Personal Reading for Libra 10-02-1970, by CainO’

Sun is Libra, approximately at 8 degrees; house placement unknown. Sun is soul; Libra is about balance and harmony, equality, peace and tranquility. Libra can be too laid back, naive, gullible and nice. Libras tend to focus on the positives and ignore the negatives.

Time of birth, unknown. Ascendant, unknown.

Moon on a Libra/Scorpio cusp, house placement unknown. Moon in Libra is like a nagging house wife, Moon is Libra is always on self-improvement campaign. Again with the balance and harmony thing… but Moon is Scorpio is more dominant where Moon in Libra is more submissive. Moon in Water is an addiction position, so be careful what you get addicted to. Scorpio is the leader of leaders, boss of bosses. Moon is your emotional and psychological needs, so be careful not to be too controlling Scorpio.

Mercury in Virgo at approx. 21 degrees, house placement unknown. Mercury is how we think and communicate, Virgo at 21 degrees has influence of Taurus. Virgo is very analytical and detail oriented. Taurus is stubborn and has to be careful not to be traumatized, too much trauma will make a Taurus very mean. All earth signs are grounded, detail oriented and critical. Though Capricorn is the most critical sign of the zodiac, Taurus and Virgo can be critical too. Virgo is Mutable and therefore submissive where Taurus is Fixed and is more Dominate. Taurus is the leader of the Earth signs.
Venus in Scorpio at approximately 19 degrees, house placement unknown. Venus is our loves and values. Scorpio at 19 degrees has influence of both Pisces and Cancer. Venus in Scorpio will love to be in charge, be the dominating force and will love power. However; with the influences of Pisces and Cancer, this will mellow out your need for total domination. Venus and Mercury in Water are what we call “Glue”, this is a person that believes in commitment and has little trouble holding down a job. Libra positions and other factors like a Fire sign Ascendant are also considered to be Glue positions. Water signs are about family, Water and Fire signs can and will tend to be emotional.

Mars in Virgo at 18 degrees, house placement unknown; Mars is energy and sexual needs. Virgo at 18 degrees would have influence of Capricorn and Taurus; energy wise, one with this position would be a hard worker and have a high sex drive. Mars in Earth is a workaholic position; sex drive is not as high as one with Mars in Water, but they will our work most any other sign. The order in which you can judge someone’s sex drive is as follows: Mars in Water; high, nearly every day or more than once a day. Mars in Earth; above average, every other day at least. Mars in Fire; average, at least once a week or a couple times a week. Mars in Air; below average, once or twice a month or maybe a little more if you’re lucky. Now, house placements will influence this. Mars in Earth is the house of water will be more intense then Mars in Water in the house of Air…

Jupiter in Scorpio at 8 degrees, house placement unknown; Jupiter is how we work and/or do business. So I don’t need to tell you that someone with this position will more than likely be the boss or manager at work. If they are not, you will think that they think they are. This too might also be a hard working position with well aspects, because they are a leader and they will try and fit the bill any way they know how.

Mid-Haven and Descendant unknown; I am not as good with the rest of the outer planets, but you can Google and/or YouTube them. Saturn in Taurus at 21 degrees in Retrograde; Saturn is our lessons to be learned. Uranus in Libra at 9 degrees, Neptune in Scorpio at 28 degrees (Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp), Pluto in Virgo at 27 degrees (Virgo/Libra cusp), Rahu (North Node of the Moon) in Pisces at 2 degrees (Pisces/Aquarius cusp) in Retrograde, Katu (South Node of the Moon) in Virgo at 2 degrees (Virgo/Leo cusp) in Retrograde, Chiron in Aries at 8 degrees in Retrograde, Ceres in Taurus at 5 degrees in Retrograde, Pallas in Aquarius at 27 degrees (Aquarius/Pisces cusp) in Retrograde, Juno in Taurus at 26 degrees, Vesta in Libra at 20 degrees and Black Moon in Virgo at 10 degrees.

Also Eros in Capricorn and Psyche in Leo: Eros is Sexual Astrology and Psyche is Love Astrology; in Mythology, Psyche and Eros were lovers.

1980-07-17 & 1990-05-21 – StarMatch Reading

1980-07-171990-05-211980-07-17 & 1990-05-211980-07-17 & 1990-05-21 composite chart




The StarMatch(tm) astrological compatibility report helps you compare two charts by 1) identifying each partner’s emotional needs by describing their Descendant (7th house cusp), Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars; and 2) examining the way their two charts interact. After describing what each partner needs in their love life, the report assesses their interaction by describing the significant aspects between their charts. These aspects identify areas of attraction, harmony, and conflict. The “Strength” noted for each aspect shows its degree of influence on the relationship. The Strength combines the aspect’s closeness of exactitude with its positive or negative value for compatibility purposes. The higher the Strength is, the more strongly the aspect is likely to be felt and acted out in the relationship.

Planets in Signs

July 17’s Sun in Cancer

You are very much like the crab in your relationships– soft on the inside and hard on the outside. Only those close to you know how vulnerable you truly are. You are very private about your love life, and you don’t appreciate others prying into your personal affairs or spreading gossip about you.

As a lover, you tend to lavish your partner with love and affection. You are generous to a fault, and you can engulf your lover with your all-consuming love. For this reason, you would do better with a partner who is not overly independent, or else they may see your constant attentiveness as clinging. You would do best with a partner who enjoys staring into your eyes for hours, and who wants to not only love you, but to merge souls with you.

May 21’s Sun in Gemini

Communication is very important in your relationships, and you can learn a great deal through your partners–that is, if you are willing to undergo a little self-examination. You don’t like others to probe your deeper secrets and feel embarrassed at displays of emotion (yours or others’).

It is important to you that your lover be your friend. Sex alone is not going to make you happy in a relationship, no matter how good it is. You have a light-hearted attitude toward sex and need a partner who shares your need for variety and stimulation. You have a knack for sexual experimentation and can become bored with a partner who is not of similar temperament.

July 17’s Moon in Virgo

You have specific requirements for a lover and will be very cautious in selecting one. You are also particular about the environment and circumstances in which you make love and are not likely to engage in sex just anywhere or with just anyone. Unless you can feel comfortable, you will not relax and let go in a romantic situation.

It is important to you that your lover be faithful, and you should let them know this. There is nothing wrong with letting your needs be known–as a matter of fact, it is important. Just don’t overdo it and become compulsively possessive. You can be of great assistance to your partner in times of need; just be sure your advice is welcomed before you give it, otherwise it will not be heard.

May 21’s Moon in Aries

You tend to live for the moment and make lightning-quick decisions in your love life. For this reason, you may rush into love affairs too quickly before you have had a chance to accurately assess the situation. You need a partner who is exciting and spontaneous. Otherwise, you may find that you often leave him or her behind when you dash off in pursuit of new adventures.

Be careful not to let the affair become so intense that it burns itself out quickly. Look before you leap into an intimate committed relationship. You need a partner who can help keep the feeling of newness and excitement alive in your relationship.

July 17’s Mercury in Cancer

You value privacy and share your innermost feelings with very few people. Once you choose a lover, you are very devoted and loyal. You need little more in life than someone to love and a comfortable home. Indeed, you tend to be more of a “home body” than a socialite, and you need a partner who has similar preferences.

You want to share everything with your lover, and to you the perfect mate is one with whom you can blend souls completely, so that you become one person. While this sounds blissful and ideal, attempting to bond so tightly with some people will cause them to feel crowded and pull away. Whether you are a male or a female, this placement can be a sign of someone who is prone to “love too much.” You need a partner who will not take advantage of your complete devotion.

May 21’s Mercury in Taurus

You are a romantic at heart and pay careful attention to detail and the physical setting for lovemaking. In order to heighten enjoyment, you will make sure the surroundings are sensual and lush. Whether it takes place on a thick growth of clover in a meadow or on a velvet bedspread in your bedroom, you want everything about sex to be enjoyable.

Just be sure you don’t miss some truly magical moments while you’re busy preparing for that perfect setting. Some things are most enjoyable when they are experienced spontaneously. Most people are not immediately aware of the level of your passion, since you are likely to repress it if you do not believe others will approve. You need a partner who will appreciate your direct, forceful approach to love.

July 17’s Venus in Gemini

You are highly sensuous and enjoy the finer techniques of courting and lovemaking. Verbal affection and communication are important ingredients in any major relationship, and you don’t mind being “sweet-talked.” Sexually, your touch is soft and gentle, and your sexual curiosity is unlimited.

Your love nature constantly changes, and you are very unpredictable in this area. It is necessary that your partner interest and excite you, and it would be helpful if they have a healthy sense of humor. If you get bored with the affair, you may be tempted to move on to more stimulating options.

May 21’s Venus in Aries

Your desire nature is very intense, and you desire a direct and impulsive lover. Although you are romantic, you are not necessarily subtle. You seek immediate gratification of your needs–in effect, move in for the kill. If a potential lover shows no interest, you will not wait around until they do. You approach each new love with enthusiasm and joy, enjoying every moment for itself.

Because you are harder to “tie down” than the average person, you would be better off with a lover who is more stable and patient than you. They would serve as an anchor to keep you still long enough to appreciate being grounded in a love relationship. They must be able to see that you are not really fickle, but rather childishly enthusiastic about life.

July 17’s Mars in Libra

You seek a certain amount of refinement and social grace in your partner. Appearances are important to you, and you are concerned about what others think of you. It is likely that your partner will be physically attractive as well as poised and tactful. You are very attentive and will go to extreme lengths to please your partner.

You often instigate change in your relationships and become bored quickly with any that become static. Just be sure that you do not provoke change just for the sake of change; learn to recognize which elements of your relationship should be preserved and which should be thrown out. It is important to you that any relationship you have maintain a quality of fairness.

May 21’s Mars in Pisces

Although to others you may appear weak and indecisive, you are actually very compassionate and sensitive. You find it very satisfying to deny your own ego in order to gratify the one you love. In this way you learn the secret of strength through self-sacrifice. Just be sure your partner deserves such unselfish devotion. Don’t be deceived by others because you are so anxious to see your ideal in them.

You are a very tender and sensitive lover. Your innate intuition and psychic abilities lead you to seek a higher meaning to sex–some spiritual connection beyond the mere physical act. Be careful to remain strong within yourself. Resist the temptation to become dependent on your partner.

Planets in Aspect

July 17’s Sun opposite May 21’s Saturn (Strength: -480.0 )

July 17 feels limited or restricted by May 21 and resists being held back. May 21 is likely to become demanding and uncompromising. July 17 will feel that May 21 is too conservative, while May 21 will consider July 17 to be too risque. May 21 seeks security in the relationship; July 17 seeks excitement.

May 21’s Mercury trine July 17’s Jupiter (Strength: +477.7 )

This aspect indicates mutual inspiration and trust. July 17’s optimism can inspire and bring out the best in May 21. This is an excellent aspect between partners in a project of creative self-expression, as well as between romantic partners. It is also a wonderful aspect between the charts of parents and children, teachers and students, and business partners. May 21’s logical reasoning keeps the ideals and expansive visions of July 17 down to earth. In turn, July 17 inspires intellectual, spiritual and ethical growth in May 21. July 17 is very tolerant of May 21’s ideas and will protect, inspire and encourage May 21 in May 21’s pursuit of higher education. Generally, there is good will between you and you can appreciate each other’s humor and wit.

May 21’s Venus trine July 17’s Neptune (Strength: +336.0 )

This aspect indicates that you share mutual sympathy, generosity, kindness, tenderness, compassion and consideration. You are quite affectionate and devoted to one another and have a strong spiritual connection. You enjoy many mutual interests, especially in art, music, dance, poetry, etc. There is also a mutual interest in spirituality or occult matters, and you are able to help each other develop on this level. In fact, this mutual interest may be what brought you together originally.

July 17’s Jupiter trine May 21’s Uranus (Strength: +315.0 )

You respect each other’s need for freedom and individuality of expression. July 17 will encourage May 21’s originality and inventiveness and can tolerate May 21’s displays of Uranian independence. This is a good contact between the charts of business partners, in which case May 21 would supply the creative originality and July 17 the capital to finance development of the ideas. There is much mutual inspiration and often a shared interest in metaphysics or occult matters.

May 21’s Mars opposite July 17’s Saturn (Strength: -302.4 )

May 21 may find July 17 frustrating and may become angry and impatient. May 21 irritates and disrupts the constructive plans and efforts of July 17, thus causing July 17 to feel insecure. There are many problems with adjustment with this aspect. However, if May 21 can learn to listen to the counsel of July 17, May 21 may be saved from the consequences of rash and reckless actions, although May 21 may not appreciate this at the time.

May 21’s Mars trine July 17’s Uranus (Strength: +258.2 )

You stimulate creativity, inventiveness, independence and a sense of adventure in each other. In this way you bring out the best in each other by inspiring confidence and growth. Both of you will benefit from knowing each other. This is also a good combination in business partnerships. May 21 may have the opportunity to put July 17’s ideas into motion.

July 17’s Sun trine May 21’s Mars (Strength: +228.7 )

This combination is frequently found between the charts of marriage partners. In other relationships it indicates that the parties will at least have warm feelings for each other. In romance, May 21’s desire nature is stimulated by July 17’s most inner self. When a woman’s Mars is involved, she sees her partner as virile and Adonis-like. It is a strong aspect of sexual attraction and compatibility. Both partners stimulate self-confidence, ambition, enthusiasm, courage, initiative and an enterprising spirit in the other. People with this aspect between them often join forces in working toward a common goal.

July 17’s Mercury trine May 21’s Pluto (Strength: +220.5 )

Your experiences together will transform both your lives and will especially stimulate July 17’s mind. May 21’s influence on July 17 is stronger than July 17’s on May 21. May 21 can help July 17 to deepen perceptions of the occult and psychic realms. July 17 can help May 21 verbalize and communicate these deep insights. You can teach each other a great deal and will broaden each other’s view of the world.

May 21’s Moon square July 17’s Mercury (Strength: -204.3 )

May 21 can be hypersensitive to the viewpoints and feelings of July 17. July 17 may sometimes misinterpret words or deeds of May 21. Communication and understanding are difficult, and you may get caught up in petty arguments. July 17 may become irritated and impatient if May 21 is not able to follow July 17’s line of thinking. July 17 may be critical of May 21 and may not understand (or may totally disregard) the moods and emotions of May 21. Misunderstandings are common. Positive aspects between your Sun, Moon, Mercury or Venus can provide the cooperation needed to resolve differences.

May 21’s Moon sextile July 17’s Venus (Strength: +199.8 )

There is mutual sympathy, consideration and helpfulness between you. You share a deep affection and devotion, and this aspect is an indication of a lasting attachment. You are soothing, calming and encouraging with each other and have many similar tastes and interests. This is a highly favorable aspect in love and marriage and can help smooth over other unfavorable aspects between you.

May 21’s Venus opposite July 17’s Pluto (Strength: -176.4 )

This can be a difficult aspect in close relationships, although it is not impossible to resolve. July 17 can become jealous, possessive, demanding or imposing in some way. This can upset the emotions of May 21, who may become insecure. Often there is a great difference in the sociocultural background or interests of the partners, or there may be the occurrence of unrequited love. One partner or the other will find that they are forced to reconstruct their value system in order to resolve conflicts.

May 21’s Venus trine July 17’s North Node (Strength: +168.0 )

You can cooperate well and combine your talents and efforts for your mutual benefit. July 17’s keen sense of current trends and fads can help May 21 to gain greater public acceptance for May 21’s creative expression. With May 21’s charm and diplomacy and July 17’s finger on the pulse of society, you would work well together in advertising and promotion.



July 17’s Venus sextile May 21’s Venus (Strength: +165.2 )

You share many interests and attitudes toward relationships and have a deep appreciation for each other. You provide a steady source of mutual encouragement and support and enjoy each other’s companionship. Because you are highly considerate of each other’s needs, this aspect does a great deal to smooth over rougher aspects in your comparison.



July 17’s Moon trine May 21’s Saturn (Strength: +159.8 )

This aspect indicates a favorable give-and-take arrangement whereby May 21 provides stability and July 17 in turn enlarges the ideas of May 21. May 21 will be dependable and trustworthy and can counsel July 17. There is mutual trust and respect here. May 21 brings out the more conservative qualities in July 17. You have little difficulty managing money together and, if you have children, you will most likely agree on how to raise them.



May 21’s Sun trine July 17’s Mars (Strength: +108.3 )

This combination is frequently found between the charts of marriage partners. In other relationships it indicates that the parties will at least have warm feelings for each other. In romance, July 17’s desire nature is stimulated by May 21’s most inner self. When a woman’s Mars is involved, she sees her partner as virile and Adonis-like. It is a strong aspect of sexual attraction and compatibility. Both partners stimulate self-confidence, ambition, enthusiasm, courage, initiative and an enterprising spirit in the other. People with this aspect between them often join forces in working toward a common goal.



July 17’s Mercury opposite May 21’s Neptune (Strength: -97.8 )

This aspect indicates frequent misunderstandings and even possibly deception, especially by May 21. At the very least, there will be many secrets that May 21 will not share with July 17. It’s possible you may out and out lie to each other, or that more subtle forms of deception will be practiced. July 17 is often at a loss to understand May 21, and May 21 may seem distant or detached to July 17. This combination is more difficult on July 17 than May 21. In a business relationship there is a danger of fraud.



May 21’s Mars square July 17’s Neptune (Strength: -88.4 )

This aspect can be a source of emotional disruption between you. May 21 is abrupt and impatient; July 17 is elusive or deceptive in response to May 21’s pushiness. It is likely that there will be many misunderstandings and disagreements between you. If July 17 is very sensitive, May 21’s aggression could upset the health of July 17. This is not a favorable aspect between partners in a love relationship.



May 21’s Moon opposite July 17’s Pluto (Strength: -77.5 )

July 17 has a disrupting effect on May 21 and may seem contrary. There is more conflict than agreement with this combination. July 17 is aware of May 21’s most vulnerable areas and will use this knowledge negatively in times of disagreement. In love and marriage there may be serious misunderstandings, resulting in domestic problems. There also may be sexual problems, which would be more disruptive to May 21 than July 17.



July 17’s Moon opposite May 21’s Mars (Strength: -74.2 )

This aspect can produce a serious personality conflict. There is a strong attraction and mutual stimulation, but there is an equally strong adverse emotional reaction. May 21 can be rude or abrupt toward July 17, and July 17 tends to be hypersensitive to the impulsiveness of May 21’s actions. Some facets of May 21’s personality may irritate July 17, such as a lack of consideration and tolerance. May 21 needs to practice more self-restraint and patience with July 17, who in turn must try not to be so overly sensitive.



July 17’s Jupiter sextile May 21’s Jupiter (Strength: +54.1 )

This is a favorable aspect often found in the charts of marriage partners or among family members and can be quite beneficial in the charts of business partners. Whatever the relationship, you agree on matters of philosophy, ethics, morals and religious or spiritual concepts. There is mutual respect and an appreciation for each other’s best qualities. You will work for each other’s benefit, and you are mutually supportive; this combination encourages optimism, self-confidence, and humor between you.



July 17’s Saturn trine May 21’s Saturn (Strength: +46.0 )

You have similar needs for security in life, and you both are ambitious about achieving your goals. Therefore, you understand what makes each other tick emotionally. You can cooperate well in any tasks you undertake together. When you share a common goal you have a talent for agreeing on mutual duties and responsibilities and then carrying them out. As with other Saturn contacts, this one indicates longevity of the relationship.



May 21’s Moon trine July 17’s Neptune (Strength: +40.4 )

You are unusually sensitive to each other’s moods and feelings and have a strong psychic tie between you–even to the point of being able to telepathically communicate. This aspect indicates much mutual sympathy and inspiration; there is also the likelihood of spiritual and philosophical agreement. You are comforting and supportive of each other. This combination brings out any latent interest in the occult or psychic abilities in each of you.



May 21’s Sun trine July 17’s Moon (Strength: +34.2 )

Your personalities are harmonious and you share a mutual affection and understanding. Each of you possesses something of the other’s nature in yourself. July 17 is intuitive and very sensitive when dealing with May 21. May 21 is protective of July 17. In any relationship, this aspect indicates compatibility and harmony.



July 17’s Sun sextile May 21’s Sun (Strength: +25.3 )

Your temperaments adjust easily to each other, and your personalities naturally harmonize. There is much mutual sympathy and understanding, as well as support in achieving common ideals or goals. This is a positive aspect between any two charts, especially those of marriage partners. There is much compatibility and mutual respect.



July 17’s Mercury square May 21’s Venus (Strength: -23.2 )

Although this aspect does not present insurmountable problems, there will be many minor irritations between you, especially if you are very close friends or lovers. July 17 may be insensitive to the emotional needs of May 21 and may seem cold and calculating at times. If the comparison is basically a positive one, this aspect is not difficult to overcome.



July 17’s Mars square May 21’s Uranus (Strength: -23.0 )

This aspect indicates a conflict of wills between you and a difficulty in cooperating. July 17 resents the independence and impersonal side of May 21 and feels that May 21 is not always dependable. There is irritation between you, which can be upsetting to one or both partners. Romance between you could well end in separation unless you can develop mutual tolerance and patience. It may help if you undergo periodic separations.



May 21’s Moon trine July 17’s North Node (Strength: +20.6 )

July 17 can help May 21 make difficult social adjustments to fit in with the prevailing trends and social customs. May 21 will provide support for July 17 and benefit July 17’s social and economic status.



July 17’s Mercury conjunct May 21’s Jupiter (Strength: +16.1 )

You find each other to be mutually inspirational. May 21’s optimism and July 17’s mental qualities are a great combination for creative expression by both of you. This is a good aspect in all relationships, including parent-child, student-teacher, husband-wife, or in business partners. July 17 provides the reason and May 21 the ideals and visions, and this results in much spiritual growth for both of you. May 21 is tolerant of July 17’s most far out ideas and will inspire July 17’s interest in higher education.



July 17’s Sun square May 21’s Venus (Strength: -14.9 )

Although no aspects between the Sun and Venus are truly adverse, this one is less harmonious than most. You may have different backgrounds and cultural or social upbringing. Your interests may be very different, as well as your ideas of what constitutes good fun or recreation. There is much attraction between you, and possibly envy, jealousy and possessiveness as well. If you do not plan time away from each other, you will suffer temporary separations against your will which allow you to miss each other. For the two of you it is very true that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”



July 17’s Venus square May 21’s Mars (Strength: -13.1 )

There is an intense physical attraction between you, but this may often result in emotional disturbances (such as when one is emotionally involved and the other is not). July 17 finds May 21 to be very impatient and demanding. Jealousy and emotional friction are common with this aspect, and this is considered a very undesirable combination between lovers and marriage partners (or even business partners). One traditional characteristic of this aspect is unfaithfulness on the part of one or both partners.



May 21’s Saturn sextile July 17’s Uranus (Strength: +12.5 )

This aspect, like most involving Saturn, indicates that the relationship will probably endure for a long time. The main determining factor will be the ability of each of you to allow the other to be independent. You can stimulate each other’s imagination and creativity. July 17 provides new ideas and May 21 provides the experience and practical application needed to put them into action. This is a good aspect between business partners.



May 21’s Neptune square July 17’s Pluto (Strength: -10.3 )

Since both of these planets move very slowly, you will each have this same combination with anyone else born around the same time as your partner. You may have disagreements as to your spiritual or religious beliefs, and this will serve as a test of conviction for you both. This is only a minor irritation in any worthwhile relationship.



July 17’s Jupiter trine May 21’s Neptune (Strength: +8.9 )

You share a spiritual and psychic tie, and there is mutual encouragement of idealism, intuitive development, spiritual or religious interests, and charitable instincts. You provide inspiration for mutual growth and expansion and will support each other in achieving your ambitions in life. In the case of business partners, this aspect indicates the accumulation of wealth.



July 17’s Mercury trine May 21’s Mars (Strength: +7.5 )

May 21 stimulates the intellect, ideas and self-expression of July 17. You share mutual interests and can help each other to achieve your highest goals in life. May 21 encourages July 17 to act on ideas and provides the incentive to pursue goals and ambitions. July 17 inspires greater awareness and learning in May 21. You could be successful in business projects you undertake together.



May 21’s Pluto square July 17’s North Node (Strength: -6.7 )

Your value systems and social beliefs are in conflict, and you have very different ideas about what constitutes socially acceptable behavior. May 21 considers July 17 to be a superficial conformist, while July 17 thinks May 21 is negative and selfish.

May 21’s Sun trine July 17’s Saturn (Strength: +6.3 )

You have no trouble agreeing on how to handle your problems and meet your responsibilities. This aspect encourages confidence, enthusiasm, ambition, organization and persistence in you both. This is a very good combination between romantic or business partners and is an indicator of a long-term relationship. July 17 stabilizes May 21, who returns absolute loyalty and reassurance. May 21 encourages and stimulates July 17 to act on ideas. Any limitations or restraints that July 17 may place upon May 21 usually work out for the ultimate good of both. It also indicates a karmic tie between you.



July 17’s Sun square May 21’s Moon (Strength: -5.1 )

This aspect indicates major differences in temperament. July 17 may sometimes be inconsiderate of, ignore or offend May 21, usually without intending to. May 21 should avoid being too sensitive and taking it all so seriously. This aspect does not present serious problems, but you each must adjust to the other’s temperament if you are to achieve harmony in your relationship. July 17 usually plays the leading role in your relationship, with May 21 adapting to July 17’s lead. July 17 needs to be more considerate of May 21’s emotional sensitivity and moodiness.



May 21’s Saturn square July 17’s Pluto (Strength: -3.6 )

July 17, as the reformer and transformer, challenges May 21’s attitudes toward life’s responsibilities. If the comparison is mostly positive, this will represent only a mild test. If there are many negative aspects, this aspect can increase resentment and even lead to hatefulness, which is especially troublesome between parents and children. July 17 may be tempted to play on May 21’s fears. May 21 may try to restrict July 17’s freedom.



July 17’s Uranus conjunct May 21’s Pluto (Strength: +2.6 )

This contact can be either positive or negative, depending on the overall balance of aspects in the relationship. If the comparison is positive overall, you are likely to use this aspect as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation. In this case July 17 can provide May 21 with new insights and ways of thinking, while May 21 can help July 17 to assert July 17’s individuality more effectively in life. If the comparison is already a difficult one, this aspect will be expressed as power plays and manipulative “games.” In this case, the Pluto person, May 21, may attempt to control or manipulate the Uranus individual, July 17, who will resist such efforts vigorously. There may also be difficulty adjusting to each other sexually.



July 17’s Mars trine May 21’s North Node (Strength: +2.2 )

Cooperation comes easy for you, whether it’s in business or domestic affairs. July 17 has a great deal of energy and motivation to initiate projects. May 21 has a finger on the pulse of society’s fads and trends and can help July 17’s projects gain wider public acceptance.



July 17’s Mars square May 21’s Jupiter (Strength: -0.3 )

This aspect indicates a clash of ambitions, morals and ethics. You may compete with each other, or one of you will push the other against their will. There is a tendency to be impatient or demand too much of each other. May 21 may promise more to July 17 than is possible to fulfill, although May 21’s intentions are the best. At times it may seem you bring out the worst in each other. You must develop respect for one another and plan carefully together if you are to achieve harmony.



Synastry Aspect Numerical Totals

Communication Index (Harmonious): +3169
Communication Index (Inharmonious): -2177
Compatibility Index (Har./Inhar.): 1.46
Total Communication Index: 5346


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1980-07-17 & 1990-05-21 – Couples Composite Reading

July 17 1980
Thursday, July 17, 1980 12:00:00 PM
Unknown birth time.
Unknown birth City, Unknown birth State
Time Zone: 00:00 (UT)
Longitude: 000° W 00′
Latitude: 00° N 00′

May 21 1990
Monday, May 21, 1990 12:00:00 PM
Unknown birth time.
Unknown birth City, Unknown birth State
Time Zone: 00:00 (UT)
Longitude: 000° W 00′
Latitude: 00° N 00′

1980-07-17 & 1990-05-21 composite chart 1980-07-17 & 1990-05-21 1980-07-17 1990-05-21


Each of us has a personal birth chart that records where the planets were at the time when we were born. As long as we are lone individuals, we are stuck with that chart. The placements and aspects of our natal birth chart will define our potential as individuals for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, the possible aspects and possible alignments of the planets in our birth chart are limited by where the planets actually were around the time when we were born. It is not possible to have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in our birth charts when Jupiter and Saturn were on opposite sides of the solar system.

All of those limitations disappear when it comes to the composite chart between two people. Through the magic of two people’s charts coming together and combining, almost any combination, almost any destiny, is possible. By unifying with another person, the two of you can have a greater capacity to channel the planetary energies in a desired direction than was possible for either one of you alone. The two of you do have to submerge your individual egos to the extent necessary to form a partnership, but as long as the two of you remain linked as partners in that team, the planetary energies of its composite chart are at the disposal of both of you.

We may think that we are in charge when it comes to selecting another person to be our mate, but I am not so sure that is always the case. Some composite charts have so many synchronicities, so many close alignments of multiple planets, that they appear to be alchemical experiments orchestrated by Fate from the Other Side. In particular, I have seen these close linkages in the composite charts of certain couples whose lives have received intense media exposure, as if the lives of these couples were meant to be teaching tools.

The composite chart of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is a perfect example of a composite chart that featured multiple exact planet linkages. Two planets are at 5 degrees, two planets are at 16 degrees, two planets are at 17 degrees, almost conjunct the Midheaven at 18 degrees, four planets are at 26 degrees and the remaining planet is at 27 degrees. These linkages channeled the couple’s behavior during their short marriage to an extreme degree. The composite charts of the former President of Argentina, Juan Perón, with his two successive wives, Evita and Isabel, show such striking similarities that the astrologer must conclude that Juan Perón was truly a Man of Destiny.

I have also seen in composite charts between members of the same family some very interesting chart patterns that repeat or alternate, indicating that these souls were brought together in order to work on similar life lessons.

You may or may not have amazingly synchronized linkages with your partner, but you can be sure that you picked each other because subconsciously you detected that the interaction between the two of you had an interesting quality to it. You felt like what was created when the two of you came together was something larger than yourself, was something that provided room for you to grow, and finally was a direction in which you wanted to grow.

The interpretations that follow of the planetary placements and aspects in the composite chart for you and your partner will describe the nature of the relationship environment in which you and your partner have your being. It should not come as a big surprise to you, since you have actually been living the life that it describes, but it should help you to be more conscious about your relationship and it may validate some of your unconscious perceptions. Some placements and aspects are mostly harmonious – you know that you have support in those areas. Other placements and aspects challenge you to work and try harder to get the desired response – these are actually the growth opportunities that attracted you to this relationship. If your relationship ever became ‘perfect’ you would quickly get bored and would want more challenge. That is just part of human nature. We want to feel needed and we want to keep growing.

Combined Planets in the Houses

Sun in the Tenth House

A sense of destiny pervades your pairing. It is not that you feel you have entered into a zone of déjà vu, but more that fate has introduced you in order to accomplish a definite purpose. Even if your relationship is not new but cements a familiar partnership, you will feel the anticipation and excitement of something “different” that puts success within your reach.

Your association will probably encourage you to combine careers since, as a team, you project the image that you are a power to be reckoned with. This will be most evident if you come to the attention of the public in some manner.

If yours is not a love connection, you will still bond with warm personal feelings. In disputes, take care not to disturb your stability, but you should not ignore any real emotional differences or problems.

You will undoubtedly complete whatever project you begin. Each time, you will have the enormous satisfaction of attaining mutual achievement to boost your appreciation of your valuable alliance.

Moon in the Tenth House

Here is your chance at a new beginning. Combine your past experiences to succeed in whatever direction you choose to investigate. However, be principled in your actions. Quite often, your partnership will bring one or both of you before the public. It is imperative that each of you can stand the harsh reality of scrupulous examination. Be sure that you can and are willing to share the spotlight.

You will probably be extremely conscious of the impression you create from the inception of your pairing. Your actions, both with each other and with the outside world are liable to invite open evaluation. You may have combined or integrated careers or even come together to establish or achieve new heights together. It is almost as though through joining with another person you now see that your own potential is far better than what may have satisfied you in the past.

Two things are important to your success: Setting a goal and sticking to it; keeping in touch with feelings that bind you together. Otherwise, you may waste valuable time fluctuating over what you really want as a couple. Do not risk losing the unusual opportunities inherent in your pairing.

Mercury in the Tenth House

By now, you should think you know what you want and how to achieve it. A partnership may somehow enhance your chances of getting it! However, even if you had a set of personal goals before forming your liaison, you may change your ideas and elevate your sights when you invite the views of others.

Certainly, your team will experience a mutual growth even if one of you provides building blocks that the other will use as stepping stones to gain the spotlight of success.

It is entirely possible that you will receive the notice of the public, for you enjoy the attention of others. This is not to say that every road will be an easy one, but through careful planning, you should be able to put your heads together and take the right direction towards your objectives.

One of the great benefits of your pairing, either for romance or for business, is that every day will seem like a new day. Each achievement will inspire you to expand your potential further. You are truly blessed and you know it – which often makes you popular role models. Given a little encouragement, you will share your accomplishments by advising enthusiastically to “Go and do likewise.”

Venus in the Eighth House

This is kind of a karmic placement for Venus. Your meeting could be a matter of fate. Through one another, you will experience a complete metamorphosis in your lives. Everything will take on an intensity that will be reflected in every area, from your love life to your business affairs, which you may find require more attention than you have ever experienced. It is as though the universe drew you together for a definite purpose – the intrigue of solving what that may be is part of the draw. Therefore, it is important that you keep your affairs in order and advise your partner of any change of status in all areas of your lives together.

You have a unique creative connection. You can anticipate each other’s creative thoughts. You may be able to create an inheritance of some substance. Or it may be your turn to be beneficiaries, sharing an inheritance. A will is a good idea while both partners are able to agree on proper division of mutual assets.

In business, you may create something between you worth publishing. Very likely, it will contain information regarding your experiences which others may recycle for their own benefits. In effect, you are capable of creating a legacy for those who come after you.

The second half of this report will give the meaning of any aspects that exist in the composite chart involving Venus. You must combine this house placement interpretation with those Venus aspect interpretations, as they will modulate the planet’s expression in this house.

Mars in the Tenth House

You will move heaven and earth to prove to the world your success as partners. You can make opportunities happen for each other’s careers. Since the energy that you put into achieving your goals is unquestioned, your confidence builds with every achievement. It is unlikely that you will stumble by trying to pick up the pieces of those dreams you may not have fulfilled. You have a healthy attitude of “that was then — this is now!” With nothing to prove to yourselves, the way is wide open to take the lead and inspire others. You have a real world attitude and you are blunt and outspoken. For this reason, others look to you for leadership.

About the only disagreement you may have with each other on both a personal or a professional level (and they are often combined) is how you accomplish your objectives. Bluntly, if “push comes to shove,” someone is going to be hurt. As long as you agree on your purpose, it is important that you use your combined strengths to accomplish it as quickly as possible and not waste your energy in squabbles over who gets the credit. Remember that you are a team, which means that you have a partner to help propel you beyond your personal expectations into a stratosphere you may not have imagined.

It will help your relationship last for you both to feel equally visible and involved, instead of one partner controlling everything. Important decisions must be mutual, not unilateral.

Enjoy the moment. It may not come again.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

Put your creative imaginations to work for you. You can become super-achievers without really trying. If there is a secret to your success in business, it is the sheer joy of combining your considerable talents and basking in the admiration of those who stand by for the (spectacular) results. Anything that calls forth your ingenuity is a welcome challenge.

In a love relationship, sexual activities take on a new meaning. No one, but no one seems to enjoy the physical side of a relationship more than you do. Marriage is really not an issue here, but chances are that if you choose to escalate your partnership, you will continue the fantasy and fun you have known as singles.

In either case, everything you have, own, or do is open for inspection. It just would not occur to you that your make-believe, playtime world is not acceptable to others. You are prime examples of what a real joy a life can be if only you are not afraid to live it to the fullest.

Saturn in the Second House

This placement puts an emphasis on your physical bodies, on your physical relationship, and on your earnings and possessions. It is good for having children. It is great that you have this physical bond, but because your relationship has such a physical focus, it may leave you with unfulfilled spiritual yearnings. You can expect attacks of physical illness during your time together.

Values will set the tone for your relationship, including a sense of thrift that goes beyond finance and can extend to a reluctance to share your feelings with another. In almost any task, you will choose to belabor each point because of an inborn dread of being “wrong” or inadequately prepared. These insecurities can cause quarrels in either a personal or business partnership. It will be difficult to repair a breach, but a pat on the back will go a long way in restoring the confidence that you both need in order to continue your pairing.

In business, you may tend to be too conservative and may pass up opportunities for expansion because you are afraid to let go of the familiar. This does not mean that you should discard experience that has stood you in good stead in the past. Rather, look for opportunities to apply that know-how to see if it works for you now, or perhaps use your partner’s input to do things differently than you might, if on your own.

One of your greatest assets is your persistence in sticking to projects until you have exhausted every opportunity to bring things to a successful conclusion. With a collaborator whose mind is as resolute as your own, you could just make the grade.

Uranus in the Third House

An element of rebellion could have brought you together – a determination to do your own thing, despite what your relatives want. The attraction could have been immediate. You were attracted to each other’s charisma. The relationship is mentally stimulating, liberating, and emancipating for you, such as in outgrowing repressive expectations from your youth. The placement helps to keep you from getting bored with each other.

Neptune in the Fourth House

The Fourth House represents the home and Neptune is opposed to structure. Neptune located here can prevent you from either making a home together or keeping it. If you succeed, your home will have a distinctly new style. You could generously open your home to animals or orphans. Major problems that can arise with mysterious Neptune can include deception, infidelity, or alcohol abuse. You may manage to keep your relationship going, but your flight together could hit a rough patch of emotional turbulence. If you have problems, ask yourself if you are not in some unconscious rebellion against a parent figure.

Pluto in the Second House

Together you are productive on the material plane. A strong sexual attraction may have brought you together. You make each other feel secure. You are an asset to each other and to your family and friends. Your home and life together will have a lively bustle to it. You have the ability to define values and structure for your community. Rewarding from a material viewpoint, your life may have some behind-the-scenes chaos. If your relationship does break up, it will be because one or both of you is too attached to sex or money.

Planets in Aspect

Sun conjunct Moon (Strength: 12.76)

This is a beautiful connection that brings a deep and satisfying love (if yours is a love relationship) or a very emotionally satisfying friendship. The Moon, the planet of emotional depth, is enlivened by a close connection to the warmth of the Sun. You share a very strong and loving bond in your relationship that can weather the most severe challenges when they arise. Even if you are not compatible in other areas of your composite chart, the deep love present between you in this aspect can act as a binding agent that keeps the two of you together. When you disagree, you seek new and creative ways to work things out. You trust that love will conquer all and that it will find a way to blossom even more completely as your relationship matures.

If yours is an intimate relationship, there will likely be a strong sexual attraction between you reflecting the natural attraction between masculine Sun and feminine Moon. If yours is a friendship or a more businesslike relationship, you will find an easy and receptive compatibility between you and your friend or partner that brings you closer together for whatever is your stated purpose. All in all this is an excellent aspect for any type of close interaction.

There is a lesson in this for you. If there are any major conflicts between you, they are likely to involve your egos and sense of pride. If you allow your egos to express themselves as they wish, any incompatibilities between you could begin to take on added importance and be blown out of proportion. If you allow it, this dynamic could overwhelm your relationship. The love you share is a universal feeling, while your egos tend to be concerned only with individual needs. If satisfying your own individual egos becomes the priority, the love you feel could turn to hatred. Keep your egos in check and learn to flow with the love that is present between you. You might then be able to take your relationship to higher levels of emotional enjoyment. If you remain considerate of each other’s needs, this aspect indicates a truly beautiful relationship for most types of partnerships.

Neptune sextile Pluto (Strength: 4.29)

This aspect exposes your dreams and ideals to the harsh light of day, which could disillusion you and force you to grow up quickly. It introduces you to the big picture, especially when it comes to the arts, such as literature, film, and music. You know how to reach a mass audience. You are a good judge of quality and associate yourself with the best people. Your approach tends to combine tenderness with mental ferocity. You like your freedom and would not like to be confined by a traditional system or even by traditional morals. You could be part of a network of friends who share modern concepts.

Moon in discordant aspect to Venus (Strength: 3.30)

What have you gotten yourself into here? There is an undeniable attraction between you, even love and affection, but if this aspect is at all close, you will only put up with the emotional difficulties and willfulness between you if the composite chart has strong Saturn aspects. It will take some effort on your parts to handle the problems in your relationship.

You do enjoy being with each other and having fun together. You want to fill your surroundings with harmony and beauty. There will likely be minor problems associated with this. Things won’t flow smoothly between you. You will probably find that you should not spend 24 hours per day with each other. It will help your relationship to spend time apart. Your love for each other will teach you how to deal with your situation.

You are learning about the deeper promise of love and emotional creativity. There can be a compulsive quality in your attraction, and you may share a feeling that you need to come together for some reason that has to do with the inevitability of your union. You may be approaching each other from your own individual perspectives. Perhaps one or both of you are not yet ready to let go of your ego enough to become a single emotional unit. You expect your partner to fit your idea of how things should be rather than lovingly examining the need to change yourself, thereby creating blocks to the flow of emotional energy between you. A sense of emotional separation could create tension between you and block the compatibility that is possible with your relationship.

Moon trine Pluto (Strength: 3.02)

Emotional intensity runs powerfully and deeply throughout your relationship. You will open yourself to an emotional depth that will surprise you and fill you with the deeply intense power inherent in your feelings, for better or worse. Much of what will come up for you will be difficult to deal with, but you have found someone who can help you to heal your wounds from childhood. If you can help your partner heal, you will heal yourself. There can be a sense of death and rebirth in this that gives your relationship the feeling that your union is somehow fated in nature. Yours is a relationship that embraces the subconscious and psychotherapeutic depth of your psyches, as if you are on a shamanic journey with each other in search of the power that drives your emotional interaction. There can be a lot of psychoanalyzing between you, and much will arise that could be repulsive and fearful. You might have to deal with a lot of possessiveness and jealousy because you will equate the potential loss of your partner with the emotional death of your own life.

While this is a good aspect for any relationship requiring emotional connection, the power and the focus inherent in this aspect will not make it an easy connection. If there is love between you, it will intensify that love. Most importantly, you must respect and honor each other’s emotional and psychological processes. By looking at your relationship as if it truly is a shamanic journey and a continuing process of psychological discovery and therapy, you can add an important sense of meaning to your lives. This can help you to deal more effectively with your fears and your other distressing emotions.

Sun trine Pluto (Strength: 2.99)

As a couple, you tend to be self-sufficient and private. You are connected with a deep source of power, which you project out into your surrounding environment. You touch each other in ways that promote tremendous amounts of psychological growth. The emotional intensity and passion of your relationship serves this process by constantly strengthening the bond between you. If yours is an intimate relationship, you will approach sex as a powerful process of releasing and expressing transformative and renewing energies from deep within you that fill your relationship with meaning.

As a team, regardless of the type of relationship, you will find that you can be very powerful as agents of change in your world. You have the ability to influence others, and to touch something deep within them. As is always the case when encountering the power hidden deep within your own psyche, it can be very wise and beneficial to use aids along this dark and powerful path. Yours is a relationship that touches the deeper archetypal levels of awareness in your life – there is a danger that this type of power can overwhelm you and affect you in destructive ways. Psychological processes, including Jungian and post-Jungian work with mythology can prove useful in understanding the deeper nature of the powers that you have at your disposal. Spiritual techniques can be helpful by bringing in light energy, in order better to master your powerful, deep, and mysterious energies. Shamanic work can help as well, as this type of work seems directly connected to the deep underworld psychological journey that your relationship offers. You are delving into realms within you that are supra rational and that require non-rational or supra-rational methods of understanding.

Jupiter sextile Uranus (Strength: 2.84)

Life is an adventure of discovery for the two of you, and you approach it with a sense of inventiveness and innovation. You enjoy the freedom of heading out into new frontiers of exploration. You do this as individuals, allowing each other the freedom to experience life in your own ways. There is a beautiful balance between you that can give you the ability to experiment with new ideas and experiences without overdoing it and over-extending yourselves.

Because your vision of what you want is open to innovative and unconventional ideas, you will have a greater ability actually to manifest them.

If yours is a professional relationship, your leading edge innovative mind will help you to solve any problems that arise. You will be able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ways to deal with challenges. You will be rewarded with many new insights and experiences in your journey of discovery together.

Moon opposite Neptune (Strength: 2.74)

You inspire and challenge each other. You may have been initially attracted to each other because you saw an image of your ideal partner, your soul mate. Your relationship presents the image of an ideal union but not necessarily the reality of one. There can be a tendency to recreate your partner into an idealized fantasy partner that has little to do with who they really are. Whether your relationship works out will depend on the composite chart as a whole. In many ways, you are opposites of each other. One of you sees your relationship as healthy when in fact it is not. Perhaps one of you idealizes your relationship, seeing it as beautifully perfect, while the other one is selfishly seeking their own personal ends. You might be involved with your partner because subconsciously you see an opportunity to become a savior. You might desire to sacrifice your life in order to “save” your partner. On the other hand, maybe you want to be saved. Your relationship could have an addictive quality that makes it an emotional prison of sorts.

Each of you projects your glamorous fantasies and emotional dramas onto the other. Within this connection, there is very little real, solid emotional contact between you. You both live in separate dream worlds and are unable to find solid common ground except that you have come together in order to act as projection screens for each other.

While this might seem hopeless, there is much that you can learn from your relationship. Your emotional natures require a solid and practical foundation, while your contact with each other shows you the potential for a higher, more ideal spiritual connection. Your emotions are trying to harmonize with this ideal higher connection. While trying to deal with a messy mundane world, it can be invaluable to have trusted friends who are not affected by the dreamy confusion that afflicts your relationship, so that you can ask for guidance and get a reality check for your decisions and actions. Embracing a spiritual practice together can also be beneficial by helping you to maintain a practical approach to attaining your spiritual and ideal goals. By approaching your relationship in a disciplined and practical spiritual way you might just find the beauty in each other that you have envisioned.

Sun opposite Neptune (Strength: 2.71)

It appears as if you have found your perfect mate and when you met you immediately idealized each other. The two of you were initially drawn to each other by the otherworldly, spiritual, and idealistic energy of Neptune. This ideal can very easily be an illusion, and you must remain very down to earth when examining your relationship. Underneath the illusion that you have drawn around your relationship, there are several ways in which you can too easily be deluded. There can be a savior-victim dynamic that brings you together, in which one of you is looking to save someone, or possibly seeking salvation yourself and needing to be saved through love. In cases like this there is usually little or no real healing that takes place because the two of you need to continue the dysfunctional nature of your relationship in order to keep you together. The love and devotion that is promised in your partnership usually only results in disillusionment and disappointment when you find that things do not always work out in a spiritual and high minded way.

There might also be outright lies and deception between you with one of you being fearful that you need to lie in order to get what you want. You may be afraid of losing something in your relationship, possibly your partner’s love and support. On the other hand, you might feel that everything is perfect, while your partner is taking advantage of you at every step. Perhaps both of you feel the idealistic potential yet you bring conflicting ideals to your relationship.

In any event, there is a battle going on between you involving the dream world that you are creating together. You see the potential for a spiritual perfection with your partner that is deeply attractive, yet you cannot quite connect with it. If yours is a love relationship and you choose to work things through, then you might find that introducing a spiritual practice into your life can help to give your relationship focus and direction. This can help you to find a sense of truth or spiritual reality within the illusion/delusion that you are living. Take frequent vacations from one another in order to regenerate your energies and your emotional connection. This can give you the time and space to look at your life rationally and see where things need to be improved.

Mars opposite Neptune (Strength: 2.63)

You could be two rather glamorous and/or spiritual people who are bound together by your sexual connection. You could come close to each other’s ideal partner, at least at the start of your relationship. You find each other very interesting. However, your relationship itself tends to be unfocused, and you can find it difficult to keep your energy level up enough to complete anything. You can go up and down quite suddenly, and can feel strong at one moment and weak and debilitated the next. Your reserves of energy seem to dissolve away when you need them most. As soon as you begin a course of action, on some level you will feel the need to escape and thereby lose any incentive that you had when you began. What is essentially happening is that you are each bringing your own ego expressions into a single relationship that demands that you learn to transcend your individual wills. As you try to work with each other, the energies that you have at your disposal are lost in a fog layer that covers the mundane ego level of interaction. If you never look up or try to rise above the fog, you will run into constant confusion, uncertainty, lack of clarity, and potential dishonesty and deception. Since you are not able to see your goals clearly, your energies have nowhere to focus. By seeking the ideal in your relationship, and by trying to recognize the spiritual significance in your actions, you then have a chance of clearing the fog away. You must rise above the fog and into the higher realms of light in order to regain your lost focus.
You will need to be extremely honest with each other, and to work on achieving greater clarity. You need to let go of your ego needs because the spiritual energies that you share consider ego unessential for this higher plane of action. Spiritual disciplines, as well as spiritual knowledge, can help keep you focused on where to place your energies. This can be helpful in your bedroom as well. Spiritualizing your sexual interaction through techniques such as tantra can give it a higher focus. If you seek the truth and spiritual understanding rather than individual personal expressions, you can create a beautiful relationship between you.

Mercury sextile Venus (Strength: 2.38)

Communication between you is pleasant and easy, perhaps too easy, which could give you a rather glib, superficial relationship. You have the ability to please each other with pretty words, but your relationship needs more than that. Use this aspect to express all of your emotions, your affections, and your ideas verbally. You are far more receptive to each other in other areas of intimate interaction when you keep your lines of communication wide open. Affectionate and open communication can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

There is a strong focus on maintaining harmonious interaction between you, and this can be a problem, albeit a minor one. You will tend to avoid topics that are unpleasant or that might lead to confrontation, and shy away from anything that might upset the harmony of your relationship. Personal growth as well as the growth of your relationship often requires that you stand up and face unpleasant or difficult issues that can be important to you. The harmonizing energy inherent in your relationship indicates that you have the ability to handle these situations. Moreover, you might find that by clearing the air the harmony between you actually improves.

Beauty is important to the two of you, and you could expend much energy creating a beautiful home or office environment in which you can live and/or work. This sense of beauty extends into your social sphere. You enjoy being together and having fun together. If yours is a professional partnership, you can be successful and fulfilled in fields requiring artistic and aesthetic sensibilities such as design, theater, entertainment, photography, or related fields.

Mercury conjunct Mars (Strength: 2.08)

You could have met as a result of one of you being very forward and direct with the other. It actually makes for a healthy relationship when at least one of you knows what he or she wants. The way in which you communicate with each other is energetic and forceful. You put a lot of energy behind your ideas, which you express forcefully and passionately. On the one hand, this creates a dynamic type of communication between you that you can use for intellectual growth and creativity. On the other hand, the Martian energy involved can create an environment of tension that could range from minor irritations to full-blown heated arguments and even outright fights. You easily rise up to the challenge of promoting and defending your ideas and points of view. Your goal is to win the argument, regardless of your partner’s feelings. At these times, you might find that you can win more through diplomacy than you can by attacking each other.

You can find success together by promoting ideas that you both believe in to an audience, in sales, or in other fields that involve ideas and require verbal persuasiveness.

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