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(2014) Hello, my names is CainO’

When I started this site, I was getting paid $0.00 to do it, I was doing this as a gift because I am a believer. I still make my primary income off my J.O.B. (just over broke) and off the other date lines, web design, hosting and the like; so before you leave, please at least check out one of our links? In the future, I will be making money off this site by doing personal readings and astrological counseling where I can.

I originally bought DatingByTheSigns.com hoping to turn it into a date line as I was starting to get more into astrology myself. I was using the Egyptian/Greek and Chinese Horoscopes to understand people better and felt I was doing way better then just using one sign; I also was looking at their cusps if applicable, which is an attribute we must consider. I wasn’t 100% on target, but what I have learned has put me on the right path. Come to find out, we actually have several signs in our charts, unfortunately I don’t know enough about astrology to build a date line for it yet. The Chinese astrology is apparently on target too, each Chinese sign translates into the other astrology. Example: Being that the year of the Dragon is the year of Aries and so forth. Now as of Fall 2014, I am going to try and launch another Astrological Dating site; you can “Click Here” to access it.

I mostly put this site together for “Jeff Detrick”, a friend of my associate David Irish of www.DavesHerbShop.com. When I mentioned Dating By The Signs to David Irish around 2010, he told me about Jeff and their history. Until I myself started having serious relationship problems, I never actually contacted Jeff. But when I did; Jeff helped me work through my relationship issues and helped me to understand my signs, so I can focus on pulling from my positives rather then my negatives. It’s to bad he wasn’t practicing what he was teaching me.

Jeff studied Natal (Birth) and Symastry (Compatibility) astrology (Eastern) but what he taught me was his own spinoff from what he has learned.. The things he says about astrology is; “It was all created by GOD” & like it says in the bible, “We all have free will over our signs”. We use this to understand who we are, where we are pulling from, who is right for us, and how to deal with the differences you and I have between our charts; but if we don’t pull from our positives, then we are going to have problems in life. Then I found out he was using astrology to use and manipulate people, so I got away from him and will not refer anyone to him again. My apologies to those I have already referred to him, I did not know.

The Astrologer who wrote the computer program that I use, says that you don’t have to necessarily be astrologically compatible. It is knowing astrology that helps you to understand each other and why the other person does as they do. Knowing their astrology will help you to get along with them better. From my experience; I would say there are a few astrological positions you MUST have, but others you can let slide.

Jeff started studying astrology and got into the metaphysical in/around 1971, before I was even born. He didn’t start giving readings till 1988, I was in Jr. High at that time. In High school, I got into renewable energy. Then around 1996 I got into alternative health and then psychology. Over the years, I dabbled in astrology; but it wasn’t till 2012 and meeting Jeff did I discover true astrology. He says I took to it like a duck takes to water; most Gemini’s and Leo’s, especially men, don’t get this. Perhaps my many years of studying people and behavior through psychology helps, that and my two Virgo’s 😉

So if you want to consult a decent astrology interpreter; you can do so here; people have accused me of being psychic when I give them readings :) I am also learning business astrology, to make sure you are compatible in business relationships as well as personal ones. I have a Fire Trine in my business with an Aries and a Sag. and I am learning to only surround myself with astrological compatibility withing my inter circle of people.

Another Astrologist I fallow and is becoming my main teacher at this point is Kapiel Raaj, he is awesome and has a lot of valuable information! I wanted to learn more about the true art of astrology, so I am no longer studying under Jeff.

Now that I have been studying since 2012, I know and understand a lot more about people then I did before. In that, I am taking this site to a whole new level now in 2014. Apart from Jeff, I am doing the astrology interpretations for you the people. You can get copies of some of the work I have already done for others here for FREE, but any addition work I do, I need to be compensated for my time, studies and overhead. I am studying to help people in a deeper more psychological and social level. Astrology comes in many forms; The Farmers Almanac, Astronomy, Horoscopes, and so forth. I am now also starting to get into medical astrology, did you know you can also plan your children to be born astrologically compatible to you and therefore have less issues and/or problems with them then people who just wing it in the rest of the world? You can also understand your health issues and health issues of your loved ones through astrology. This is truly fascinating stuff!!!


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Thank you so much, CainO’