Smart Phones


I found out later; this is a Numerology app, not an Astrology app…

If you have a smart phone, I went through a lot of apps and I found one that is close to accurate. It still isn’t 100% but you can get close with it, we can teach you how to get closer. The app is called: “LoveLator” it’s icon looks like three people; first one purple, second one blue and the third is green. That is the only smart phone app I use and if you find another good one, let us know so we can pass it on to others.

I also just discovered that it works for Numerology with both names and birthdays. Not sure how accurate it is, I’m just now starting to study Numerology. I don’t know or understand how they do their calculations, but it appears that every nine days on the birthday side will give you a 96% compatible quote. That may be somewhat accurate. However; if you stick with birthdays where the sun sign is compatible to yours, I think this app will be more accurate for you.



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