I am not sure how Numerology works exactly, I understand it may change if you change your name. Mine for example may be all messed up; I changed my name in the late 90’s and use two different aliases, so I don’t know how to do my Numerology exactly??? I may need professional help with this one, some may say I need professional help in many ways :)

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There is a smart phone app that will tell you compatibility between two names. Again; I am not sure how it works or how accurate it is, but it is interesting. It is call “LoveLator” – I did my New Girlfriends name with mine and it came out to 100% – I have never seen a 100% – my Ex2012 was 91% and I thought that was good. I will have to learn more about Numerology and get back to you on that…


I just did a reading through but they went by my birth name:

Based on your date of birth (August 20, 1974), along with your name as given at birth (David Michael Dougherty), your numerology chart tells you that:

  • Your ‘Life Path‘ is *4*
  • Your ‘Expression‘ is *7*
  • Your ‘Soul Urge‘ is *1*

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