Mercury is how we think and communicate. If you have Mercury in Virgo like I do, you will analyze everything! If you have Mercury in Virgo in the 11th house like I do, you will supervise and analyze everything. When asked your opinion, you will give it in such detail that either people will ignore half of it or cut you off before you get to your point thinking you have already stated your point when you are stating all the sides as you see it and you have yet to deliver you point and you will do so at the end of what all you have to say… just like I just did :)

Mercury in Virgo

(The Interpreter) 

You read people well and have an insight that is valuable in all types of relationships.  Your interest in health can lead towards promoting natural ways of improvement in diet and disciplined exercise.  If your efforts go unappreciated, you may become hypercritical and distance people with a superior attitude.  You are a tireless worker and once committed, will spend a lifetime at a task requiring painstaking application, which others would consider monotonous.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

(The Mingler) 

You are at your best when your hopes and wishes mesh with those of others.  Your friends are like you, so you are convivially compatible.  Together, you solve dilemmas, further ideas, organize and socialize — but you may see things too much alike to expand in another direction.  You exemplify a fraternity; your parties are delightful, but with only the same guests invited, may in time become static and leave you longing for the variety missing from your fun.

Mercury in Virgo

With your logical and practical mind, you have the ability to pay close attention to detail and to develop systems and methods which are very organized and efficient.  You like to keep your environment neat, tidy and well-organized.  You learn quickly, and with your excellent memory for details you can maintain a great deal of what you take in.

You have a quick analytical mind and can use it to perform tasks requiring great precision and skill.  With your natural talent for critical evaluation, you must avoid the temptation to criticize others.  Be patient with others who are not as organized or “together” as you are.  Remember that all humans, including yourself, have faults, and therefore you should allow others their imperfections just as you would want others to understand yours.

Since you are rather shy, you avoid idle conversation and usually only speak when you have something important to say.  You are work-oriented and are most satisfied with jobs in which you provide a service to others.  Mercury in Virgo also gives you a natural aptitude for science (especially the use of computers).  With your great speaking and writing abilities, you could be a great teacher.

With your need to categorize and organize everything, you can become detached from the natural flow of life.  The more you dissect something, the less you can experience it for itself.  Thus, by over-intellectualizing your life, you lose spontaneity and enthusiasm.  It is good for you to remember that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Mercury in the Eleventh House

You enjoy associating with friends who are as clever and intellectually stimulating as you are.  You are a humanitarian thinker and recognize that society must consider the needs of all its members.  Since you work well with groups, you are a valuable team member.  You try to get along with everyone and are probably well known and respected in your neighborhood.


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