Love Languages


There are many love languages, The 5 Love Languages ® is just one type. Astrology plays a major part I think. I am working to study the 5 Love Languages and how they work astrologically, to fit people together astrologically to where their Love Languages are also compatible.

My Ex2012 and I had pretty good astrology, but some things were off and so was our 5 Love Languages. She had a lot of Aries, too much Aries in her chart and they were all in the house of Aquarius; this could be good or bad. Aries can be selfish, it is the me me me sign of the Zodiac. Aries is also very assertive or aggressive, they know how to get what they want. Aquarius is the Crazy/Corkie sign of the Zodiac and is about change and intellect. Her Top 5 Love Languages were Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch. Where mines is in this order; Acts of Service (Actions Speak Louder then Words), Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation and then Receiving Gifts. As you can see, our order was off. She liked all the other things too, but those were her top three where my top two were different and our third was the same.

Now my GF2013/Ex2014 was more astrologically compatible is some areas, less in others and her top three are the same as mine just in a different order; her second one and her last two are identical to mine. We were pretty much compatible astrologically, only our Mercury and Venus was off; the biggest problem we had was Mercury. I have learned to NEVER compromise Mercury!

The one I am courting here in 2015 is maybe the MOST astrologically compatible one I have found so far. In that, my 5 Love languages must have changed because I had a different order I gave her then listed above. Action was #1, Words of Affirmations was #2, Quality Time was #3, Physical Touch was #4 and Receiving of Gifts was #5. That being said; the middle three tend to fluctuate in priority for me and tend to be about of equal importance as well, but the first and last stay the same. When I listed the 5 Love Languages for her, she basically said that I put them in the right order for her and I didn’t realize that that was my order too. So there you go.

We must all pull from our positives and never forget the needs of our partner. The good thing is that if our needs are the same and we tend to give to others what it is that we need and forget their needs… Since our needs are the same, we wont forget each others needs and that is the amazing part! If we can match people up astrologically to where their love languages are the same, think how wonderful that relationship could be!?!?

Body Language is very important too… but I will go there another day.

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