Exsisting Relationships


What I have to offer for existing relationships, is astrological counseling. If you are having problems in the relationship, I can show you astrologically where those area are and how to understand and make improvements. Hopefully turning the problem into a mere issues that is easier to deal with and/or overcome.

For example. Mercury is communication… If one of you has Mercury in Virgo and the other has Mercury in Aries, Mercury in Aries might feel the one with Mercury in Virgo is “holding them hostage” or dominating them because Mercury in Virgo communicates in detail. Mercury in Aries is direct and to the point, Mercury in Virgo cannot get to the point without providing all the necessary details. Mercury in Aries can come off as brash and down right cruel to Mercury in Virgo because Mercury in Aries thinks they are being direct and to the point, but they are not giving Mercury in Virgo enough detail for them to understand properly. This is a hard combination to get past! Believe me, I know this one from experience. However; My grandmother has Mercury in Leo and my grandfather has Mercury in Capricorn and they found a way, so you can too.

Other positions may not be so difficult; but understanding astrology and why your partner or yourself for that matter are doing the things that may be annoying or obtrusive, this might make it easier to deal with one another. It all boils down to free will; what can you handle, what are you willing to change for your partner and what are you willing to accept.

Sex is another big one: Mars… and Eros. If you need sex and your partner doesn’t, this is an issue. Astrologically, you can see why your partner needs it so much and you wont feel like they are just being selfish all the time because they say they need it more and you don’t understand because you do not. If you can see that your partner needs physical intimacy more or even less then you do in their astrology, it will help you to have more empathy for them.

4 thoughts on “Exsisting Relationships

    • Capricorn + Horse = Salmon
      Cancer + Tiger = Vampire Bat

      Personally, I have come to the conclusion that the PRIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS are not a valid way to do astrology. What I mean by this is; before I started learning “real” astrology, I too was using just sun signs and Chinese signs. I mean, it is valid up to a point; but unreliable. The Primal Zodiac is something you can use in fun or to get started maybe, but I would not put all that much stock in it myself. However, Capricorn and Cancer are compatible. The Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Aquarius and The Horse Chinese Zodiac sign is equivalent to Gemini, so they too are compatible: http://datingbythesigns.info/WordPress/?page_id=1888

      So in that, you have the foundation; but what about your Ascendant, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and etc… http://datingbythesigns.info/WordPress/?page_id=1454

  1. Please could you give me some information on compatability between a Ocelot male and a weaver finch female. Thankyou :)

    • Sorry; I am not doing anymore “PRIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS BY COMBINATION” compatibility interpretations. We do real astrology here, perhaps I should have never posted this page to begin with; but I thought it would be another interesting look into astrology. Unfortunately, too many people actually put more stock into this then they do real astrology. Maybe because this is easier??? This is where I started, only I wasn’t calling it “PRIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS BY COMBINATION”. You can get started here as I did, but you NEED to look deeper. I will tell you a short cut I have discovered to rule out any questions or confusions using this “PRIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS BY COMBINATION”… OK… Fire and Air are compatible right? Earth and Water are compatible too. Then, unless you we born in January… If you were born on an even year, like I was born 1974; you will want to look for someone also born on an even year unless the are born in January. Odd years stick together and even years stick together.

      However; this is taking into account that you believe in Chinese astrology, where I don’t so much anymore. The Chinese zodiac is basically in a nut shell, Jupiter in Retrograde… 100% of the time. Jupiter or any other planet is never in Retrograde 100% of the time to my knowledge. That is another thing on my list to crack. How to accurately translated the Chinese Zodiac into real astrology accurately and effectively. What I have is a basic interpretation, but not a full detailed analysis. So I am not even sure what I have for a translation between the two is 100% accurate.

      If you have further questions about real astrology, you can find an astrologer at my other site; http://www.DatingByTheSigns.com and/or contact my mentor at http://www.StillwatersAstro.com – If you Sun sign and your Jupiter’s are compatible, then you have a better match then using this “PRIMAL ZODIAC SIGNS BY COMBINATION” but you need to look at other planets like the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and etc like the Ascendants and more… Hope this finds you well, CainO’

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