Personal Path Reading

Astrology Reading for Leo – 8.20.1974 – Rising Sign: Libra


The following pages contain a brief evaluation of key elements of your birth chart, although it is by no means complete. Astrology can reveal many things about a person’s life and personality, and you could study your chart for a lifetime without knowing the answers to all of your questions. The descriptions that follow will give you a “thumbnail” introduction to yourself through astrology.

In interpreting your chart, this report considers the sign of the planets and the north node in your chart, as well as their house placements. It also describes the sign of the Ascendant and the strongest aspects between the planets.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other–and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction. If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions. Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages. These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals. Also, bear in mind that every “bad” aspect of a chart also has a “good” side. How it is expressed is really up to you. We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared. Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life. They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A “Strength” number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles. The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

Planets in Signs and Houses

Libra Ascendant

You believe in justice and peace, and are forever trying to bring these forces into play in your life. When in balance, you are delightful to be with–gracious, good- natured and with a good sense of humor. But like the scales after which the sign is named, Libra dips wildly from one side to the other before attaining that perfect balance, and this results in restlessness, stubbornness and confusion.

People with Libra rising are usually attractive, charming, refined and cheerful. They enjoy socializing with friends in pleasant surroundings, and usually come to functions well- dressed. They deplore rudeness or vulgarity and always have time to listen to the concerns of a friend. You are an equally good conversationalist and are rarely at a loss for words. It is likely that you are artistically talented, such as in music or art.

You enjoy physical beauty in your lover, and are a very romantic and sensual lover. In your lovemaking you delight in all the trappings–incense, perfume, satin sheets. Just be careful not to idealize love too much. It is hard for someone to live up to such idealistic expectations. They are normal people who sweat and get pimples, just like you.

Physically, you are generally attractive and wear a pleasant, warm expression. You usually have dimples–if not in the chin or cheek, then in the knees. Quite frequently you have a beautiful smile, perfect teeth and curly or wavy hair. Your height is moderate to tall, and if you are not careful, you may be inclined to gain weight by indulging yourself. Your health is generally good, but be careful that you get enough liquids in your diet. Problem areas are the kidneys and skin diseases.

Sun in Leo

The catch word for Leo is “ego.” This sign is well known for its self-confidence, pride, creativity and ability to lead. Just be careful that this combination does not add up to a domineering personality. Remember that others also need a chance to shine. Share the center of the stage with others and it will be much more enjoyable for you as well.

Leo can be a warm, loving and charming kitten but can turn into a ferocious lion when threatened, angered or hurt. They are extremely loyal and generous with their friends and love partners and can be very affectionate. This can be considered good or bad, depending on the partner. Sometimes Leo needs to remember that they can give out too much love and affection. Some people are not prepared to receive love as freely as Leo. Allow your friends and lovers to express their love for you in their own way, even if it is not so lavish as you would like it to be.

Leos carry themselves with dignity and convey an air of regality. They don’t like to have their ability or authority questioned. As a matter of fact, the best way to tame the lion is to flatter him or her. Vanity is Leo’s one weak spot, and the lion can become downright arrogant. Physically, Leos are prone to sudden accidents, high fevers and chronic diseases. Particular areas of weakness are: the heart, back, shoulders, legs, ankles, throat and reproductive organs.

In relationships, you need to be given freedom to be who you are. Anyone who cannot understand this about you will most likely lose you as a friend or love partner. Just remember, you must also grant the same freedom to others.

Sun in the Eleventh House

An active social life is important to you, and you enjoy being with your many varied friends. Others will often see you as a leader and will follow your example. You work well in groups, especially those which are working for a good cause. You are idealistic about the future and expect to achieve your highest goals in life. You would be satisfied with nothing less.

You care a great deal for those closest to you. Although you will have many friends, there will only be a select few in your inner circle. You are sincere, loyal, and basically unselfish in your dealings with others. Others like being around you because you are considerate of their feelings and needs.

In affairs of the heart it is relatively easy for you to find partners. You tend to bring out the best in your lover, encouraging them to take better care of themselves. This is also true in your surroundings — you are always trying to improve the quality of life around you. It is important that any lover you choose be able to keep up with your social pace. You would not be happy for long with a wallflower.

Moon in Libra

Persons with Moon in Libra are known for their charm and social grace, and they have a natural talent for winning friends and influencing people. They use their good manners, kindness, and considerate nature to charm others and to make the right impression.

They present an image of total balance and harmony, but actually they perpetually struggle to achieve this impossible state. They can never achieve it precisely because they can see all sides of the picture. The scale cannot balance if it is constantly dipping from side to side. As far as physical weaknesses, the main problem areas for natives of this Moon placement are the kidneys and allergies.

Moon in Libra brings with it an appreciation for the finer things in life. Partly because of this, natives with this Moon placement do well in such professions as law, architecture, politics, the arts, and even homemaking. Men with this placement are attracted to very gracious and feminine women. Females with this placement usually find a good marriage in their life, although it may not be the first one.

Others often come to you for advice, and you do have a knack for helping to solve their problems. Again, this is because you can see both sides of a situation clearly. You also can apply the advice you give others to your own life with little difficulty, thereby learning from their mistakes so that you need not repeat them yourself.

You have a talent for rearranging your environment to make it more pleasant. Just be sure your roommate or lover doesn’t mind you rearranging his or her world also. You find life to be continually stimulating and exciting and should find a partner who has the same outlook.

Moon in the Twelfth House

It is not easy for you to reveal your feelings to others, because you are afraid they either will not understand or will disapprove. This refusal to share your inner self with others probably caused problems for you as a child, but as you grow and mature you learn to accept yourself more as you are, and this allows you to be yourself.

You constantly pursue emotional security while at the same time believing that you will never achieve it. You are always afraid that others will disappoint you and abandon you in your hour of need, but this is not necessarily true. Even though you may not trust people easily, you do enjoy helping others. You may not see yourself as a generous, compassionate person, but you are.

You have a natural talent for seeing a situation through another’s eyes and can therefore understand their feelings more easily. You go out of your way to avoid emotional stress, and you would never intentionally hurt another. You are really a very kind and loving person, whether you know it or not.

It is likely that you daydream a lot and escape to a fantasy world when real life gets too ugly or difficult for you. You are very truthful in your relationships, and as a matter of fact may be too truthful at times when it might be better to spare your lover’s feelings by being too blunt. You would never do this intentionally; you are just telling the truth. Casual affairs are of no interest to you; you require more depth.

Mercury in Virgo

With your logical and practical mind, you have the ability to pay close attention to detail and to develop systems and methods which are very organized and efficient. You like to keep your environment neat, tidy and well-organized. You learn quickly, and with your excellent memory for details you can maintain a great deal of what you take in.

You have a quick analytical mind and can use it to perform tasks requiring great precision and skill. With your natural talent for critical evaluation, you must avoid the temptation to criticize others. Be patient with others who are not as organized or “together” as you are. Remember that all humans, including yourself, have faults, and therefore you should allow others their imperfections just as you would want others to understand yours.

Since you are rather shy, you avoid idle conversation and usually only speak when you have something important to say. You are work-oriented and are most satisfied with jobs in which you provide a service to others. Mercury in Virgo also gives you a natural aptitude for science (especially the use of computers). With your great speaking and writing abilities, you could be a great teacher.

With your need to categorize and organize everything, you can become detached from the natural flow of life. The more you dissect something, the less you can experience it for itself. Thus, by over-intellectualizing your life, you lose spontaneity and enthusiasm. It is good for you to remember that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Mercury in the Eleventh House

You enjoy associating with friends who are as clever and intellectually stimulating as you are. You are a humanitarian thinker and recognize that society must consider the needs of all its members. Since you work well with groups, you are a valuable team member. You try to get along with everyone and are probably well known and respected in your neighborhood.

Venus in Leo

You are a kind, compassionate, generous and loyal lover, and you will lavish your loved ones with affection and gifts. As a host you are attentive and feel that nothing is too good for your guests. You are often disappointed, however, when others are not as gracious a host as you are. Learn not to take it personally; not everyone has such a grand flair for drama.

Physical appearances are important to you, both in yourself and in those around you. Don’t allow yourself to be deceived by false pretenses and taken advantage of by a pretty face. Learn to look deeper than skin level for the beauty in everyone. This is where you will find a person’s true quality.

As a lover you are very sensual and enjoy lovemaking which stimulates the entire body rather than just isolated erogenous zones. Tickling and body massage (especially foot massage) are some of your favorite sensual treats. You will insist on the very finest surroundings for your courting and lovemaking. Second best is not good enough.

You enjoy lavishing your partner with love and affection, and you want the same treatment in return. You require excitement and adventure in your love life. An affair which becomes too predictable or tame will not endure. If you decide that your lover is not earning your loyalty, you can quickly retract it.

Venus in the Tenth House

You are highly ambitious, and you will work hard to achieve success in your career. While it is true you want the advantages of material success, you also seek the approval and respect of your neighbors and peers. You have a talent for pleasing others with your voice through public speaking or singing. You tend to form emotional attachments with people you meet through your career.

Mars in Virgo

Your ability to assert yourself is often frustrated by your own incessant worrying and scrupulous attention to detail. While it is good to be organized and to have a plan of operation, you also need to learn to be a little more spontaneous and carefree.

In your career you are an energetic worker. Although you are ambitious, you find it hard to handle positions of high responsibility. You tend to take on everyone’s problems and end up with stomach upsets or skin rashes. Although you are practical and diplomatic with others, you are not prone to taking risks or to participating in cutthroat competition.

You are a very careful and meticulous lover and will make sure that the surroundings and atmosphere are perfect for yourself and your partner. Although you are somewhat slow to arouse sexually, you go out of your way to please your lover, employing superior technique, sensitivity and attention to detail.

Personal cleanliness is important to you, and you probably enjoy taking showers with your lovers. You can be somewhat picky and critical of your partner, although it is sincerely done with the intention of helping them. Sexual tools can be fun for you if you will allow yourself to be so bold and spontaneous.

Mars in the Eleventh House

You enjoy getting together with friends to share a sport or other physical activity. You pursue friends who are independent and who have goals similar to yours. Because you are sometimes intolerant of beliefs which are different from yours, you are not the easiest person to relate to. Karmically, your circle of friends contains many enemies from past lives with whom you must learn to cooperate.

Jupiter in Pisces

You are highly intuitive, sympathetic and compassionate. Because of your increased sensitivity, your emotional reactions to stressful situations can be very extreme. You would derive great satisfaction from working with others to bring about needed social reforms; you also have natural healing abilities. Be sure you make time to get away from the tension of day-to-day life to relax and heal your sensitive nature.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

You are highly creative and enjoy hobbies and sports, either as a participant or a spectator. You are highly sympathetic to the needs of others and have a strong desire to make a contribution to society. Since you tend to indulge in all forms of recreation to the fullest extent, you should avoid impulsive gambling and speculation. If you have children, they will be a source of great pleasure to you.

Saturn in Cancer

You are very protective and nurturing of loved ones, although sometimes you may worry unnecessarily. Since you are extremely afraid of being hurt by others, you may withdraw from interaction with others when feeling depressed. You may have considered both your mother and father to be inadequate parental role models, and therefore you must develop your own ideal of parental behavior. As a result, you may feel uncertain about your ability to be a good parent.

Saturn in the Ninth House

You are meditative and self-disciplined, and take your rather conservative beliefs very seriously. Although at first you may only be willing to believe in what you can touch and see, as you mature you will begin to consider the validity of alternative philosophies, such as the metaphysical sciences. With your respect for education, you would be an excellent teacher, writer or lecturer.

Uranus in Libra


You are charming and cooperative; you seek peace and harmony in your life. Freedom is important to you, and is one of the few things you consider worth fighting for. Unexpected changes in your relationships will present you with challenges designed to make you more accepting of others’ differences. Your challenge is to become more flexible.

Uranus in the First House

You are very independent and unconventional, and must be allowed a great deal of personal freedom. With your creative and innovative mind, you can find new and unusual ways of expressing old ideas. There is something unique about your personal appearance which sets you apart from others. You must learn to be more patient and to trust your strong intuition.

Neptune in Sagittarius


You are philosophical and even prophetic about societal change. You have a strong love for freedom and a restless optimism about the future. Since you have clairvoyant abilities, you can gain knowledge from your dreams and visions. You will fight religious and moral fanaticism.

Neptune in the Second House

You are extremely sensitive and will benefit from following your intuitive hunches. Because you have faith in the Universe to take care of you, you place little emphasis on money or other material possessions. For this reason, you tend to be generous and share with those less fortunate. If Neptune is afflicted, you may have a strong insecurity about money which results in desperate acts of fraud or deception.

Pluto in Libra


Your generation has seen massive changes in laws regarding such things as marriage, birth control and sexual behavior. You will also work to curb violence and sexism and to clean up the environment. Because of your strong desire to achieve harmony and balance, you will expose and eliminate corruption in society.

Pluto in the Twelfth House

With your strong interest in puzzles and mysteries, you are a natural born investigator or researcher. You may hold yourself back or try to hide parts of yourself from others because you fear disapproval, but this only makes them more suspicious of you. You have a strong desire to serve the less fortunate members of society. If Pluto is afflicted, avoid a tendency toward self-pity and depression.

Cancer Midheaven

You will be attracted to a career which allows you to maintain strong family ties. A career which allows you to be nurturing or productive will give you emotional and creative satisfaction. You are good at sensing and supplying the needs of the public. Security is important to you. It can cause you to value money for its own sake rather than for what it will buy. Recognize that security also comes from loyalty and honesty in your business relationships. You are capable of making personal sacrifices in order to nurture the growth of those with whom you work.

Although you are good at switching careers because of your good sense of timing, avoid an indiscriminate, profligate lifestyle which would leave you with no permanent home base or relationship bonds. You need to have a home of your own and a settled existence. If you were the proprietor of a little shop, this could be a second home for you.

Occupations consistent with your nurturing style of work include home- or family-oriented businesses, restaurant owner or manager, real-estate broker, jobs connected with fluids or the public, politician, teacher, counselor, manufacturer, musician, entertainer, dancer, art dealer, advertiser, marketer, nurse or doctor. For the most personal career guide, also consider the nature of any planets which fall in the 10th house or conjoin the Midheaven, the sign and house placements of the moon, ruler of the Midheaven, and any aspects which other planets make to the Midheaven.

North Node in Sagittarius

You have a very active imagination and a sharp mind. In past lives you have been curious and restless, and you never developed an ability to concentrate. In this lifetime you will face your resistence to committing yourself to anything (or anyone). You will learn to set future goals and to develop deep philosophies about life, all while undertaking a quest for higher knowledge. Instead of living life as superficially as possible and avoiding commitment, you will search for your role in the greater universe.

North Node in the Second House

In past lives you have manipulated and controlled others; in this lifetime you will learn to share your resources with others. You would be happiest in an egalitarian relationship, where both partners equally contribute resources to the partnership. It is not right for you to do all the work, nor should you allow others to do all the work. Avoid a tendency to become possessive or jealous.

Chiron in Aries

You are very courageous, and you enjoy venturing “where no one has gone before.” In order to develop your strengths to their fullest, you tend to push yourself to go beyond what you know you can handle. You love being physically active, and will become very restless if required to stand still for very long.

Chiron represents the deep wounds we’ve all suffered in life which seem nearly impossible to heal. In the sign Aries, it indicates that for you this wound was connected to your early upbringing, which was probably filled with conflict. This may have stifled your sense of self-confidence and spontaneity, so that you had to rebuild it as you matured.

Chiron in the Seventh House

Your love life is very important to you, and you will learn your greatest (and sometimes most painful) lessons through your relationships. You seek perfection in romance and may demand the impossible from yourself or your partner. It’s possible you may over-idealize your mate and then feel betrayed when you find out they actually do have faults.

Since you seek a flawless union, you may not marry at all because you never find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Once you’ve been deeply hurt by love, you will find it difficult to open up and trust someone again. Be sure to express your feelings, even if they are not pleasant. The only harmful emotion is one that is suppressed.

Planets in Aspect

Venus trine Neptune (Strength: 5.91)

You are creative and talented and have a keen appreciation for the arts–music, dance, literature, art. Others will find your works of art inspiring and imaginative. Your inner sensitivity and romanticism shines through in your creations. In general, others find you comfortable and soothing to be with. They may see a mysterious, elusive quality about you, and may even find this intriguing.

It is not common for you to judge others harshly, for you prefer to be understanding and sympathetic to others. You will offer your support to anyone, even someone who has let you down, as long as you believe they are making a sincere effort to grow. Others trust you and may come to you with their problems. They recognize your inner spiritual wisdom and deep compassion.

Although you are blessed with abundant creativity and talent, it is up to you not to waste this gift. In a career, you could express your talents through dance, drama, singing, and other performing arts. Your supervisors and coworkers find your charm and grace endearing and will see you as a pleasant addition to their work environment. There is rarely a sense of competition between you and your coworkers. You are too sensitive for such an abrasive energy and prefer to cooperate for the mutual satisfaction of all.

You are attracted to others who are striving for self-improvement and who are idealistic about effecting social change. You are an idealist yourself, as well as being spiritually aware, and you have strong convictions about what is needed to improve the condition of our planet. Don’t let others convince you that this is merely a dream. There is such a thing as magic.

Mars opposite Jupiter (Strength: 5.78)

You thrive on competition and love to seek out new challenges. Part of the reason for your quest for competition is that you want to prove to yourself that you are competent. You feel that even though you may fail at the tasks you undertake, you at least had the courage to try. Just don’t act rashly; make careful plans as to how you will carry out your endeavors in life. And don’t rub it in too much when you succeed.

Recognition is important to you, and you could find it in a career in law, government, teaching, public relations, sports, the media or even acting. In order to succeed in these areas, however, you must develop more self-control. If you can learn to rein in your combative nature, you will gain everyone’s respect–even that of your competitors. Your own doubts about your abilities is your greatest drawback. Plan your projects carefully in order to reduce the anxiety you feel over possible failure.

You are annoyed by those who flaunt their position of authority over you and will do whatever you can to embarrass them. This causes others to be suspicious of your motives and may alienate them. Be careful of sowing such resentment among your coworkers. They may decide to give you a taste of your own medicine. Although at times you may not think so, you do need the companionship and support of loved ones.

Practice moderation in all areas of your life. Don’t overdo in order to gain attention from others. This will only backfire through ill health. You may find that you are often very indecisive when faced with changes in your life. As you learn to realize your own self-worth, you will find that you can make decisions more confidently.

In your love life you are an ardent lover. Your sexual appetite is more active than most, and you must develop self-discipline in this area. It is advisable that you choose a mate whose physical needs are as strong as yours. Otherwise, you will become terribly frustrated.

Jupiter trine Saturn (Strength: 5.64)

It is relatively easy for you to learn from the lessons life presents and to use this experience to plan more effectively for the future. It is quite likely that you will succeed in life, primarily because that is your intention. You are careful not to overextend yourself or to commit to obligations which exceed your capabilities. For this reason you establish a reputation for reliability and integrity.

You have a great deal of confidence in yourself and will plan well in order to achieve your goals. You would do well in a career in law, education, religion, finance, counseling (especially children) or physical therapy. With your natural talent for working well with others, you would be very effective in most occupations requiring public contact.

While this aspect gives you the ingredients you will need to succeed, it does not necessarily provide the motivation to take the steps to do so. In fact, this aspect can be expressed as laziness or apathy. The choice is ultimately yours.

If you choose, however, you can be an inspiration to others and act as a catalyst to spur them on to action. You are a good trainer and a “stern taskmaster” to your students, but they learn a great deal from you and highly respect you. Young children are particularly drawn to you, and many will see you as their mentor.

Uranus square Midheaven (Strength: 4.87)

You are a very independent thinker, and you will vigorously rebel against anyone who tells you what to do. In fact, if someone pushes you to the right, you are determined to go to the left just to show them they can’t push you around. For this reason, you’ve had continuing problems with authority figures in your life (beginning with your parents and teachers).

You are highly intolerant of power abusers, and you’re very quick to let them know it. Just remember, there are some people in positions of authority who are not on a power trip. Be careful not to alienate those who could be of assistance to you. It will surely hurt you more than it hurts them.

In your discussions with others, be willing to believe that they may know something you don’t. Remember, only the most foolish person believes they know everything. Keep an open mind, and you might learn something.

Moon conjunct Pluto (Strength: 4.78)

Your love nature is a deep and intense one, and you will seek a committed relationship rather than waste your time on superficial ones. Since your feelings are so deep, you seek someone who can respond on the same level. This may present problems at times when others who are not so strong emotionally are threatened by the intensity of your feelings. Once you are in love, you are prone to become possessive and demanding. If you should be rejected, you will respond with vindictiveness.

It is not easy to live with you in a domestic situation because you can be somewhat of a tyrant in the home. Be careful not to create your own loneliness by alienating loved ones. You are not always in control of your emotions, and are forever searching for the ideal love who will fulfill you.

Your sex drive is quite high, and you may find yourself held captive in emotionally unfulfilling relationships which have a hot sexual component. Even if the sex is wonderful, you will not be satisfied until you also possess your partner’s heart and soul. You want complete and total commitment and will settle for nothing less. If you don’t find your perfect mate, you will wait and suffer, feeling that you probably don’t deserve it anyway.

Your emotions fluctuate from one extreme to the other– always hot or cold, with little in between. Superficiality is not your bag, and in time you will learn to concentrate most of your energy on those relationships which provide the depth you crave. If you are lucky enough for you to find the ideal mate, you will reach depths of emotional and spiritual growth that are rarely known by others. It is common with this aspect for you to search most of your life for the perfect love only to discover one day that it is someone you have known for years. Often this realization comes too late.

You will do anything in the name of love, and for this reason others may take advantage of you. Because you are aware of this weakness, you become defensive in your personal relationships. At times you may also have to resist the urge to take advantage of others.

Moon sextile Venus (Strength: 4.49)

Traditionally, this aspect indicates a “happy and rewarding partnership”; at the very least, you have your share of satisfying relationships in life. You understand the importance of communication and caring, and you are willing to give of yourself in order to receive what you want in return. You seem to have a knack for maintaining harmonious relationships with your loved ones and are quite affectionate and protective toward loved ones.

Sharing is important to you, and you surround yourself with those who value this aspect of friendship. Compromise comes easy to you, and therefore others find you a pleasure to have around. You love very strongly and feel secure in your love rather than possessive or fatalistic. Indeed, you are usually quite optimistic and can find something good to say about everyone and every situation.

You would find it rewarding to work as a volunteer with social organizations, especially those which help children. You are a natural teacher because your optimism and positive attitude toward life is infectious and inspires your students. You are also a natural at handling financial resources and are quite prudent with money. You are generous and will share your resources with others if there is a real need, but you will not risk your family’s security on a whim.

Because you are sincere in your dealings with others, you rarely fail to talk out a problem. This will be especially beneficial to your children (or students), who will grow up to appreciate your understanding and guidance. Your children will usually feel free to bring their problems to you, which will create a strong bond of trust between you.

Moon sextile Neptune (Strength: 4.41)

You are highly creative and have a vivid imagination. Since you are psychic and very emotionally sensitive, you feel a need to serve the needs of society in some way. You are impatient with social injustice or unacceptable living conditions and are quick to let others know how you feel. You want to help bring about changes for the less fortunate members of society.

In terms of a career, your highly developed intellect and creative abilities combine to increase your chances for success in the business world. You would do well in any profession that allows you to write (especially if it involves creativity). You are also very good at doing research and compiling the information gathered.

Any occupation which allows you to make a contribution to society would be very satisfactory for you. You could do this through social work or as an investigative reporter who checks up on the lives and actions of public officials who may not be truly living up to their roles as public servants. Or you could become a doctor or therapist. It gives you great joy to help solve the problems of others.

In your relationships you are patient and understanding and tolerant of others’ imperfections. You seek to help others realize their full potential and will give freely of your time to this end. Just be wary of those who would take advantage of your good graces and seek to deceive you.

Be sure to take some time away from your crusade to serve society in order that you may recharge your own psychic batteries and replenish your physical energy. And remember, your obligations to your family are at least as important as those you feel to society as a whole.

Sun conjunct Mercury (Strength: 3.67)

You have very strong opinions and don’t hesitate to state them without being asked. This can be irritating to people, especially since you tend to dismiss their own opinions as unimportant. You usually have the first and last word in any discussion. In your haste to be first, you may make decisions prematurely. This means you may have to retract what you’ve said later, and this is not easy for you. You don’t like to admit you were wrong and can be very self-centered.

You are creative and could be a good leader if you would take the time to make good decisions. You need to take others’ needs into consideration and to learn a little humility. At times you can be something of a “know-it-all,” which can be very annoying to others. Try to cultivate some objectivity.

Communication comes naturally for you, and you can express yourself articulately. You love to give orders but may become frustrated if they are not followed. You are not above intimidating others to get their support. Express this aspect more positively by inspiring rather than threatening others. Your enthusiasm can be infectious, and you can work well with the public. You are good at making and carrying out plans.

In your love life, be careful of your tendency to misinterpret your partner’s signals. Try to see yourself through their eyes during times of misunderstanding. Your partner should be able to take your directness and lack of diplomacy. You speak straight from the heart.

Mars sextile Saturn (Strength: 3.42)

You are a practical person and prefer to plan well and proceed with caution rather than jumping into any situation feet first. You are willing to work hard for what you get and don’t believe in luck as a method to achieve your goals. In fact, you may resent others who seem to get by on luck alone. Since you prefer to invest your time and energy only in projects that will produce the desired results, you don’t waste your time on anything which appears questionable.

Even though you may take longer than others to complete any given task, you can be sure that it will not have to be done over again. It is easy for others to get you to understand their point of view if they can explain it to you logically and intelligently. This makes you a pleasant partner in any endeavor.

You do best in occupations requiring mental dexterity as well as physical skill, such as archeology, exploration, forestry service, wildlife management, research and development and physical education. Your avocational interests include ecological organizations, working with the handicapped, or volunteering for Big Brother or Sister groups. You are often more interested in your avocation than your vocation, and you may eventually make your living with a craft of some sort rather than a regular job.

Because you are sure of what you are saying before you open your mouth, you are a formidable competitor in any debate. You are uncommonly good at using language effectively and often use this skill to impress clients and business associates.

You require a partner who is both intellectual and who is interested in physical activities. Your children will benefit greatly from your example on how to set your mind to anything you want and accomplish it. As a parent you always have time to listen to the concerns of your children and will teach them to learn from your experiences in life.

Sun sextile Uranus (Strength: 2.91)

You have a very active mind and find life exciting. You live life to its fullest, recognizing that everything has its own meaning. In this way you are able to see the positive side of any seemingly “negative” situation. As a result, you are usually optimistic and very rarely give in to depression.

Communication with others is very important to you. You enjoy sharing your life experiences with others and having them share theirs with you. You express your opinion freely and without hesitation and do not feel bound by the normal traditions of society. You delight in being different and unconventional.

In terms of career, you would do well in: politics, law, education, scientific fields, and any other occupation that strives to improve society as a whole. Teaching would also be a good profession for you.

You are very truthful and have no patience with anyone who is not sincere. Your intuition is highly developed, and you utilize it effectively in reaching sound decisions and in judging the character of those you meet.

In your love life, you are understanding and patient. You will not tolerate a lover who lies to you or otherwise seeks to deceive you. It is not difficult for you to break off ties with a long-time friend or lover over the question of honesty. As a matter of fact, you could become suddenly cold and detached if you find out that you have been deceived.

Uranus conjunct Ascendant (Strength: 2.51)

You project your personality freely and honestly, and others are stimulated by your individuality. Although most people admire you, others are intimidated by your complete self-awareness and feel overshadowed by you. You are not trying to overwhelm others, you are only being yourself.

You are warm and friendly to everyone, regardless of their race, sex, clothes or social status. In fact, you encourage others to resist the barriers of worn out customs or traditions and to be their own unique self. Customs of the past are there to teach us something and do not determine the future.

You understand that any group or society as a whole can be only as good as its parts, and you recognize everyone’s role in contributing to the whole. You seek a higher consciousness beyond the material world and are eager to participate in projects designed to encourage growth in consciousness in others. You refuse to judge any situation merely by the material facts.

During your life you will undergo a great deal of change, often suddenly and radically. While the situations prompting these changes may come upon you like bolts out of the blue and may seem quite unpleasant, they can also spur you into using your resourcefulness to find a solution. In the end, you may find that these “disruptions” in your life have been blessings in disguise.

Others see you as different and unique, even unusual. This is especially true in your love life. Avoid ultra-conservative types and others who would not appreciate your inventiveness and creativity. While you would benefit from a partner who could offer stability and guidance for your originality, you could not tolerate anyone who would hold you back from expressing yourself freely.

Neptune sextile Pluto (Strength: 2.37)

This is the only aspect Neptune has made to Pluto during this century, and the planets will remain in sextile to each other for another hundred years, although the signs the planets occupy will continue to change as time passes.

For those born between 1942 and 1956, Neptune was in Libra and Pluto in Leo. These people were born at a time of global war. Governments rose and fell; kings were ousted from their castles. There were breakthroughs in air power (Neptune in Libra) which helped establish the balance of power between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This time was filled with meetings and peace conferences between global leaders. Those born during this time know that compromise is not enough to achieve peace; you are naturally suspicious of your leaders, and this will help to promote greater honesty and accountability on the part of political figures.

If you were born between 1957 and 1970, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto in Virgo. There were new advances in health and medicine, as well as rapid spread of illegal drugs. Our long- held conservative attitude about sex began to dissolve, and we began to realize that marriage was not essential to maintain a committed relationship. Those born during this time seek to serve and improve society. You are also angry about the current state of our environment and natural resources.

If you were born between 1971 and 1983, Neptune was in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra. Your attitudes about religion, education and human interactions are most likely different from those of your parents. Your religious beliefs, or spiritual practices, are important to you, and you are deeply concerned for the fate of your planet and the race of man. You will insist that your leaders be straight with you and will not accept excuses or manipulation. You are also interested in occult sciences, and many advances in this area will be made by members of your generation.

If you were born between 1984 and 1998, Neptune was in Capricorn and Pluto in Scorpio. You are part of a generation which will make great progress in dealing with power responsibly, both in terms of interpersonal relationships and as protectors of our Mother Earth. You will seek to transform society and replace rampant injustice with compassionate guidance.

Venus sextile Pluto (Strength: 2.29)

You have an ability to see through people’s outer appearance and identify their true motives. Therefore, it is very hard for someone to deceive you. You cannot tolerate people in positions of authority who abuse their power over people. The misuse of public funds is tantamount to outright robbery to you, and you will do anything you can to expose government officials who are corrupt. You feel so strongly on this issue that you will not hesitate to use the media or any other resource to accomplish your ends.

In terms of a career, you would do well as a financial advisor, lawyer (especially working with wills and trusts), insurance agent, or other position calling for the management of resources. Such a position would allow you to express yourself creatively for the enrichment (materially and otherwise) of others.

You admire people who develop to their fullest potential in life, and your closest friends and lovers are ambitious and dedicated. You require harmony in your relationships in order to be happy, and you will not settle for a superficial fling. Communication with your lover is very important to you, and you will explore the deepest inner recesses of each other’s being; idle chit-chat would soon bore you.

In your love life, you are very discriminating in your choice of partners. Intensely passionate sex is also important to you, and it is not always easy to find a lover who can handle your level of intensity. Although your sexual nature is strong, you have firm control over your desires and needs.

Early in life you picked up strong opinions about love and marriage, and you are not willing to settle for less than the “real thing.” Superficial relationships are a waste of time to you.

Saturn square Ascendant (Strength: 1.68)

It is not easy for you to comfortably assert yourself because you fear opposition from others. You underestimate your own capabilities and assume that everyone else is superior to you, although this is not the case. When you have an altercation with someone, you prefer to retreat rather than fight. However, if your back is against the wall and you must fight, you will use every method available to you to survive.

You are sometimes overly cautious and may allow opportunities to pass you by because you hesitate to act on them. Although it may take you a while to set your goals, you are willing to work hard for what you want once they are set. No matter what type of work you do, you will give it your all.

Your childhood was most likely lacking in warmth and affection. Your parents may have seemed a bit dictatorial to you and had a no-nonsense attitude toward childrearing. Although you respected your parents (or whoever raised you), there was no tenderness between you. This makes it difficult for you to accept and trust persons in positions of authority.

One of your main goals in life is to achieve and maintain financial security. You are quite capable of this, although you may doubt it from time to time. Since you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals and patient enough to not give up, you will eventually receive the recognition you deserve. Obtaining this respect from others will lessen your emotional insecurity and make it more likely that you will meet a loved one to share your success with you.

Balance of Elements and Modalities

Abundant Air

You seem to live for mental exploration. Discovering and communicating the connections between ideas, people, and places is your function in life. Your active mind is good at identifying new frontiers whose basics you quickly master, so that you end up knowing something about almost everything. You have a dispassionate nature that cooly considers the pros and cons of a situation, able to place logic above personal emotion. From your mental viewpoint, emotions look irrational. You make a good negotiator, sales person, communicator, arbitrator, analyst, and information processor. Ideas flow quickly for you. While impersonal and dispassionate, you nonetheless thrive on communication and social interaction. At your best, you strive to understand and accept people, not to change them. Courageously, you adhere to principles. You appreciate culture, structure, and systems.

Your greatest strength is also your weakness, namely too much coolness from placing head above heart. Leaders must be able to follow their hearts without being indecisive or equivocating. And you ignore your real connection to others if you use your mental gifts to coldly manipulate them. Try to avoid isolation by functioning as part of a team in which your logic, analysis, and communication skills are put to good use. Work with others who may be more practical, sensitive, or passionate than are you. Don’t keep your good ideas inside, but write them down and communicate them to others.

Abundant Fire

You are an active, future-oriented person who is not weighed down by past commitments. You take advantage of new opportunities better than most. Life for you can be a vibrant affair in which you passionately pursue causes, lovers, and experiences. You have the self-confidence to be a leader. Competitive and flamboyant, you have little patience for slow people or unexciting work. When an activity interests you, you can be very generous with your time, energy, and money. Find outlets for your gifts of creativity and intuition.

Watch out for a tendency to exaggerate or to be insensitive to others’ feelings. More cautious types may envy and resent your free spirit and competitive nature. You get bored easily and may depend on others to finish the projects that you start. When your warmth is guided by love, wisdom, and positive goals you have the ability to heal and inspire others, but when you focus on your self or lack direction, your short-lived passions can affect others in destructive ways.

Lack of Water

For you the world of feelings may be terra incognita. Close interpersonal relations, which require the expression of feelings, and empathy for others’ feelings, do not come naturally or easily for you. You have difficulty putting yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to feel what they feel. You will learn how to deal with life in a tough, mental sort of way. People looking for someone to empathize with them should not come to you. Those people who are comfortable with you are not looking for emotional closeness. It’s not that you don’t have emotions and feelings, but they do not come out easily in your relationships. If you are an artist, they may come out in your art. You probably take refuge from the difficulty of forming emotional connections by concentrating on intellectual, practical, or inspired activity. Your best companions would be those who are able to inhabit these realms with you, but who are also in touch with their feelings. They can help you to contact your own feelings and teach you to respect and honor other people’s feelings.

A lack of planets in Water signs can be offset by a Water sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Endings.

Lack of Earth

You may be so focused on the “bigger picture” that you have difficulty managing the many details of life. Balancing your checkbook or leaving your bedroom clean may seem beyond your abilities. Other tasks may be important, but you find it hard to concentrate long enough to complete them. Knowing your own lack of concentration and self-discipline, you may cling to established routines because you know that you are able to do important things through force of habit. If you do not flit from job to job, you could hold onto a job or a relationship for too long because you do not trust that you will be secure without it. Your lack of real world perspective may make it hard for you to distinguish that which really matters from that which is unimportant, so that you sometimes focus on small things while leaving the really big things undone. You may say that you care about money, but unless you have abundant planets in the houses of Substance, you will not execute a detailed plan to get it. If you can avoid driving them crazy, enlist the help of those more grounded than yourself in order to turn your inspirations into reality.

A lack of planets in Earth signs can be offset by an Earth sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Substance.

Abundant Relationships

With abundant planets in these houses, relationships and communications with others are likely to be central to your life. You can help others by exchanging ideas and making connections between people. You will probably maintain active contact with a wide circle of relatives, friends and acquaintances. You keep abreast of new information via various media and your friends.

Lack of Substance

You are not the most grounded or practical person. The rules of this material world are not well known to you. Others may admire your dreams, but they could be impossible dreams. You may find it difficult to choose, plan, and work towards a career or vocation.

A lack of planets in the houses of Substance can be offset by abundant planets in Earth signs.

Abundant Cardinal

With an abundance of planets in the Cardinal signs, you find it easy to function on your own as an autonomous individual. You have a pretty good grasp of how the real world works, which you may have acquired through your willingness to try new things. An active person, you find challenges stimulating. Success comes through big ventures that others are too intimidated to attempt. You would make a good entrepreneur, but look for other indications in your chart to see if you have the qualities needed to stay with a project or grow a business. You’re not really a team player. You are likely to encounter some problems in your life as a result of being so one-sidedly focused on your own goals and activities. But you are good at overcoming problems. Personal survival is important to you and you are capable of learning. You manifest your love through a lack of fear that makes the future happen.

Abundant Succedent

An abundance of planets in the succedent houses increases your ability to enjoy life. In turn, you can give others pleasure. You are a basically stable person with strong values, feelings, and attachments. You enoy working to build the structure of your life. As you gain confidence in your self, you bind others to you with love. You have a strong physical presence.

Lack of Angular

A lack of planets in the angular houses indicates little desire or drive for recognition. You adapt to the world instead of trying to change it or make your mark upon it. You concentrate on enjoying life and find ways to help others that do not call attention to yourself.

A lack of planets in the Angular houses can be offset by abundant planets in the Cardinal signs.

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