Astrological Compatibility for Aries: 03-26-1964


Astrological Compatibility dates: I have maybe next to the other Aries because I was told you don’t want your twin; but my business partner and his wife are twins, my mom and her BF are twins. My Ex2014 and her Ex-Husband are twins and they lasted 17 years, my mom seems to be happy, my business partner and his wife have been together forever… So maybe twins are not so bad. The other maybe is with Mercury in Retrograde; not sure if this is good or bad, but I have been told to beware Mercury in Retrograde. However; we all have free will over our charts, so it doesn’t have to be all bad.

Jan. 30th-31st, 1960
Feb. 1st, 1960
Feb. 4th-5th, 1960
Feb. 9th, 1960
Sept. 28th-29th, 1960
Dec. 8th-10th, 1960
Jan. 24th-25th, 1961
Jan. 29th-31st, 1961
Feb. 1st, 1961
Aug. 4th, 1961
Aug. 8th-17th, 1961
April 6th-8th, 1962 – maybe
April 11th-18th, 1962 – maybe
May 31st, 1962
June 1st, 1962
June 4th-16th, 1962 – maybe
Sept. 24th-30th, 1962
Oct. 1st-3rd, 1962
Oct. 6th-8th, 1962
Oct. 11th, 1962
July 24th-27th, 1963
Oct. 13th-20th, 1963
Oct. 24th, 1963
Dec. 6th, 1963
March 21st-29th, 1964 – maybe
June 11th-17th, 1964
Nov. 26th-30th, 1964
Dec. 17th, 1964 – maybe
Feb. 4th-5th, 1965
March 25th, 1965 – maybe
June 7th-12th, 1965
June 15th-16th, 1965
Sept. 25th-29th, 1965
Oct. 2nd-4th, 1965
Nov. 23rd, 1965
Nov. 26th-28th, 1965
Dec. 1st-3rd, 1965
Dec. 6th-7th, 1965
Feb. 7th-12th, 1966
April 18th, 1966 – maybe
July 24th-27th, 1966
July 30th-31st, 1966 – maybe
Aug. 4th-5th, 1966 – maybe
Aug. 9th-10th, 1966
Aug. 13th-15th, 1966
Aug. 9th-13th, 1967
Aug. 16th-18th, 1967
Aug. 21st-22nd, 1967
Jan. 27th-29th, 1968
Feb. 1st, 1968
Feb. 12th-19th, 1968 – maybe
April 8th-9th, 1968
Oct. 8th-10th, 1968 – maybe
Oct. 13th-23rd, 1968 – maybe
Jan. 30th-31st, 1969
Feb. 01, 1969
June 13th-16th, 1970
Oct. 12th-13th, 1970
Oct. 16th-17th, 1970
Oct. 20, 1970
Nov. 30th, 1971
Dec. 1st, 1971
Dec. 4th-15th, 1971
Dec. 19th-20th, 1971
Feb. 11th-13th, 1972 – Maybe
Feb. 16th-17th, 1972 – Maybe
May 31st-June 1st, 1972
June 4th-6th, 1972
June 9th-10th, 1972
Aug. 16th-17th, 1972
Aug. 20th-22nd, 1972
Nov. 25th-28th, 1972
Dec. 13th, 1972
Dec. 16th-18th, 1972
Aug. 15th-16th, 1973
Sept. 24th-30th, 1973 – Maybe
Jan. 31st, 1974
Feb. 1st, 1974
Aug. 6th-7th, 1974
Aug. 10th-12th, 1974
Aug. 15th, 1974
Jan. 31st, 1975
Feb. 1st-4th, 1975
Feb. 7th-9th, 1975
Feb. 12th-14th, 1975
Feb. 17th-19th, 1975
April 13th-14th, 1975 – maybe
July 31st, 1975
Aug. 1st-2nd, 1975
Aug. 5th-12th, 1975
oct. 21-22nd, 1975 – maybe
March 28th-29th, 1976 – maybe
April 2nd-3rd, 1976 – maybe
April 7th-8th, 1976 – maybe
Oct. 11th-12th, 1976
Oct. 15th-20th, 1976
June 12th-14th, 1977
June 18th-21st, 1977
Oct. 5th-15th, 1977
Feb. 14th-15th, 1978
Feb. 18th-19th, 1978
April 5th-6th, 1978 – maybe
April 9th-10th, 1978 – maybe
June 15th-16th, 1978
July 24th, 1978
July 27th, 1978
Sept. 27th-30th, 1978
Oct. 1st-6th, 1978
Oct. 9th-10th, 1978
Oct. 13th-14th, 1978
Dec. 16th-22nd, 1978
May 28th-31st, 1979
June 1st-9th, 1979
Dec. 13th-17th, 1979
Dec. 20th-21st, 1979
Jan. 21st-22nd, 1980
Jan. 25th-26th, 1980
Jan. 29th-31st, 1980
Feb. 1st-7th, 1980
May 21st-29th, 1980
Dec. 9th-11th, 1980
Dec. 14th-15th, 1980
Dec. 18th, 1980
Aug. 2nd-9th, 1981
Aug. 12th-13th, 1981
Nov. 29th-30th, 1981
Dec. 1st, 1981
Dec. 4th-5th, 1981
Aug. 7th-8th, 1982
Feb. 15th, 1983
Feb. 18th-19th, 1983
April 6th, 1983 – maybe
July 24th, 1983
July 28th-29th, 1983
Oct. 9th, 1983
Oct. 13th-14th, 1983
Oct. 18th-19th, 1983
Oct. 22nd-23rd, 1983
Feb. 9th-10th, 1984
Feb. 14th-19th, 1984
March 24th-26th, 1984 – maybe
March 29th-31st, 1984 – maybe
Oct. 6th-9th, 1984
Oct. 12th-13th, 1984
Oct. 16th-18th, 1984

Best years are even years like: 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966 & so forth…

Celebrating Romance

Let’s talk about love. Your relationships and marriage are an
important part of realizing the life plan for which you were born. When you form a partnership with someone, your relationship can simultaneously enhance three areas of your life: 1) if you stick with it, a healthy relationship enables both of you to confront and heal inner emotional wounds from the past; 2) you may contribute to each other realizing cherished career or material goals; and 3) you can be a support for other lives besides your own, both human and animal. You may have agreed to do these things before you were born. What you do with the partner that you were fated to be with is described by the composite of your birth charts. How the other side orchestrates our experiences with the aid of the planets is too much for the human mind to grasp, but as astrologers we can see events ticking off with clockwork precision, and the composite chart that you share with a partner is an important part of that.

The introduction to the Composite Couples report mentions the amazingly close linkages in the composite chart between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Without their fated marriage, we would not have the young Prince George (birthtime: 4:24 PM) whose natal chart features a Grand Water Trine between Saturn, Neptune, and Black Moon Lilith exact to within 0d04m, as well as many other close linkages, all of which suggest that the universe has destined Prince George to play an important role.
Your constructive partnership now can be part of a plan that will be realized with your grandchildren.

My wife and I are coming up on an important anniversary of our first date, which was on St. Patricks Day in 1990. She is a Jupiter-ruled Sun in Sagittarius, trine my Moon in Aries, and she has definitely helped my cautious Saturn-ruled Sun in Capricorn to expand. The StarMatch synastry report describes how our charts impact each other on a daily basis, but the many private, constructive ways in which we complement and help each other to grow are described in our Composite Couples report.

P.S., If you accepted a Facebook friend request from me in the last week, it was from an imposter using my name and picture.
Hopefully you can tell the difference and can unfriend the new ‘me’, the one who has 68 friends versus 300 friends.


John Halloran

Still Waters Astro – March 2015 Post


March 5th: Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces at 10:05 am PST. The final Full Moon of winter in Virgo/Pisces coincides with completions for those with planets or chart angles in the mutable signs of Virgo/Pisces near 15 degrees. 

March 12th: Mercury enters Pisces at 8:51 pm PDT. The collective communications of the global village turn toward the intuitive dimensions as Mercury reenters the mystical sign of Pisces where it joins Neptune, Chiron, and the Sun for some spiritual solace two days after transiting Mars in Aries triggered changes and eruptions between transiting Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. 

March 14th: Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius at 8:02 am PDT. Transiting Saturn pauses in the sign of Sagittarius at 4 deg 55 min and reverses direction after 7 months of forward motion. Saturn will retrace its steps from March 14th through August 1st 2015 when it will turn direct in Scorpio at 28 deg 16 min. 

March 16th: Uranus in Aries & Pluto in Capricorn final exact square aspect.  
The two Cardinal Titans Uranus and Pluto complete their 7th and final global
initiation agreement that began in June 2012 and completes this month.  Uranus will now take the lead ahead of Pluto going forward, although their respective retrograde cycles will reunite them in another square aspect within 2 degrees of each other from December 2015 through the winter season of 2016.

March 17th: Venus enters Taurus at 3:14 am PDT. Lady Venus returns to terra firma placing her feet back on Earth after distancing herself from a bittersweet Valentine’s fling with Mars in Aries. Just as a single spark can ignite a forest fire, so too can wings of wax tempt human folly when flying too close to the garish Sun. 

March 20th:  New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 2:36 am PDT & Vernal Equinox at 3:45 pm PDT. Today’s Solar Eclipse in the final degree of Pisces takes center stage in the morning and then leaves the stage placing the afternoon spotlight on the Sun’s arrival in Aries ushering in the spring season. 

March 30th: Mercury enters Aries at 6:43 pm PDT. Fleet-footed Mercury catches up with the spring team of the Sun, Mars & Uranus in the sign of Aries just in time for spring training. 

March 31st: Mars enters Taurus at 9:26 am PDT. The warrior planet leaves Aries to pursue Lady Venus in Taurus only to find himself distracted by the allure of a more harmonious feminine aspect with today’s Moon in Virgo.Dates of events are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST)

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