We offer relationship astrology counsel, readings (individuals and couples) and charts (for up to four people on one chart) in American English at this time.


BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Compare Apples to Oranges… I had been doing Western Astrology since 2010, now in 2016 I am exploring Eastern Astrology. So when you buy any reading, Eastern or Western; I will also give you the counterpart for free. This way you can see yourself through both Eastern and Western Astrology and make up your own mind which one you think is most accurate.

(Note: It’s not really “Eastern” or “Western”, that just what people call it. The true terminology is “Sidereal Zodiac” aka Eastern Astrology, and “Tropical Zodiac” aka Western Astrology”. You can also use other “zodiacs” and/or “House Systems”, I use the Topocentric House System. There is also the “Draconic” Zodiac, but I don’t know much about that one yet.) The interpretations and definitions of the signs, aspects and houses are pretty much all the same. However; every astrologer, Zodiac and House System has their own angles.



You will see that there is approx 25 days off between the two, so that is a huge difference. It appears that compatibility and aspects wont change much, but your charts will change a lot. As an Example, attached below are both of my Charts. In one, I am a Leo/Virgo cusp at 27 degrees and the other I am a Leo/Cancer cusp at 02 degrees.

caino - eastern astrology caino - western chart


Charts are $10 per person + s/h – Your personalized planetary alignment chart for your hour of birth. Complete with a Key chart to help you identify each symbol along with an aspect Key chart all on one page. (Going rate for charts are $15+) You save $5 here.

(Multiple person charts don’t have extra Key charts included.)



Spirit Success Reports – Hobbyist Natal Interpretation Readings are $20 per person + s/h – up to 18-page Spirit Success natal report. (Going rate: $50+) You save $30 here. On mp3, send a separate request. Price will be double the regular price for CD and conversion.

(Chart Interpretation)



Personal Path Reports – Professional Natal Interpretation Readings are $30 per person + s/h – up to 25-page Personal Path Report. (Going rate: $50+) You save $20 here. On mp3, send a separate request. Price will be double the regular price for CD and conversion.

(Chart Interpretation)



Composite Couples Report – Professional Composite Relationship Interpretation Readings are $40 per couple + s/h – “Composite Couples” helps one to see the supportive and challenging potential in a particular relationship. (Going rate: $100+) You save $60 here. On mp3, send a separate request. Price will be double the regular price for CD and conversion.

(Chart Interpretation)



StarMatch Reports – Professional Synastry Compatibility Interpretation Readings are $40 per couple + s/h – “StarMatch” is based on synastry and is more about the day-to-day relating to each other. (Going rate: $100+) You save $60 here. On mp3, send a separate request. Price will be double the regular price for CD and conversion.

(Chart Interpretation)


      I can give you my own personal interpretation; I charge $40 per person and $80 for a couple compatibility reading. Otherwise, I can run the StarMatch Reading and/or Composite Couples Report for you no problem. I charge double for a personal reading, since it takes so long to do one. Most people charge about $100 for a personal reading per person. I can also do Poly Astrology too, only the computer program will not. I charge $30 per each additional person after the first two people, I can handle Triad & Quads readings at this time. If you are single, sign up to my Astrology Dating site, and I will make you a free chart.



In the future; if you want a forecast reports, consider adding the LifeTrends transits report, the Journey Progressions report, and/or the Journey Returns annual solar return forecast report. If there are enough inquiries, we will be adding these options at a later date. Please send funds payable to: KCLA Management, LLC – and/or – David Michael Cain O’Dougherty PO Box 821 Stockton, MO 65785 Save money on shipping: “Go Paperless” – We can email you your charts (.png file) and readings (Microsoft Word) faster and without extra charges. However, if you want your readings converted to mp3 for you, we might have to ship the CD by mail. The mp3 may be too large to email.


Shipping: is $10 per order and will be the cost of a Priority size envelope with the USPS which ranges from $5.60 and up + we do require delivery conformation which is a couple bucks more to insure you get what you pay for. Extra International rates apply for outside to 48 states. Additional shipping for multiple reading to large for priority size envelope will apply.


Information we need to do an accurate chart and reading per person is as fallows: Name: You can give us whatever name you like; we are not doing Numerology so your name is not at play here. Hour of Birth: We need the Month, Day, Year, Time (am or pm) and Location of birth (city, state and country) to do an accurate reading. If you cannot provide (all) the essential information, the reading will still be accurate to a degree, it just wont be complete. The more info you provide, the more accurate we can be with your results.


We will be able to do a one on one and couples astrology counseling. I no longer refer people to Jeff DeTrick. Jeff and I are not in partnership any longer, we took different paths. We are not responsible for any arrangements made with or by Jeff DeTrick as of Jan. 1st 2014 – I now have a new mentor as of Feb. 2015, but that lasted about 5 months; he wasn’t much better then Jeff. So no more mentors for me, I am taking on students and/or potential partners now.

You can get a better discount on my other site Dating By The Signs .com if you just want a quick “noon” chart. Note: Planets and Moon may not be 100% on point with a “noon” chart, plus you will not have house placement information without time and location of birth. But this will give you a quick idea on someones birth chart if you just need a quick cheap fix.

I only do in person session, so if you are between the Kansas City, Joplin or Springfield, Mo area; I will make time for you. I charge $20/yr and $30/ 2hrs.




Donations Welcome!

If this works for you, you can send a donation to me, but it’s not required. Any donations sent to us will go to help support this site, furthering my education, advertising for this site and so forth. Don’t forget to check our our date line at DatingByTheSigns.com



If you wish to advertise on this site, go to www.KCLAI.com Thank you so much & I hope this finds you well, CainO’


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