Astrology Reading for: Gemini – 6.16.1987 – Rising Sign: Unknown


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This Spirit Success Report from Halloran Software’s AstrolDeluxe ReportWriter program draws upon 576 paragraphs which interpret the places of the planets at the time of your birth, describing your personal houses, sign placements, and planetary aspects.


These astrological delineations depict your potential and how to make the most of it, or the challenges you will continue to face and how to confront and benefit from them.  Though you may change through experience, your inherent characteristics will still motivate how you act and react to circumstances.  How you handle yourself is really a clue to your success, and it is up to you to make the “right” choices.


Here are the parts which make up your chart:


HOUSES:  Govern sections of your life, e.g., your money, your health, your partners, etc.  They are also meaningful as to where your early interests lie and if they are worth pursuing.


SIGNS:  Contribute feelings or vibrations to “color” planets, e.g., MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO and emphasizes their qualities of thought, travel, health, and work.  JUPITER rules SAGITTARIUS and higher education, spiritual growth, and law.


ASPECTS:  Are angles combining the planets in the SIGNS/HOUSES that trigger the manner in which you will be influenced or can handle your qualities to advantage, e.g., MERCURY (thought) TRINE (in good aspect to) JUPITER (education and law) may indicate that you can succeed as a counselor in legal matters.


A “Strength” number precedes each ASPECT interpretation towards the end of the reading.  This number synthesizes how exact is the aspect, whether the aspect is major or minor, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to live it out in your life.


You are most likely to feel and act out the Spirit Success Report’s sign and house placement interpretations when the planets involved are strong in your chart.  This is true especially of the outer planets, Jupiter through Pluto.  The Astrodynes program, also available from Halloran Software, calculates the respective power and harmony of all the planets in your chart.





Planets in Signs



Sun in Gemini


(Keynote:  I THINK)


You are idealistic, witty, charming, inventive and active, as well as being undependable, nervous, restless and fragmented.  Your curious mind leaves few stones unturned, for you love to explore.  You are able to teach others what you have learned, and often improved upon.  Your unpredictability and uncanny intuition stimulates the imagination of your friends; you enjoy the stir you create in social settings.  You lose chances by trading commitment for superficiality. Your flexibility should allow you to choose any partner and turn the thrill of a moment into a lifetime of significance.




Moon in Aquarius


(The Individual)


You are not always practical, but are unorthodox and misunderstood by those who do not appreciate that you are a true liberal of rare talent.  You cannot be restricted by the bonds of convention or a regulated society.  Whatever you do is done with all your heart, but once you have accomplished your purpose, you move on, which may give you a reputation of indifference.  Your independence can result in loneliness, though you surround yourself with people and join causes in which you strongly believe.  You search for enlightenment to bring you to the state of peace and tranquility you long for.



Mercury in Cancer


(The Parent)


Your remarkable intuition lets you see the vulnerability of your fellow man, but it may be somewhat narrow in concept. You often depend more upon feelings than rationale to treat issues in an appropriate manner.  You may tend to relive childhood experiences, which can make you moody and sometimes reclusive, if the recall is painful.  Rather than retreat, learn from experience and consider the consequences of present actions as they may affect your future.



Venus in Gemini


(The Inconstant)


Your sense of humor is infectious and your charm undeniable.  You are a born traveler and appeal to a wide variety of people with whom you share your multiple talents. Commitment in relationships is as difficult as staying with one job, unless you are the “boss.”  Whether formally-educated or not, you have a wealth of knowledge to share and a way of expressing yourself that is entirely captivating.  One can almost forgive you for being a “world-class flirt!”



Mars in Cancer


(The Pressure Cooker)


You will harbor resentments from childhood, and many of them stem from a rebellion against a mother-figure.  You may try to run away from imposed values with which you may not agree, but find you still have a need for the security of a home and family.  Discover early that you must earn the right to be your “own” person.  A certain amount of parental help is necessary as a fledgling discovers its wings.  Professional counseling may be advisable before you “blow your top!”



Jupiter in Aries


(The Pioneer)


You see the potential in everything and everybody, but success is not the same for everyone.  While nothing seems impossible to you, others are not blessed with your optimism that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Undaunted by failure, you will not settle for less than the best and will try to reach a star, long after you’ve gained a mountain-top.



Saturn in Sagittarius


(The Persuader)


You have the ability to influence others to join a crusade; as long as you adhere to your high principles, they will admire and probably follow you without question. However, you must be prepared to encounter those who disagree with your beliefs and oppose you.  Carefully guard your words and actions because they can be held against you.  The flames you ignite may become a holocaust out of your control.



Uranus in Sagittarius


(The Diviner)


You are amazingly accurate in forecasting events or circumstances that come about.  You have a good grasp of logic, so are unlikely to exceed your gifts, but use them to research areas that may contribute to the future of mankind. You are unconventional in your beliefs, fearless in your concepts, and may adopt philosophy rather than religion as a guideline.  You should introduce prudence into your restless nature to create wisdom you may share with others.



Neptune in Capricorn


(The Mogul)


No matter what you put your hand to, it seems to come up gold.  This is no accident, but the result of keen insight, careful planning, and the persistence to ride over rough times and wait until fortune smiles.  You’re sometimes observed as a barometer for the stock market.  Even obscure plans take shape under your direction.  When you trust someone, you take his shortcomings as your own.  If betrayed, your confidence can only be rebuilt by time and testing.



Pluto in Scorpio


(The Regenerator)


You are a believer in second chances, but a tendency to hold fast to everything past the time of practicality weakens your effectiveness to accept new opportunity.  You are always stronger because of the wisdom gained in past experiences.  On a world-scale, you can offer the proof of your convictions that there is much that may be salvaged for renewal, rather than a stubborn determination to do things your way at the expense of the greater good.



North Node in Aries


(The Uncertain)


You project confidence, but are plagued with doubt that you can produce all that you promise.  You dislike calling others for assistance because it means exposing your soft underbelly.  When you learn you have many supporters waiting to follow your lead, you may discover that “your own person” is the “you” you wanted to be all along.





Planets in Aspect


Sun opposite Uranus  (Strength:  6.91)


(The Destroyer)


Outside influences may lead you to believe that upsets are inevitable.  In reality, unexpressed feelings result in tensions you find it difficult to acknowledge.  You may not recognize any pace but “fast-forward,” and ignore a need to “relax and enjoy.”  Running away is not an answer to problems.  Interactions with partners can indicate how you relate to the universe.  You are a unique individual who can invent the ways and means necessary to align yourself with the cosmos.



Mercury conjunct Mars  (Strength:  4.93)


(The Argumentative)


Early discipline is important.  Otherwise, instead of controlling an explosive temper and disruptive feelings, they are sure to control you.  You are quick to speak your mind or point of view, often without being asked, which can cause resentment and aggravation with others.  You enjoy challenge, particularly if it leads to self-improvement.  If you direct your excess of energy constructively into what is really important to you, you can shorten your road to success.



Jupiter trine Uranus  (Strength:  4.92)


(The Favored)


You are blessed with unexpected opportunities that seem to materialize from nowhere.  But, unless you are quick to take advantage, they may vanish like smoke from a Genie’s lamp.  Fortunately, you enjoy or will create the necessary freedom to accept any bounty that comes your way.  If it involves change, your pleasure is doubled.  You are ready to grow, expand and, when given the chance, develop the ability to fly towards your fortune with the wind at your back!



Sun sextile Jupiter  (Strength:  3.83)


(The Fortunate)


You will find and associate with those with whom you can combine your ideas and efforts to everyone’s advantage.  You often attract those in authority who can further your efforts.  Because your plans are well formed, they usually bear fruit, giving you a reputation of being successful in whatever you tackle.  You learn and grow from your affiliations, and often conquer those who oppose you by inviting them to join in your joyous pursuit of the “good life!”



Neptune sextile Pluto  (Strength:  3.55)


(The Self-aware)


It is important that you have the support of your family and friends.  You are extremely sensitive and subject yourself to self-criticism that can be destructive and depressing.  It may be that you need professional help to build your self-esteem.  Later, you may transfer your intense feelings into knowledge you share with others.  You may pursue a career in psychiatry or psychology, but will continue to investigate your own psyche for answers as to what “makes you tick.”



Mars inconjunct Saturn  (Strength:  2.70)


(The Controlled)


You may feel the world is against you because of restrictions you may have earned!  An illusion that you must become an adult overnight may mean that you are in a hurry to grow up.  If you turn frustrations inward, you may invite fevers or other physical drains.  If you do not receive recognition for your hard work, you might adapt the philosopher’s view that “The highest reward for honest toil is not what you get for it, but what you become by it!”



Venus inconjunct Neptune  (Strength:  2.47)


(The Misconception)


You breathe romance into every facet of your life, refusing to accept mundane expectations or a practical life-style.  You may compensate for lack of fulfillment by indulging a prominent sweet-tooth, or hallucinatory substances which are harmful to your health.  If you pay the freight to maintain an idealistic alliance, you can invite deceptive partners.  Ask yourself if you can afford the disappointment and the debts which plague your troubled relationships.



Sun trine Moon  (Strength:  2.36)


(The Composed)


You have a good understanding of who you are and what you can accomplish.  You often help your friends to make the decisions that will bring their lives into balance through needed adjustments.  You believe in paying attention to stress signals that threaten your equilibrium and correcting your problems through adapting to change.  You are exemplary of the blending of the Yin and Yang or the harmonious merging of spiritual needs and bodily expression.



Venus inconjunct Pluto  (Strength:  2.01)


(The Luxury Lover)


You tend to go overboard in your wishes and demands.  Your love can be possessive and jealous.  If partners do not conform to your ideals, you may insist on trying to make them over.  Your determination to cling to “what is yours” can become obsessive.  Money is all-important for your desired lifestyle, and you pursue it relentlessly.  You can drive that which you most desire away unless you truly begin to practice moderation and the old axiom of “Live and let live.”



Mercury inconjunct Saturn  (Strength:  1.63)


(The Gloomy)


WHERE is your sense of humor?  If there is a “down-side” to any given circumstance, you are sure to spot it.  “Turning a frown upside down to find the smile” may seem childish, but can be necessary to get along with those who run from your dour approach.  You may research reasons for your pessimism, but would do better not to worry “why” as much as to discover the positive reasons to enjoy life that are ready to greet you each day, the moment you open your eyes and start counting.



Moon sextile Uranus  (Strength:  0.27)


(The Emancipated)


You enjoy change and thrive on excitement.  Your friends mirror your stimulating energy.  You are interested in subjects you can absorb quickly, or peripherally, if they require much concentration.  Opportunities may appear unexpectedly.  If they stir your imagination, you sometimes accept them because of intuitive nudges that come and go. Some might say you live life in the “fast” lane, but to you, an unscheduled spin is what makes the world go ’round.



Moon square Venus  (Strength:  0.04)


(The Impassioned)


You are intent on romance, but may be too fervent to realize you are over-protective or possessive of your loved-one.  If you do not have a relationship, you will feel out of balance until you attract a partner, and will make every effort to do so.  Your feelings may stem from a parent-child affinity if you are sentimental about the marriage of your parents.  Be sure you are acting from real love more than sentiment or need if you c

onsider entering a commitment.


Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Water


In your case, the heart rules the head.  Your emotional drives are strong and you act primarily on the basis of your feelings.  Whether your feelings are purely personal, interpersonal, or transpersonal is up to you, but generally you are a life-oriented person who feels keenly and who acts to support your family, friends, and community.  You are happiest when you are in a caring relationship with a significant other.  That person should be comfortable with the emotional closeness that you bring to relationships, while providing the structure or inspiration that you need.  Some of your friends will not be as comfortable with emotional closeness as you are, and you will have to respect their boundaries.  You have probably learned over the years how to keep your sensitive nature from being hurt.  Don’t permanently withdraw, but find the people with whom and the environment in which you can be yourself.


Because of your sensitivity, you easily pick up others’ thoughts and feelings.  You can anticipate others’ needs before they have expressed them.  You can usually rely on your intuition when it comes to forecasting the outcome of personal and career decisions.  If you decide to use your psychic abilities for healing, learn to let go of the negative feelings that you process from others.  Since you are so sensitive, find quiet moments for private introspection in which you can reconnect with what you feel instead of what others feel.  You also find it revitalizing to be around large bodies of water.


You do have a need to stop and think things through before acting.  Make the effort to communicate with others who may have a more objective viewpoint or who could see solutions that elude you.  You can sometimes be criticized for acting from a purely personal perspective, which you could avoid by learning and respecting society’s larger viewpoint.  You can be very creative in finding paths to your personal goals.  Keep the larger viewpoint in mind and later you will not have to try to rationalize to others why you chose those paths.



Abundant Air


You seem to live for mental exploration.  Discovering and communicating the connections between ideas, people, and places is your function in life.  Your active mind is good at identifying new frontiers whose basics you quickly master, so that you end up knowing something about almost everything.  You have a dispassionate nature that cooly considers the pros and cons of a situation, able to place logic above personal emotion.  From your mental viewpoint, emotions look irrational.  You make a good negotiator, sales person, communicator, arbitrator, analyst, and information processor.  Ideas flow quickly for you.  While impersonal and dispassionate, you nonetheless thrive on communication and social interaction.  At your best, you strive to understand and accept people, not to change them.  Courageously, you adhere to principles.  You appreciate culture, structure, and systems.


Your greatest strength is also your weakness, namely too much coolness from placing head above heart.  Leaders must be able to follow their hearts without being indecisive or equivocating.  And you ignore your real connection to others if you use your mental gifts to coldly manipulate them.  Try to avoid isolation by functioning as part of a team in which your logic, analysis, and communication skills are put to good use.  Work with others who may be more practical, sensitive, or passionate than are you. Don’t keep your good ideas inside, but write them down and communicate them to others.



Lack of Earth


You may be so focused on the “bigger picture” that you have difficulty managing the many details of life.  Balancing your checkbook or leaving your bedroom clean may seem beyond your abilities.  Other tasks may be important, but you find it hard to concentrate long enough to complete them.  Knowing your own lack of concentration and self-discipline, you may cling to established routines because you know that you are able to do important things through force of habit.  If you do not flit from job to job, you could hold onto a job or a relationship for too long because you do not trust that you will be secure without it.  Your lack of real world perspective may make it hard for you to distinguish that which really matters from that which is unimportant, so that you sometimes focus on small things while leaving the really big things undone.  You may say that you care about money, but unless you have abundant planets in the houses of Substance, you will not execute a detailed plan to get it.  If you can avoid driving them crazy, enlist the help of those more grounded than yourself in order to turn your inspirations into reality.


A lack of planets in Earth signs can be offset by an Earth sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Substance.



Abundant Mutable


With an abundance of planets in Mutable signs, you adapt easily to changing circumstances.  Mentally quick, you adapt like a chameleon to give each what they want, until you are on to the next friend or interest.  Life offers a succession of roles to play.  Skilled at diplomacy and compromise, you make a good negotiator and appear to be everyone’s friend.  You actually are other-oriented, rather than self-oriented, and can be so busy meeting others’ needs that you lack direction in your own life.  Concentrate on finding friends of true worth and value.  Be discriminating in your associations, in whom you choose to help.  The endless flow from your mind, tongue, and hands will then work to return real value to you, which is what you deserve.  You can probably only follow this advice just so far, though, because more than others the Universe sends you people in need, people for whom you are able to make a real difference.  The assistance that you provide to the powerless may actually be remembered long after your facile mental output is forgotten.  Your activities can also bring an end to institutions that have outlived their usefulness.



Lack of Fixed


With a lack of planets in Fixed signs, you probably find it difficult to settle down or concentrate on one thing for a long time.  You tend to be all over the place.  The advantage is that you are able to do many things at once and can move forward with change and growth when desirable.  You are a free spirit, not overly weighed down by attachments.  You may be daring, brave, and filled with ideas, but you need individuals in your life who can provide the structure and stability that you lack.  If necessary, you can force yourself to finish projects through mental discipline and willpower.


A lack of planets in the Fixed signs can be offset by a Fixed sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the Succedent houses.