Cheating Spouses



Unfortunately people cheat, however it is possible to find out through Astrology who in more prone to cheat then others. Someone who does not have glue in their chart would be a good indicator, Glue comes in many forms. The three primary Glues are; Venus in Water, Ascendent in Fire and Mercury in Water. Taurus and Libra are forms of Glue too, Taurus is a loyalty sign and Libra is a more co-dependent sign.

Those are the Glue signs, the cheating signs are more complicated and I will attach a video to help explain it. My Ex (2012) has the cheating signs in her chart, but it is like third down on the list. She had no Glue either with the exception of two Tauruses. Which is probably why I caught her cheating on me right? Even though we were “suppose” to be Poly, she still went behind my back, does this make since? But like Forest Gump would say, “Stupid is, is what stupid does”.



XC-560-C823C1 499 – Mary’s Chart – PDF



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