Positive Traits: Master Builder, Organizer and Planner. Visionary, Ambitious, Inspired, Wise, Honest, Born to Lead
General Description:
22 is the number of the Master Builder—a person with the ability to things for humanity as a whole. They possess superior organizational skills, a mind which stays focused and very high ideals. The 22 thinks big and builds big. These unselfish, hardworking visionaries are blessed with the skills to turn their dreams into realities that benefit us all. They are the “doers” of Numerology.
Tarot: The World
Astrology: Capricorn, Libra, Virgo
Rune: Fehu
I Ching: #4 Meng
Hebrew Letter: Tau
Shamanism: Owl, Horse, Leopard
Element: Water
Alchemy: Air
Aura: White Light
Colors: Red-Gold, Emerald Green
Gemstones: Emerald


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