13 Sign Astrology

How valid this is? I don’t know… but it is fun to think about in the mean time.

For the hack of it, you can get your 13 sign chart here: http://masteringthezodiac.com/sidereal-birth-chart-calculator/ – But I cannot say how accurate it truly is.




You can only find your real sign using 13 Sign Astrology
The only one that includes OPHIUCHUS the forbidden goddess.

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“The past lies like a nightmare upon the present.”
-Karl Marx, 5/13/1964

Aries love war. Like Joan of Arc, Aries loses itself to a great cause, and wants to fight for it. Joan rallied the armies and ran the English out of France. She saved the wannabe King, and gave him his crown. He returned the favor by turning her over to the church which burned her at the stake. This is an Aries theme of blind sacrifice. The sign of Aries is also the living 90 degree square, an aspect of tension and stress– and quick release. The field of battle is where Aries builds confidence. Aries does it for the physical thrill, as well as the payoff. Females or girls with this Sun or Moon sign are males in a female body. The male Aries is a pioneer, and both are insensitive to others. Aries is the relentless opponent that Jason himself couldn’t vanquish because he got stronger every time he hit the ground. Jason finally won when he held Aries above his head. Aries can be beaten when they are ungrounded. The Aries style is impulse and aggression. They don’t beg for attention and leadership, they take it by force. More Aries

“I’m not a type of feminist who is afraid to be sexy.”
-Meagan Fox 5/16/1986

Most of the time Taurus is painstakingly slow, almost ponderous, but comes on strong where it counts. Taurus is the tortoise that beats the hare to the finish line. Taurus proceeds cautiously, prudently. They don’t have a lucky planet like some of the other signs do. There is no pie-in-the-sky, only gold-in-the-basement. They are stubborn and violent when driven too far, but what they lack in faith or finesse, they make up for with an unutterable, unselfish love of music. To them, music is truth.

Alone, Taurus listens to sweet music pouring like a well-spring out of the mountains of our ancestral memories. The notes, strains and beats they hear come from the center of the Earth. They sleep with their ears to the ground. Taurus are the children of the Earth, and Africa is their Mother. The drums of creation runs through the Taurus blood. In their collective consciousness, Taurus have been given dominion over the physical pleasures and stewardship over Earth’s resources. They preserve and protect what is beautiful, and are often beautiful themselves, since their body is their only temple. More Taurus

“People often say I have so much energy, that I never stop; but that’s what it takes to accomplish your goals.”
-Curtis Jackson (50 cent)

Geminis are players; they like to play. How could that be bad? Geminis don’t like to lose; they really don’t, and they can go to any extreme to win. Gemini can dazzle, obfuscate, seduce, or coerce with their talking points. Geminis got game, the hip patter, the street cred to talk their way in or out of anything in any language. They are often our most fascinating person, and that’s because they agree. Gemini is childhood at its best. They ask a lot of questions. Life is a secret garden for the two celestial twins, one of whom is a boy and the other, a girl; these two opposing elements are yet joined at the hip to explore and play inside the Gemini world. They both share many exemplary qualities, intelligence, vivacity, curiosity; however, they become bored and restless easily, instantly, always needing new and wilder stimuli for the voracious brain, their biological hard disk with all memory. The visceral reaction and trauma that other signs have to this quick-change robs Gemini of friends and lovers. But, after all, they always can make new ones! More Gemini

“That’s the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.”
-Barack Obama 8/4/1961

The Moon phases directly affect Cancer. The waining Moon drains Cancer of vitality. The new Moon is a new start, and Cancer’s stature grows in sync with the waxing moon. When the Moon is full, Cancer is confident, capable of great action, theatrics and sometimes a great foolish delusion. This also is true for people with a Cancer Moon or other luminary planets in Cancer. This sign is born with a third eye, and it helps them to see more of your passions and desires. They see right through your needs, so that they can fulfill them, and themselves as well.

The Moon may be volatile, but it’s very lovable. With a female sexuality that includes both light and darkness, Cancer has fulsome appetites for sex, power and security. This is the sign of the Queen who takes a young lover; possibly her son, possibly a god. It’s part of the Cancer charisma that all these secrets are classified and held close to the heart.

Cancers can convince themselves, and you, of anything. There is no coercion, just illusion. Like the Moon, Cancers have a dark side we never see. Cancer’s control over love makes them dangerous if you believe them, but like ivy on brick, they can grow on you. More Cancer

“When I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it.”

-Madonna 8/16/1958

The Sun gives Leo birthright to rule, and makes a Leo feel good, feel alive. The lack of sunshine will have the opposite effect. Pity the Leo in solitary confinement, or who lives in a geographical location where a six-month night is a yearly occurrence. The result of sun-deprivation for all humans, all signs, is nagging depression; but Leos feel it in their deeply in their heart, which they rule.

Leos are here to terrify the other signs. Leos scare their prey, their enemies. The domains of Leo are sex and ego. The Leo ego is coiled around their sexual energy. Sex with a Leo can involve biting and scratching; Leos can have sex with their enemies, exes, or complete strangers, since love in the human sense doesn’t enter into it, at all. There are no rules of engagement that the Leo is bound to follow. A certain aristocratic loyalty is the best you’ll get.

Why put up with them? Leo is sexy the way a cat is sexy; supine, sensual, presumptive, selfish. Leo people can be unconsciously sexy, and then intentionally sexy. They growl, purr, preen and prance, tails waving, a hungry animal in heat. More Leo

“I think if I’m 40 and I don’t have any kids and I’m not married, I would have a baby artificially inseminated. I would feel like Mary – like Jesus is my baby.”

-Kim Kardashian, 10/21/1980

“Friend to all, lover of none” says a lot about the Virgo reserve. However, they can be very sexually adventurous with all their friends. When the choices are so immense, so multi-faceted, Virgos fall back on their super-power: discrimination. A young Virgo is a virgin, with no experience, who plunges into the melee; while older, wiser Virgos retire to safety to gossip and criticize and take care of their pets and their health.

The Virgo seeks purity–the perfect shit, the perfect skin, the perfect smell. Unlike her spawn, Libra, she seeks perfection in herself before she judges others. Unlike other mutable signs, hypocrisy is physically painful for the Virgo. They abide by the simple ethic of honesty, they can afford it. Virgo seeks to be above reproach–so that her critical barbs are ever more painful for others. Her gossipy, sharp tongue brings on war–people will make life long enemies or friends according to which side you take in a Virgo dispute.

War is the most difficult part of the Virgo life, and the most transformative. They are the clay that more extroverted people mold into workers, soldiers, wives and students. Virgos help others to find their limits, and in doing that, they define themselves.

No Virgo wants to end a relationship, but, once self-preservation is the issue, she will cut away the offending person like a cancerous growth. More Virgo

“We don’t know how to win ugly yet. It’s either we have good offensive games or we lose.”

-Lamar Odem

Libra is like a coin, one side heads and the other tails. It isn’t an ancient sign. The “scales of justice” was designed by the Romans to honor Augustus Caesar. They took the claws away from Scorpio and gave them to Libra. The Romans wanted a peaceful Libra to disguise their enslavement and bondage, traits of Scorpio. However, Libras are Scorpios with brains and a sense of beauty. They are where the human being ends and the citizen begins. This is just the beginning of Libra Polarity.

Because their biggest problem is indecision, Libra makes its claws look like scales, so the “either-or” question can be weighed dispassionately. They want to hear both sides. Secular law as we know it was developed along the Libran concepts of balance. The catch, and this goes for Libras, too, is that there is no balance, only the ideal and the perversion, the truth or the lie.

If you break the Libra law you get the executioner Scorpio with its stinging tail, the death blow. Libras also retain the long memory and jealousy associated with Scorpio, but they deliver them with an intellectual flair that others have to match in order to help them make up their minds. More Libra

“I know what I’m doing. I know I’m shocking you.”
-Miley Cyrus 11/23/1992

The Scorpio only has 6 days in the Sun. The rest of the time they are underground. When they emerge, they are ready for sex and violence. This is the difference between the soldier and the slave. Dominance is survival to a Scorpio, and reproduction is actually an act of aggression against another colony. In the ant world, the colony with the most ants wins EVERY TIME.

The genitals are Scorpio’s imperialist weapon, the source of wealth and power. The penis represents the future of the colony. The vagina is how the DNA will survive.

Scorpio’s genitalia determine their moods and serve as a bellwether for their health and well being. Scorpios acclimate with their partners through the genitals. That’s why they can hate and love someone. This is why separation from a sex partner is so difficult for a Scorpio, since the sex organs stay connected long after the mind is free. More Scorpio

“I want people – especially young girls – to know that in life, nothing is going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go with that.”

Nicki Minaj 12/8/1982

Ophiuchus is a goddess that men and their patriarchy have tried, but failed to destroy. In spite of persecution for over 2,000 years, Ophiuchus, both male and female, has hunkered down and survived. They defend themselves with mind control and disguise. They surround themselves with outcasts, children, cats and potions, and live in covens. They hide in the shadows until they are forced out of their dominion by their enemies. They often are hated by others, and Ophiuchus is associated with suicide and martyrdom. The tokens of Ophiuchus are snakes, which are man’s traditional enemies. Snakes are also the symbol of knowledge, the springboard of understanding the human body, yet they also dangerous, and unpredictable.

Ophiuchus is the gorgon Medusa, whose mantle of vipers protected her from harm. One glance from her could turn a man to stone. Her assassination was a forgone conclusion, no mercy was to be shown to the woman who built her own temple, who would resist man’s fire and steel with the greater power of the Earth and and the stars. More Ophiuchus

“I always liked those moments of epiphany, when you have the next destination.”
-Brad Pitt 12/18/1963

The runner, the jumper, the true believer—the hot tempered horse; Sagittarians is what happens when the human meets his nemesis, the beast. Unlike the rest of the herd, the Sag. has broken with his animal instincts (he thinks) and is reaching for the stars (he hopes).

They are naturally attracted to anything they can teach, sell, inspire, or challenge. Like a fanatic, they want to triumph over our ignorance, to do whatever it takes to get their point across. However intellectual they seem, though, Sag. is never far from the herd, never far from the rutting beast. As lovers they can serenade you and then ravage you in the same breath.

Sooner or later, however, they are bound to injure our feelings. Don’t blame the Sagittarius; they’re seizing the moment to speak their minds, to gain respect, even at the expense of love.

They will try anything to have people look up to them. Sagittarius are Jupiter’s PR people, and they’re on a mission to enrich and expand our universe. They think big. They exaggerate big. They lie big. They want more than they can reach. They can spend a lot of time in disappointment if their hopes are dashed. They need constant inspiration.

Inspiration and optimism are the how the Sag. maintains forward motion, what Sagittarius lives for.

The loss of hope is devastating. The life of a Sagittarius is the success of his beliefs. Every Sagittarius wants to be the hero of the game. They’ll gladly give their lives to be one. More Sagittarian

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”
-Bob Marley 2/6/1945

Is your boss a Capricorn? These Earth signs either make it to the top or they can worry themselves into a obsessive-compulsive vacuum. The Capricorn begins life trapped at the bottom of the deepest sea by circumstance, illness, poverty; chained down by the conditions of the world. Cautiously and consistently Cap climbs out of the water, crawls to the land and marches all the way up to the top of the highest peak—Fire Mountain, a triumph of persistence and planning.

To accomplish this, Capricorn works seriously and tirelessly and makes others work just as hard, harvesting grudging respect as well as resentment from them. Yet responsibility and power are thrust on Capricorns as others depend on them more and more. Capricorn can use and abuse themselves and others like tools, however, this sign can be a liberator for others as well. Like the worker drone that they are, Capricorns will suffer in silence, and use the negative energy to spur themselves on. In the end, Capricorn becomes the man or woman that makes the business of life work. That’s also how Capricorn measures and divides the world, by money and what it can do. Without fetishizing money, Capricorns use it strategically to make their ambitions bloom. More Capricorn

“I’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently.”
Justin Bieber 3/1/1994

Aquarius needs freedom more than other signs, since it was taken away in their ancestral memories. In mythology, the young Aquarian herdsman was raped and kidnapped by Zeus, who brought him to Olympus as his personal man servant and sex slave. Aquarius has never forgot this humiliation, and will never be captured or enslaved by anyone–Aquarius will face death rather than give up freedom.

The important thing about Aquarians is that they will never change, they are born who they are, as if their inability to fully commit is a genetic trait. What you see and what you get in Aquarius is the same, and that’s all you’ll get. Perhaps its their experience with imprisonment and shame has it impossible for them to trust anything or anyone. Maybe that’s why they argue the point without malice, but also with resolution. They are the exception that makes, or breaks, the law

Aquarius must have an exit strategy, the ability to fly away. Their love is like a bird, too. Aquarius can be victimized by a institutions or powerful people, and broken apart by the maze of complex social relations. So they resist with all their might, beyond the limits. As the wind forces it way through a mountain pass, Aquarius will change its shape to hurry on in its journey. Obstruction makes them nervous.

The lover or mate of the Aquarius must realize that if they demand more than friendship, Aquarius will melt away, evaporate or prevaricate. Life long friendships are easy for Aquarius if they never leave the friend zone. Only the demands of others can drive them away. More Aquarius