zodiac-of-essential-oils-taurusApril 20 – May 20

  • Your Most Likeable traits: Dependable, Creative & Emotionally Sensitive
  • SYMBOL: The Bull (Strong, stubborn, plodding, can be both fierce and gentle.)
  • ANGEL: Asmodel
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Represented by: The Bull
  • Dominant Keyword: I HAVE.
  • Magical Birthstone: Emerald (Protects against infidelity & deceit, insures loyalty & improves memory.)
  • Gemstones: Sapphire
  • Special Flowers: Violet, Poppy & Lily of the Valley
  • Special Colors: Pale Blue & Mauve (The soft color of refinement and gentleness)
  • Lucky Numbers: 6 & 4
  • Lucky Day: Friday
  • Part of the body ruled by Taurus: The Neck & Throat
  • Chinese Astrological Animal Counterpart: The Snake

TAURUS – The key word here is “strength”. With it, however, there is stubborn, firm-set nature that is difficult to change. The governing planet, Venus, emotional and fraught with primitive urge, furthers these Taurian trends rather than repressing them. At the same time, it accounts for the sympathetic side of this strong-willed nature. Taurus people are won over through emotions, rather than by reason. Their generosity is genuine and when they make money, they are liberal with it, particularly among friends. This is because their natures appreciate creature comforts and they seek the best in life, not only for themselves, but to share with others. Since they rule the throat they are quite often musical.

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