality.  To impress others, let an agent speak in your behalf.  Otherwise, you may appear to represent yourself as being “Fortune’s Favorite,” which can cause resentment among your peers.  That would be a pity, since some of your success is due to belief in yourself, but also a belief in humanity, which is a nobler resolve.



Uranus conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  3.14)


(The Unrestrained)


You are convinced that new ways are the best ways because they are your ways.  Since you don’t take discipline readily, you may be in conflict with authority figures.  Older people with “old-fashioned ways” seem particular adversaries.  Your life is one of evolvement, without “encumbrances” to hold you back, including relationships.  You may be wise beyond your years, but must have the patience to wait until you know what the universe is about before trying to change it.



Moon trine Mars  (Strength:  2.33)


(The Spearhead)


Your high physical energy propels you to the head of the crowd.  Whatever you do will be aggressively active, and sometimes competitive, but not necessarily combative. Relationships with others are intense, as are your feelings.  You have the strength of your convictions at all times, but rather than force them on others, will convince them to see things your way because of your inherent enthusiasm.  You are a lover of life, and life, in turn, loves you back!



Moon square Neptune  (Strength:  2.03)


(The Self-deluder)


You may daydream and not understand mood swings that come upon you suddenly.  Others may think you “peculiar” if you express yourself as a psychic when you follow hunches that are generally undependable.  If you become absorbed with your “powers,” you may choose illusion over reality or become part of sects that use drugs in unhealthy rituals to increase awareness.  You must learn to develop concentration and the ability to distinguish fact from fiction.



Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  1.12)


(The Self-aware)


It is important that you have the support of your family and friends.  You are extremely sensitive and subject yourself to self-criticism that can be destructive and depressing.  It may be that you need professional help to build your self-esteem.  Later, you may transfer your intense feelings into knowledge you share with others.  You may pursue a career in psychiatry or psychology, but will continue to investigate your own psyche for answers as to what “makes you tick.”



Mercury sextile Venus  (Strength:  0.90)


(The Cartoonist)


Relaxation is important to you and you learn early to pace yourself to allow time for pleasure.  You tend to take things at face value, are easy-going and amusing to have around.  You appreciate art forms, but if you draw, are more likely to “doodle” or present the lighter side of mankind in caricature, which expresses your tongue-in-cheek attitude. You are a winsome companion, if lacking the solemnity to provide variable shadows on your sunny side of the street!



Sun inconjunct Moon  (Strength:  0.36)


(The Reflection)


Your determination to succeed may cause you to trip over your ego.  Joint resources may fall victim to your personal ambitions or shortage of willpower when push comes to shove. Don’t blame your lack of vitality on health problems, rather than take a rest when your body indicates the need.  You will find a likeness of what you project in others.  No amount of “cover-ups” or excuses will bring you stability.  Use this as a guide to establish your equilibrium early-on.


Venus inconjunct Saturn  (Strength:  0.22)


(The Concerned)


You are plagued by mixed feelings.  Though you yearn for romance, an age difference in your partner can cause conflicts.  There will always be a choice to make between work and pleasure.  Unfortunately, in your case, the two just don’t blend.  You may have erotic ideas or a gambling instinct, but will hold them down as being impractical.  You can turn this to your advantage by exercising self-control which will prove that “slow, but s

teady” wins your race!


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Water


In your case, the heart rules the head.  Your emotional drives are strong and you act primarily on the basis of your feelings.  Whether your feelings are purely personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal is up to you, but generally you are a life-oriented person who feels keenly and who acts to support your family, friends, and community.  You are happiest when you are in a caring relationship with a significant other.  That person should be comfortable with the emotional closeness that you bring to relationships, while providing the structure or inspiration that you need.  Some of your friends will not be as comfortable with emotional closeness as you are, and you will have to respect their boundaries.  You have probably learned over the years how to keep your sensitive nature from being hurt.  Don’t permanently withdraw, but find the people with whom and the environment in which you can be yourself.


Because of your sensitivity, you easily pick up others’ thoughts and feelings.  You can anticipate others’ needs before they have expressed them.  You can usually rely on your intuition when it comes to forecasting the outcome of personal and career decisions.  If you decide to use your psychic abilities for healing, learn to let go of the negative feelings that you process from others.  Since you are so sensitive, find quiet moments for private introspection in which you can reconnect with what you feel instead of what others feel.  You also find it revitalizing to be around large bodies of water.


You do have a need to stop and think things through before acting.  Make the effort to communicate with others who may have a more objective viewpoint or who could see solutions that elude you.  You can sometimes be criticized for acting from a purely personal perspective, which you could avoid by learning and respecting society’s larger viewpoint.  You can be very creative in finding paths to your personal goals.  Keep the larger viewpoint in mind and later you will not have to try to rationalize to others why you chose those paths.



Abundant Fire


You are an active, future-oriented person who is not weighed down by past commitments.  You take advantage of new opportunities better than most.  Life for you can be a vibrant affair in which you passionately pursue causes, lovers, and experiences.  You have the self-confidence to be a leader.  Competitive and flamboyant, you have little patience for slow people or unexciting work.  When an activity interests you, you can be very generous with your time, energy, and money.  Find outlets for your gifts of creativity and intuition.


Watch out for a tendency to exaggerate or to be insensitive to others’ feelings.  More cautious types may envy and resent your free spirit and competitive nature.  You get bored easily and may depend on others to finish the projects that you start.  When your warmth is guided by love, wisdom, and positive goals you have the ability to heal and inspire others, but when you focus on your self or lack direction, your short-lived passions can affect others in destructive ways.



Lack of Air


Expressing yourself does not come easily to you.  You distrust people who are fast, smooth talkers.  It may be easier for you to express yourself nonverbally or in writing than it is through speaking.  If you also lack planets in the houses of Relationships, you will find the normal avenues of communication and social learning blocked.  Your thinking will be personal instead of detached or rational.  With the mind’s normal communication channels blocked, you learn primarily from experience.  Lacking in the ability to view yourself objectively, you gain self-understanding primarily through feedback from others.


Try to see life less personally, in a more objective way.  Take classes and never stop educating yourself.


A lack of planets in Air signs can be offset by an Air sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Relationships.



Abundant Life


Abundant planets in the houses of life gives you both the energy and the urge to create the future.  By your activities, you make the world a better place. You may be somewhat self-centered, but with your crusading spirit you move the world towards the ideals that you envision.



Lack of Relationships


Relating to other people probably plays a minor role in your life.  You could remain unmarried, be a loner, or even be an orphan.  Your thinking is probably subjective or personal, without the objectivity that comes from having communicated with many people.  Let others teach you by showing you and if they give you any feedback on your thinking, see if you can learn from it.


A lack of planets in the houses of Relationships can be offset by abundant planets in Air signs.



Abundant Fixed


With an abundance of planets in Fixed signs, you have the staying power to complete a project, grow a family, or expand a business.  Your strength is what friends notice most about you.  You have definite values; you focus your affections on the people and things that are part of your team.  Friendships formed over time are important to you.  You may be found at the center of a circle of friends, a large family, a government agency, or a business.  You understand the contribution that stability and security make to prosperity and growth.  It throws you off-balance when friends are not as reliable as you are or when love and ideals are not part of your life.  Concentrate on developing confidence in yourself, a wholesome world for your family or group, and binding others to you with love.  If you have a weakness, it is trouble changing or listening when people tell you a better way to do things.  You can handle this weakness by empowering your team, as among them will be individuals who are good at reacting to a constantly changing world.



Lack of Cardinal


With a lack of planets in Cardinal signs, you may have trouble starting things.  You may be timid about developing and carrying out plans.  You would prefer to let others break the first ground of a new venture, so that you can pitch in and help once the outlines of the venture are clear.  You probably lack confidence in your mastery of the real world and survival in it.  You may substitute a rich inner life for your lack of action in the outer world.  In its highest form, you may be unusually creative or spiritually committed.  Ideas filter up as you focus on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’.  Watch out for the lower manifestations, which are delegating tasks to others and pitying yourself over the lot that befalls you in life as a result of your lack of direction and initiative.  Your different perspective on life gives you valuable insights that let you make real contributions wherever you are.


A lack of planets in the Cardinal signs can be offset by a Cardinal sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the Angular houses.



Abundant Cadent


An abundance of planets in the cadent houses helps to make you versatile and adaptable.  You are flexible in your plans, adapting easily to changes or to the people whom you meet.  You may travel a lot or move frequently.  You are a good listener and communicator.  You will use your mind a lot or frequently spend time alone during your life.



Abundant Angular


An abundance of planets in the angular houses helps to give you drive and initiative.  It makes you active in the external world.  Expressing your individuality is important to you.  You are probably a leader who enjoys challenges and can get things moving.



Lack of Succedent


A lack of planets in succedent houses gives you a certain emotional detachment.  You do not pay much attention to the pleasures of the body or to cultivating a particular group of friends.  Enjoying life is not the most important thing to you.  You act not on the basis of feeling or principle, but from necessity.  You tend to be a restless wanderer of either the world or the mind.


A lack of planets in the Succedent houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Fixed signs.