Relationship Building

Relationship building is very important. The key to building the right relationships whether personal or in business is to start with your foundations. Astrologically your foundation is your Sun signs; Fire with Fire or Air and Water with Water or Earth. Being with your own element is best as long as it is not your same sign, the second best element is second best as long as it is not your opposing sign. Third would be the same as you, opposing or one of the two signs next to yours. The two signs next to yours are what we call Berlin Wall, you don’t want to go beyond this point in astrology. If you are a Leo, Cancer and Virgo are your Berlin Walls.

Now the confusing part is this; in astrology, here is the order of compatibility: Trine is #1 meaning Leo with Aries or Sagittarius. Conjunct is #2 meaning Leo with Leo. Sextile is #3 meaning Leo with Libra or Gemini. Opposing is #4 meaning meaning Leo with Aquarius. Inconjunct is #5 meaning Leo with Cancer or Virgo.Semi Sextile being #6 meaning Leo with Pisces or Capricorn. Square being last at #7 meaning Leo with Taurus or Scorpio.

Being Square doesn’t mean you wont make good friend, I am friends with and tend to attract a lot of Scorpios and myself tend to be attracted to Tauruses. Even though Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus are all Squares; they are all attracted to each other because they are the leaders of each of their elements. Though they can get along, they will easily offend one another and can become very fierce enemies.

In my studies, I have learned that the best order to structure you astrological foundations in this order. Trine #1 meaning Aries with Leo or Sagittarius. Sextile being #2 meaning Leo with Libra or Gemini. Then Conjunct, Opposing or Inconjunct (Berlin Wall) as #3. Forget the rest… Also in you foundation you want Sun, Ascendent, Mercury and Mars as your focus. Out of these four; my Ex2012 and I only had 2 good positions where my new GF2013 and I have three out of four and the fourth is only 1/2 way off :) so really it is like 6/7 compatible (the Ascendent doesn’t have a house) where my Ex2012 and I were more like 5/7, so I did upgrade :)

My Ex2012 and I had a lot of weird astrology, some good, some bad and some OK. Our foundations were off; I Leo and she Taurus, this is a Square and that is the worse placement you can have. The good side is chemistry, but that can ware off. The rest of our astrology was better, but our Mars’s were off as well. With work we could have made it work, but it would have been and it was a lot of work. If my Ex2012 didn’t go behind my back with another man in 2012, we would still be together maybe and we might still be struggling to keep it together or we would have figured out how to work through our differences. There is much to be said about that 7yr itch; that’s why my new GF2013 and I have both decided to wait till 2020 to tie the knot, if me make that far.

My new GF2013 and I have a double Trine on our foundation and a secondary with our houses Trine on our Mars; everything else lines up primary, secondary or third for the most part and we get along famously. Our only positions that seem to be off are our Venuses and part of our Mercury’s. The only place we have had any challenges so far is the Mercury, but we so far have always worked through everything. Even though our Venus’s appear off, the really don’t seem to be off at all, which is awesome. When you have something such as this, you have to take deeper looks and also looking into aspects will help you to have a bigger picture. Again with FREE WILL; if you are willing to understand and work with each others astrology, you can make any astrology work.

Another factor in relationship building is Jupiter. If you are a business person and you want you partner to be a “partner” then you want you Jupiters to be compatible too. If you want a house wife/husband, you want a Jupiter in Taurus or another sign that says “I want to wake up and go to work where I live”. So overall, me being a business person and wanting an equal and someone subservient to me. Looking at Sun, Ascendent., Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. My Ex2012 is only 8/13 compatible to me where my new GF2013 is 10/13 compatible. That not counting Psyche, Eros and other aspects which I look at. In relationship building, the primary planets and their house placements are the foundations; the rest are bonus’s.

There are other foundations like Religious beliefs, culture, environment and of course FREE WILL. First find good astrology, then look for the other foundations. I feel if you get the astrology right, the rest will pretty much fall into place. Many will agree with me :) So I went from like 61% compatible in 2012 to like 77% compatible in 2013, this is only with our foundation. I also improved my aspects with my new relationship too; so if I can do it, so can you!


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