Sun/Moon Conjunct


Sun/Moon Conjunct is another powerful position. However; it only works best in trine or sextile positions. It could work in other positions as well, but remember that there will be challenges, especially if these positions are square.

For example: I CainO’ have a Sun in Leo with a Moon in Libra, so someone with Sun in Libra with Moon in Leo wound be a very good match so long as the rest of the chart lines up. Moon is your emotional and psychological needs. So my Moon will understand Libra.

Jeff’s Sun is in Libra and his Moon is in Virgo. Virgo is next to Leo, so we somewhat understand each other and click well for the most part. Now Jeff will understand a Virgo better then a Leo provided he hadn’t studied astrology for 40 years. So A Virgo with a Moon in Libra would get along with Jeff as well as or better then I would as long as the rest of the chart lined up. The only problem is, their foundation is off the the Sun signs and that is always going to be a challenge for anyone.

Trine is best and Sextile is second best. These are what you want to stick to.

This is according to what I learned from Jeff, so I will have to go back and do my home work on this later…

Thank you so much, CainO’


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