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Lilith the asteroid, Black Moon Lilith or Lilith the Dark Moon.  Lilith is a hypothetical earthly satellite found within a void that falls between the Earth and the Moon’s orbital apogee as seen from Earth.  This mythical “Shadow Sister” of the Earth holds much mystery and unharnessed power.  It functions as a dichotomous representation of the feminine instinct, and it is astrologically significant.

Interpreting the Black Moon Lilith

Although not much information is available about Lilith in respect to astrology, we base our meaning of it on mythology and biblical references.


Throughout history, there have been numerous references and alleged sightings of Lilith, who is supposed to be the Earth’s second Moon.  Lilith is portrayed throughout history as a demoness, a Succubus, a harlot.


In the bible, she is referred to as the Screech Owl.  She was thought to be Adam’s first wife who escaped the garden of Eden to sleep with devils and bore thousands of demonic children.  She is portrayed as sexually abhorous and primal.  However, she is empowered and possesses an independent spirit that enjoys sexual freedom.  The Dark Moon is associated with sexual energy, the taboo, the forbidden fruits are her deepest desire, which she surely will have.


Lilith is the opposite of the nurturer.  She represents the darker side of motherhood–she is child abuse and neglect, the child killer, death of children and the guilty mother and all negative debris associated with child rearing.  Also, she is associated with fertility and sexual prowess, an innate animalistic nature bent on lust and unorthodox societal behaviors, potentially creating tangled messes in our lives.


In a man’s chart, the Dark Moon position denotes what kind of woman he deeply desires but fears.  It is his mother and his lover’s darkest traits, his attraction and repulsion to such.  This is the woman to which he is magnetically attracted, vulnerable and harmed by.  Lilith also shows what sort of mistress a man shall take.


In a woman’s chart, Lilith’s natal positioning represents how she feels as a woman, her feminine identity and body image.  It is her innate sexual instinct and what attracts her that is harmful to her.  It shows how she functions as a mother, a daughter, a sexual partner.


Lilith is our darker side of what we wish to be closer to.  She is our shadowed mistress, temptation, dangerous and intense attraction, abuse at the hand our of mothers.  Lilith is the darker side of your illuminating, nurturing Moon.

Here is Lilith’s placement through the signs, giving insight into her darker meaning.
Lilith’s interpretation depends on the chart as a whole.  These are meant to portray the extreme darker side of Lilith.



Lilith in Aries is sexually licentious and immodest, exploiting her physical body.  Exotic dancing, pornography and other shameless activities that reveal her nakedness suit her.  What she shows you is tempting.  She suffers from esteem issues, and she needs to be adored for her physical form.  Lilith in Aries subjects herself to unspeakable disrespect and degradation.  She hides her leadership qualities, opting to show her baser instinct.  She is violent and blood-letting in her dealings with lovers.  She is a storm, culminating war and anger around herself.  She is prone to childish temperament and lying.  As a mother, she is self-absorbed and angry, using corporal punishment to discipline her children.  She proves dangerous and even murderous to her lovers.  As a mistress, she plays the role of the homewrecker, bulking at nothing to get what she wants. (more…)



Lilith in Taurus is sexually dirty, as her naturalness is embraced; she is no friend of soap and water.  She delights in sex in its most earthly, feral form.  She truly loves the smell of sex and money.  Her scent is alluring, whether it is her natural musky scent or artificial sweetness.  She is stubborn and will not be controlled.  She is immodest in her spending.  She hides her finances and is capable of murder for monetary gain.  Lilith placed here indicates shamelessness and waste in her financial dealings.  As a mother, she is controlling over the children as she strips them from their possessions.  As a lover, she is a drain on the pocketbook.  As a mistress, she is aims to take money and possessions that are not hers.  She is the prostitute.  (more…)



Lilith is exalted in Gemini.  In this placement, Lilith expresses duplicity and is never sexually faithful.  She is two different people and hides beneath the Gemini mask.  She adores her make-up as it hides who she really is.  She is gifted with a snake’s tongue and a brilliant cunning mind.  Lilith in Gemini exploits the mind and ideas, making lovers think it is their own idea.  She talks dirty.  She tempts you with her words and plants dirty thoughts; her voice is sexy.  She corrupts the young.  As  a mother, she educates her child on how to manipulate others and she plays favorites.  She amuses herself as she pits her children against their siblings; she exposes them to inappropriate information.  Relationships with her own siblings are likely strained or estranged.  She lies to her children.  As a lover, she is a promiscuous liar.  As a mistress, she is kept waiting.  Lilith harms by shamelessly revealing the most intimate details and spreading vicious rumors. (more…)



Lilith in her detriment in Cancer.  Cancer Lilith is an unhappy placement, indicating hidden emotions coupled with traumatic childhood experiences that intermittently surface as unhealthy emotional outbursts.  Sexual abuse is likely in this position during early childhood.  She exploits the feelings of others to her advantage.  Her seeming innocence lures in potential lovers.  As a mother, she is childlike, and the children must coddle her.  She may neglect their early childhood needs as they are busy taking up concern for her needs.  She may have difficulty during birth, may be barren or other people may serve as a substitute parent.  If she cannot bare children, this would cause her extreme emotional turmoil.  The early childhood home is littered with secrets.   As a lover, she harms others emotionally, using her children as a pawn.  As a mistress, she plays the victim, displaying her over-the-top outcry for help.  (more…)



Lilith in Leo expresses her sexuality in an animalistic way.  She tempts through her ability to feed one’s animal desires.  She hides her inner actress and opts for a more overbearing tyrannical personality.  She is controlling.  She is a child abuser and a liar.  She is creative when her art is released.  But, wasted talent can result out of fear of expressing this creation side of the self.  As a mother, her children remain in her shadow; she hides her children.  She minimizes their existence in some way by conveying the internal message that they and their opinions are unimportant and never asked for.  As a lover, she creates the perfect fantasy.  As a mistress, she is robbed of her limelight, and denied the center stage that Leo desires. (more…)



Lilith in Virgo expresses her sexuality in an inhibited way.  She may suffer from confusion between the Eve/Lilith Mary/Naughty dichotomy.  She hides her sexuality–a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  She lures with her words.  She talks dirty.  She exploits her own willingness to please and serve.  She is the sexual servant in a most degrading way.  She delights in perversions of all kinds; she corrupts the young.  There is a connection between Virgo and anal sex.  As a mother, she is ultra-critical, teaching hygiene and cleanliness.  She may neglect her children’s day-to-day needs.  She might either be sentenced to nurturing a sick child or she herself suffers from health ailments.  In early childhood, her day-to-day needs were neglected, possibly substituting a nurse or nanny.  As a lover, she is critical and sharp-tongued.  As a mistress, she is kept waiting, harming with her harsh critical words. (more…)



Lilith in Libra expresses herself through another person.  Relationships might somehow cause her to err, and her partner choice may cause much suffering.  She may choose violent partners who hurt her.  Her sweet persona is alluring.  She’s a real lady–flirtatious and charming.  But, beneath the exterior lies a jealous angry lover who seems forever involved in tempestuous relationships or marriages.  Lilith in Libra denotes divorce, as Lilith cannot remain subservient.  Extramarital love affairs and violence are commonplace within the marriage.  As a mother, she is unfair and rules with harsh discipline.  There may be messy custody or legal battles concerning the children.  As a lover, she is aggressive, yet co-dependent.  As a mistress, she causes divorce.  (more…)



Lilith in Scorpio is the devil incarnate.  She exploits others sexually.  She delights in knowing other peoples’ deepest secrets, yet she will never admit her own.  She is magnetic and sexually seductive more than any other Lilith placement.  She is the succubus.  She is the faithful keeper of secrets that will never confess to all her innumerable immodest acts.  As a mother, she is abusive and sadistic.  This position is associated with severe child abuse, flagellation and sexual abuse during early childhood.  This is often a cycle, as the person with Lilith in Scorpio was also subjected to abuse in childhood.  Death of children in the placement is possible.  As a lover, she is manipulative, using her sexual prowess to gain the upper hand in any relationship.  Sex is her best weapon.  Jealousy and obsessive stalking behavior is common, making her dangerous in love.  She would not even balk at murder.  As a mistress, she aims to take other peoples’ money and possessions.  She is the prostitute. (more…)



Lilith is in her fall in Sagittarius.  Lilith placed here makes unwise decisions and does not learn from mistakes.  She is dedicated to her secret philosophies, and she judges harshly.  This position denotes hypocrisy and lying.  She is sexual blasphemy, using sex as a spiritual purge.  Lilith here exploits her experience, compelling a lover to try her; she corrupts the young.  As a mother, she gives no advice, keeping her children uneducated in the ways of the world.  They must fend for themselves as she will never tell them.  She lies to her children.  As a lover, she is spiritually and sexually free, offering release from inhibition.  There may be distance between her and the one she loves.  As a mistress, she provides an escape, but ultimately, she is kept waiting.    (more…)



Lilith is dignified in Capricorn.  Lilith in this placement is practical.  Lilith is also ambitious and goal-oriented to the point of alienation of all others.  Bad choices cause her to topple from the top, where she so badly wants to be.  The reputation is somehow marred by sexual scandal..  She will exploit her personal power, using sex as her weapon.  Her appearance that she has it all together lures lovers to her.  She may also appear innocent as Capricorn often does.  As a mother, she denies her children of basic needs–hunger and cold are denoted.  This position can indicate severe deprivation in early childhood.  The mother with Capricorn in Lilith is unloving and cold.  As a lover, she hides emotions, appearing cold and severe.  She remains reticent in love and cannot seem to express her deeply felt feelings.  As a mistress, she causes downfall of people in power.  (more…)



Lilith in Aquarius suffers from thwarted hope and dreams.  Erroneous life choices cause disastrous change and instability.  Homelessness is commonplace.  Bad choices also cause loss of friends over the years.  There could be estrangement from children and relationships with in-laws will be disruptive.  She is stubborn and associates with the wrong type of people.  Sexually, Lilith in Aquarius is magnetic and experimental.  She tempts with her experimentative sexual openness.  She is immodest in the bedroom, willing to try anything.  She is the swinger.  As a mother, she dashes her children’s hopes and dreams.  She is cold, starving them of emotional expression.  As a lover, she is promiscuous and freedom-loving, and she will not be pinned down.  As a mistress, she causes chaos. (more…)



Lilith in Pisces is secretive and suffers from martyrdom.  The perpetual victim exploiting the sympathy of others to her own delight.  Lilith here suffers from subconscious ailments and mental illness.  She hides her wounds as this placement denotes sexual abuse and trauma during early childhood.  Sexual inhibition and confusion is likely.  She ties herself to the dregs of society, allowing herself to be demeaned and used to satisfy the lower basic instincts of humankind.  Temptation lies in her power to hypnotize and create the perfect sexual fantasy; she fills her lovers’ cup with their most desired poison.  As a mother, she is prone to drug use and insanity.  She neglects her children’s day-to-day needs.  As a lover, she is secretive and promiscuous.  Many clandestine affairs are indicated.  As a mistress, she is kept waiting in a shadowy fog of confusion. (more…)

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