I picked the topic of “Breading” because this covers more then one meaning. Maybe I should call it “Mating”?

You can use Astrology in mating and/or breading both in humans and in animals. People who are familiar with the farmers almanac would testify to this with dealing with farm animals with things such as winging a calf from it’s mother, but it goes deeper and vast then just that. Jeff can help you understand these things better, but our main focus is to help you bread and/or mate for astrological compatibility in a child and/or a pet. In breading animals for profit or you are in a Polygamist community, female offspring’s are more valuable. We can show you how to produce the specific gender you are seeking, whether for the above reasons or if you just specifically want your child or pet to be a specific gender.

Note: Nothing is 100% but this is approximately 80% accurate. Some children are born with both genders, this is probibly because they were conceived in the cusp area. So if this is an important issue for you, you may want to check this out. Some children born with both genders, doctors determine what they think the dominate sex is and try to suppress the other. When they are wrong, children grow up with identity issues and later if their body doesn’t make the change for them, they go back to the doctors to make the change themselves.You can potentially spare your child this identity crisis with astrology.

Please remember that I am still an apprentice and Jeff will be coming behind me to double check my work. He has been doing this for 40yrs and I have been doing it for only one, but Jeff says I am catching on faster then most. Thank you so much, CainO’


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