Mars is your Energy and Sexual needs. Mars in Earth and Water are the workaholic signs, Mars is Fire is impulsive and fun oriented, Mars is Air is more laid back and/or lazy. House placement has an influencing factor on these planetary positions, so it is important to know time and location of birth to determine house placement.

Mars, Eros and Descendent to line up for energy, chemistry and other bedroom compatibilities. Mars in Water will need it pretty much every day, Mars in Earth will need it about every other day, Fire would be like every third day, Air would be once a week or twice if your lucky. House placement is important too, that is why it is important to know the time and location of birth. The house placement can make this position stronger or weaker. If you are Earth in the house of Fire and your partner is Fire in the house of Earth, it might work though this is still not advised. Ideally, you want the planets and the house to be the same.

Mine (CainO’) is in Earth in the house of Air and my Ex (2012) is Fire in the house of Air, not good. However; our Eros and our Descendents lined up and therefore made it almost work. If we knew Astrology more then, we would have been more patient and understanding of each other. This is another reason why it is important to know and understand Astrology. It is good for the psychological as well as the physical. We also both had a lot of Aquarius influence in our charts which put a lot of flair in our relationship.

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