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 Astrology and aromatherapy?….
Yes…….I did mean to write that! If you are wondering how on earth zodiac signs and essential oils can be connected…….well I was the same when I first started my aromatherapy journey!In fact, as I found out, it wasn’t even a particularly new idea! Many early herbalists were astrologers too! These old-age herbalists assigned a ruling planet to each medicinal herb. This made it easier for the newer generation of aromatherapists to bring these two ancients arts together to choose essential oils according to an individual’s astrology chart.

Is this starting to sound interesting?
Aromatherapy and astrology together certainly interested me! People born to the same astrology sign have similar personality traits…….mainly!

So….if you understand some of the common characteristics associated with your zodiac sign, both positive and challenging, you can look towards essential oils to help you nurture and heal both emotional and physical health problems.

There are some very good books out there that go into lots of detail if you are interested in researching this topic further. In fact, Nicholas Culpeper, the great herbalist astrologer, wrote the book “The Astrological Judgement of Disease” which has remained the most outstanding text on medical Astrology. Of course now there are up-to-date books which are probably easier to read and based more on aromatherapy!

But if you are just interested in some of the basics of astrology and which essential oils may be best for the individual star signs then here is a very simplified version!

Astrology and Aromatherapy. Which is YOUR essential oil?



Aries- Peppermint Oil

Those born under this first sign of the Zodiac are natural leaders who are ambitious, brave, confident and always passionate. Lead by their head through their fiery, straightforward, energetic, curious and competitive spirit, this sign is prone to headaches and stress related problems.

Arians who utilize the benefits of peppermint oil often find themselves rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start (famous trait of the Aries Sign). Peppermint oil is also an excellent way to reduce the stress often felt by this sign, as well as remove those pesky headaches, enabling an Aries to continue forward with their driving desires.



Planetary ruler: Mars
Element: Fire Positive traits……Aries, the first astrology sign, are natural leaders being go-getters, courageous, ambitious, confident, enthusiastic and good organizers! Also passionate, fiery, frank, exciting, energetic, curious and always competitive!

Negative traits……Prefer to lead rather than be led…a bit of a ‘me first’ attitude at times. Impatient if quick results aren’t seen…becoming bored and moving on. Also can be quick tempered, impulsive and argumentative.

Health issues……The head, brain and eyes are ruled by Aries. They don’t fall ill very easily and tend to fight ailments off quickly! Danger of headaches and stress-related problems.

Essential oils……Black pepper, frankincense, lemon and rosemary will help support their health and fiery nature. Peppermint, rose and marjoram are excellent for calming the fire! Chamomile, lavender and peppermint are useful for soothing headaches.



Taurus- Eucalyptus

Taurian people are known for being loyal homebodies who are often reliable, determined, and practical with a love of stability. Being ruled by Venus gives this sign the advantage of handling difficult situations in a dignified way and the ability to see the beauty in the world around them.

Those born under the Taurus sign are encouraged to utilize the benefits of Eucalyptus because Taurians are often riddled with problems in the throat, neck and thyroid. In most cases, this leads to sore throats, stiff neck muscles and reoccurring colds. Essential Eucalyptus oil assists in the healing of sore throats and is often used in neck massages to release tension, allowing the Taurus-born person to continue forward in a calm and collected way.



Planetary ruler:Venus
Element:Earth Positive traits……Taureans, the second astrology sign, are reliable, determined, loyal, practical and home loving…..they do not like change! They handle situations in a dignified and controlled way. Also sensitive, gentle, loving and appreciative of beauty and pleasure…..thanks to being ruled by Venus!

Negative traits……Once they form an opinion it is very hard to change their minds! Can be obstinate, stubborn, self-indulgent and prone to jealousy.

Health issues……Venus rules the neck and throat and thyroid. Prone to sore throats, stiff neck and shoulders, colds and thyroid problems. Also may be a tendency to over-indulge leading to weight issues.

Essential oils……Juniper, black pepper, rosemary and lemon are excellent for aching muscles and stiffness. Eucalyptus, juniper and chamomile will help alleviate sore throats. To nurture their sensual nature try patchouli, rose and ylang-ylang.


Gemini- Bergamot

Geminis are known to be inquisitive communicators with a quick witted yet versatile sense of self. Being able to adapt to any situation, those born under the Gemini sign are natural problem solvers. Also known as the twin sign, Geminis are multidimensional and lively.

As the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini born often use Bergamot essential oil to assist in reducing the strain placed on their arms, shoulders and neck. Bergamot oil also in known to help fight against infections caused by respiratory illness, which is a common health issue for those under the Gemini sign.



Planetary ruler: Mercury
Element:Air Positive traits……Geminis are lively, quick witted, questioning, and talkative….this makes them great communicators! They are versatile and can adapt to any situation…..excellent at problem solving. Being the sign of the twins, they also have a yin yang quality…..meaning they can change their minds and moods in a whim, but can also see both sides of an argument!

Negative traits……Quick to lose their temper….often with a lethal tongue and prone to inconsistent moods. They have a tendency to skim over matters and are not necessarily reliable.

Health issues……Gemini, the third astrology sign, rules shoulders, lungs, arms and hands. Most prone to respiratory illnesses and strains of shoulders, neck and arms.

Essential oils……Lavender, thyme and eucalyptus can help with respiratory problems. Basil, bergamot, grapefruit and ginger are great for nurturing a quick mind! Other useful oils are jasmine, geranium and neroli.



Cancer- Chamomile

Cancerians are known to be easy-going yet sensitive creatures with an intuitive and patient understanding of the world around them. Nurturing to the other signs, the affectionate Cancer can also be unpredictable within the home.

Those born under the sign of Cancer often report issues of the stomach including heartburn, ulcers and water retention. The best essential oil for a suffering Cancerian is Chamomile oil as it aids in improved digestion as well as works as an effective stomachic and as vulnerary agent.



Planetary ruler:Moon
Element: Water Positive traits……The least predictable of all the astrology signs… minute patient and easygoing, the next irritable and moody! They are caring and nurturing…..very much into family and home. Cancerians are emotional, sensitive, sympathetic and affectionate. Also very intuitive, often with almost psychic abilities!

Negative traits……The very fact that they can be unpredictable……sometimes being indecisive, over sensitive and over emotional. Also in danger of being a little clingy and possessive.

Health issues……The breasts and stomach are the parts of the body linked with Cancer. Stomach disorders (including ulcers), heartburn and water retention are problems common to this sign.

Essential oils……Peppermint, fennel, bergamot and chamomile are good for helping digestion. Other good oils to use with cancerians are juniper, rosemary and lavender.



As the fifth sign in the Zodiac, Leos are known to be powerful and dominant, much like their representation animal, the lion. They are always full of self confidence and as a born leader; the Leo born person will seem entraining and self-assured in the most trying of times.

Those born under the sign of the Leo are often prone to experiencing back problems as well as heart related issues. The essential oil of Rose has been utilized by many Leo because it works as a vasoconstrictor for the heart and offers muscle relief when the back is in pain.



Planetary ruler:Sun
Element:Fire Positive traits……Leos, the fifth astrology sign, are self-confident, powerful and dominant…..just like the lion they are born leaders! They are magnetic, enthusiastic, creative, extrovert and love to entertain. Also very faithful and loving.

Negative traits……Sometimes the dominant trait can make Leos bossy, patronizing, interfering and arrogant. They are also sensitive to criticism and can be vain!

Health issues……Leo governs the heart, back and spine. They are in danger of back problems and should make sure that they look after their hearts!

Essential oils……Lemon, rosemary and ginger help sore backs, and rose, garlic and marjoram are good for the heart!


Virgo- Frankincense

Those who are Virgos are blessed with a social behavior that is intelligent, practical and sociable. They often work very hard while keeping a workspace tidy and organized. Very practical and responsible, Virgos can often can feel stressed out as well as suffer from allergies and depression.

The essential oil of Frankincense helps Virgos soothe their stress-filled minds while assisting in the defeat of a common cold. Frankincense is also known to aid in the digestion process, something that many Virgos also see as health issues in their daily life.



Planetary ruler:Mercury
Element:Earth Positive traits……Virgo is an intelligent, practical and down to earth sign (this is their element!)……they have a strong sense of responsibility towards family and friends. They are very neat and organized and love to see a job well done.

Negative traits……They can be quite critical of others but do not take criticism well themselves. There is also a constant need for perfection which can be quite draining on others!

Health issues……Virgo, the sixth astrology sign, rules the sinuses, respiratory system and bowels. Allergies, colds, flu and constipation are common problems. They also have a tendency to worry and can be prone to depression. They are also in danger of feeling stressed!

Essential oils……Ylang ylang, chamomile and Melissa are wonderful oils for soothing feelings of being overwhelmed and an overworked mind. Ginger, lemon, grapefruit, petitgrain and thyme help with excessive worrying and generally support good health. Other useful oils are sandalwood and frankincense…..both great for stress and anxiety.



Libra- Geranium

Libra women are particularly romantic and compassionate yet they are always fair and maintain a good balance between romance, work and a social life. Often friendly and outgoing, those under this sign can help reach diplomacy between two groups while keeping the peace and remaining ever charismatic.

The sign of the Libra is ruled by the kidneys and ovaries, resulting in hormonal unbalance during a menstrual cycle and an increased chance of kidney stones. However, through the use of Geranium essential oil, Libra women experience a more balanced cycle and prevent the risks of kidney stones.



Planetary ruler:Venus
Element:Air Positive traits……Charming, romantic, diplomatic, sociable…..this is Libra, the seventh astrology sign. Also kind and compassionate they make fantastic friends and great lovers! Always even-handed they hate violence and confrontation and love to see justice done……..harmony, peace and balance are key words here.

Negative traits……Can be perceived to be indecisive or uncommitted……probably because they like to please everybody. They also like to be admired and to be the center of attention……so may seem self-centered. Can also be very lazy!

Health issues……Libra governs the lower back, kidneys and ovaries. Lower back pain is a common problem and they may be prone to kidney infections or stones.

Essential oils……Geranium and fennel are good for helping with kidney stones. Basil and bergamot are useful for relaxing muscle spasms in the lower back. Also try black pepper, frankincense and Melissa for nurturing a sense of self-support.



Scorpio- Jasmine

Those born under the sign of the Scorpio are often perceived as intuitive and sensual beings with a powerful and mysterious aurora about them. They are determined, intense and loyal to their cause, often making as many friends as enemies.

The Scorpio house is ruled by the body’s reproductive organs, often resulting in genital issues as well as fevers and bodily infections. To combat these health related symptoms of the sign, many Scorpios will take advantage of essential oils like Jasmine. Jasmine oil is known to fight infections and can help cure genital menopausal pains.



Planetary ruler:Pluto
Element:Water Positive traits……Passionate, perceptive, determined, powerful and intuitive……Scorpios make very loyal, and intense, friends. They are the most contradictory of all the signs…..your best friend or your worst enemy. Very emotional, but deep and mysterious – they have a highly developed sense of sensuality.

Negative traits……Scorpios (as the scorpion suggests!) can have a deadly sting! They can be jealous, manipulating, possessive, controlling and often will want their own way (and with their strong will, usually get it!). Scorpios find it very difficult to forgive.

Health issues……This astrology sign governs the reproductive organs and the excretory system. Generally strong in health, but prone to infections, fevers and problems with the genitals.

Essential oils……Patchouli, ylang ylang, jasmine and neroli nurture their sensual side. Sandalwood, Clary sage, lavender and geranium can help ground and soften their unforgiving nature. Oils that support the reproductive organs are Melissa, fennel, rose and ginger.



Sagittarius – Tea Tree

Those who are born between the late November and late December dates on the calendar are born under the Sagittarius sign. This sign is understood as the traveling sign, often promoting an optimistic desire to be an independent adventurer. Those under this sign are also known to be intelligent, outgoing and communicative when in social atmospheres.

The Sagittarius sign is ruled by the body’s thighs, liver and hips, often resulting in body types prone to Sciatica, stress and upper leg pains. To remove these bodily pains and reduce stress, the adventurer Sagittarius will utilize the benefits of Tea Tree essential oil. This oil works as an anti-inflammatory and the smell is known to help reduce stress.



Planetary ruler:Jupiter
Element:Fire Positive traits……Sagittarians are the fun-loving adventurers of the zodiac! They love traveling, freedom and independence…..and are also natural entertainers. They are optimistic, forthright, idealistic and probably the friendliest of all the signs. Also intelligent, enthusiastic and great communicators.

Negative traits……Impatient, tactless and impulsive…..they often speak without thinking and can seem to be pushy because of their extrovert ways. Also they can be extravagant, impractical and irresponsible.

Health issues……Sagittarius, the eighth astrology sign, rules the liver, thighs and hips. They are generally healthy people because of their love for the outdoor life! Sciatica, hip and leg pains and exhaustion are common problems. Also in danger of stress, tension and addictions……particularly alcohol and gambling.

Essential oils……Tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium and rosemary are essential oils that will help encourage adventuring and the free spirit! Lavender, neroli, frankincense and chamomile all help with stress and tension. Basil, juniper and bergamot help support the addictive nature.



Capricorn- Sandalwood

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac and we often find Capricornians to be logical, determined and ambitious individuals. Always faithful to their cause and loyal to those they love, this sign also has a good sense of humor that is practical yet fun.

Many Capricorns will use Sandalwood essential oils to help them combat the sign’s negative health issues of broken bones, skin issues and stiff joints. Sandalwood helps the ever-active Capricorn relax as well as strengthen bone cartilage and improve acne prone skin.



Planetary ruler:Saturn
Element:Earth Positive traits……Logical, practical and ambitious, Capricorns have a desire for success and the will to succeed. Although they are the loners of the zodiac, they are considered to have a good sense of humor and make loyal and faithful friends.

Negative traits……Can be bossy, domineering and too focused on a goal, disregarding other people and their feelings. They can be inclined to bear grudges and to be jealous and possessive.

Health issues……Capricorn, the tenth astrology sign, rules the bones, joints (especially the knees!), teeth and skin…… broken bones, stiff joints and skin problems are often the main issue. Insecurity, over-worrying and ‘burn-out’ can be other concerns.

Essential oils……Eucalyptus, tea tree, ginger, lavender, rosemary, lemon and juniper all help with swollen and stiff joints. Chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood and bergamot are useful for times of anxiety and ‘burn-out’. Other good essential oils to use with Capricorns are basil, Melissa and peppermint.



Aquarius- Neroli

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are known as the creators of the zodiac. Driven by an individualistic, original and intellectually creative nature, this sign often designs some of the most unique items. Often considered to have liberal viewpoints, this sign is also friendly and kind.

Ruled by the shins, ankles and circulatory system, those under this sign experience health issues of varicose veins, shin splints and circulatory issues.  To combat these health problems, many Aquarius women will use Neroli essential oil. This oil is proven to increase blood circulation and reduce the appearance of varicose veins.



Planetary ruler:Uranus
Element:Air Positive traits……Aquarius is the astrology sign of the future….of all our hopes and dreams. Aquarians are individual, like to be different and do their own thing! They are liberal, idealistic, friendly, kind and love to spend time with other people…..very much valuing friendship. Key words are humanitarian, intellectual, creative and original.

Negative traits……So independent and sometimes eccentric, they can appear to be impersonal, rebellious and unpredictable. Sometimes fixed in their opinions they can be perceived to be stubborn and tactless…..especially when people disagree with them!

Health issues……The circulatory system, shins, and ankles are ruled by Aquarius. Varicose veins and circulatory problems may be an issue. May be prone to lower leg and ankle cramps, strains and breaks.

Essential oils……Neroli is their signature essential oil. Coriander, lemon, peppermint, rose and chamomile are among those suitable for softening hard-headed and stubborn personalities. Cypress, coriander, geranium, ginger, eucalyptus, neroli and lemon are all good oils to use to help aid poor circulation.



Pisces- Cedarwood

As the last sign in the astrological calendar, Pisces are known as some of the most gentle and patient members of the zodiac. They are considered dreamers with a spiritual and imaginative influence, often understood to be empathetic and intuitive to the needs of others.

Throughout the zodiac we see each sign ruled by a body part, working its way down to the feet where Pisces born experience bunions, corns and tired aching feet.  To reduce the pain in their feet, many of those under this sign will use Cedarwood oil. With antifungal properties this oil also reduces the pain in arthritis of the feet and general foot soreness.



Planetary ruler:Neptune and Jupiter
Element:Water Positive traits……Pisces,the twelfth astrology sign, are the most psychic sign of the zodiac, very intuitive and often spiritual…..thanks to Neptune! They are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions… them a yin-yang quality. They are easy going dreamers….often creative and artistic with a vivid imagination. Pisces find it easy to empathize with other people and are compassionate, gentle, patient and kind.

Negative traits……Their dreamy nature may lead them to be lazy and impractical. Can often be taken advantage of because of their caring nature, and are also very easily led. Pisces may become disillusioned or depressed if badly let down or betrayed.

Health issues……Pisces rules the feet, lymphatics and liver. Common concerns are aching feet, bunions and corns.

Essential oils……Black pepper, rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, bergamot and basil are very good for grounding their dreamy, unpractical nature. For nurturing the sensitive inner-self try lavender, elemi, sandalwood, patchouli, rose, ginger, frankincense and ylang ylang. Tea tree, peppermint, lavender and lemon are great essential oils to use with the feet.

I just love this astrology quote!

Anyone who practices medicine without taking into consideration the movement of stars is a fool.

~Hippocrates (460 BC) ‘the father of medicine’~

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