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4: 8.20.1974

4: 3.26.1964

Lifepath Numbers 4 and 4 can have either an excellent or stressful relationship — there’s not much in the middle. 4s enjoy some predictability and routine in their lives. The relationship’s success depends on how compatible those routines are — after all, 4s finely tune their own environments to accommodate their own needs. Two 4s should realize that they don’t need to spend every hour of the day together, and that — although they should be flexible to their partner’s needs — they don’t need to sacrifice all their own desires to accommodate a significant other. Together, 4s should appreciate their mutual strengths: 4s are reliable and dependable, true to their word. But they run the risk of creating a lifestyle that is too rigid, one that can drive away family and friends. 4s should practice tolerance — in their relationships and beyond — in order to achieve romance.

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