(2015) I changed it to “Mating” finally and I will edit the rest of this later because I refer no one to Jeff anymore.

(2013) I picked the topic of “Breading” because this covers more then one meaning. Maybe I should call it “Mating”?

You can use Astrology in mating and/or breading both in humans and in animals. People who are familiar with the farmers almanac would testify to this with dealing with farm animals with things such as winging a calf from it’s mother, but it goes deeper and vast then just that. Jeff can help you understand these things better, but our main focus is to help you bread and/or mate for astrological compatibility in a child and/or a pet. In breading animals for profit or you are in a Polygamist community, female offspring’s are more valuable. We can show you how to produce the specific gender you are seeking, whether for the above reasons or if you just specifically want your child or pet to be a specific gender.

Note: Nothing is 100% but this is approximately 80% accurate. Some children are born with both genders, this is probably because they were conceived in the cusp area. So if this is an important issue for you, you may want to check this out. Some children born with both genders, doctors determine what they think the dominate sex is and try to suppress the other. When they are wrong, children grow up with identity issues and later if their body doesn’t make the change for them, they go back to the doctors to make the change themselves.You can potentially spare your child this identity crisis with astrology.

Please remember that I am still an apprentice and Jeff will be coming behind me to double check my work. He has been doing this for 40yrs and I have been doing it for only one, but Jeff says I am catching on faster then most. Thank you so much, CainO’


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  1. Any advice on the relatioship potential of the following

    For a boa constrictor man (16 feb 1965)
    And hedgehog woman (21 April 1963)

    Would. be grateful for any help


    • boa constrictor man (16 feb 1965)
      Aquarius + Snake = Boa Constrictor
      The Snake Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Taurus.

      hedgehog woman (21 April 1963)
      Taurus + Rabbit = Hedgehog
      The Rabbit Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Pisces.

      Aquarius and Taurus are not so much compatible, but the Snake/Taurus and the Rabbet/Pisces is. However, you did provide the proper information for me to do your real astrology. So here is the real answers:

      boa constrictor man (16 feb 1965)
      Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Leo/Virgo cusp, Mercury in Aquarius, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces.

      hedgehog woman (21 April 1963)
      Sun in Aries/Taurus cusp, Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius.

      OK. The biggest challenge I see in communication. Since she is an Aries/Taurus cusp, that is compatible to your Aquarius Sun. Your Moons are compatible; your Venus, Mars and Saturn’s are semi compatible. Mars might be an issue too, pending your house placement (time of birth). Judging just by your planets, you are more of a workaholic and she is more of a free spirit and wants to do more “fun” stuff. However, since her Mars in Leo is next to your Mars in Virgo, you do have similar energy. Mars is also sex drive, you need it more then she does; so you will have to learn some patience for her if you want to be happy and she will need to understand that this is a need more then it is a want. But that is all pending house placements, your houses could change these aspects. Also Eros…

      Mercury: This is going to be the main challenge! She is stubborn and bull headed. Not just because she is a Taurus, but because she thinks and communicates like one too. Taurus can also be traumatized, so you will have areas that you will need to nurture her in order to have good communication. The good thing is; Earth signs are grounded and detail oriented, she will communicate her needs if she feels grounded and safe. Your Mercury is Aquarius; you think like a supervisor, but both Aquarius and Taurus are fixed signs and have fixed views and opinions. This position is a square and that is the worst position one could have. If the two of you can bridge the communication gap, you will go a long way!

      Past, present and future: I am learning this now and what I can say is for you to Google “Uranus Square Mercury” This is going to be a big challenge for the both of you for the next 5 years. Pending the degree’s on your Mercury’s. He Mercury is at 20 degrees, so she will see more intensity around the year 2023 and your will see more intensity around the same time. That being said, you will also be going through Uranus Square Venus too. The combination of Uranus being Square to your Sun, Mercury and your Venus will mean some major changes in you and your life. So the closer you get to the year 2023, the more patience you will need to have with others and be more open minded to weird things going on around you. This could be a good transition or a bad one, that all depends on how you handle it. My astrologer can guide you though this better then I can because I am new to the past present and future astrology; but I have been learning it from him:

      Stillwaters Astrology
      425-922-0279 (Cell)

      Here are a few other links that will help you on your path; but make sure you call Lee, he will help you a lot!

      Personal Path Reading for Taurus: 1963-04-21
      Spirit Success Reading for Taurus: 1963-04-21

      1965-02-16 – 1963-04-21 – Couple Composite Reading
      1965-02-16 – 1963-04-21 – Star Match Reading

      Personal Path Reading for Aquarius: 1965-02-16
      Spirit Success Reading for Aquarius: 1965-02-16

      For future reference:
      I don’t normally do free reading, but I will fit them in when I can…
      I will be accepting barter soon through this organization:
      Otherwise, you can order readings like this from myself at:
      Or you can get more extensive readings from my Astrologer at:

      I do offer free charts for members who sign up on my dateline at:
      There; members can network, learn and grow astrologically together. I also have more astrologers there that you can consult at your convenience. That is a new site, so we are sill building it. But hang out, more will come and more data will be there for your learning as time passes. Thank so much and I hope this finds you well, CainO’

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