#4: Acts of Service


I am still working on “The 5 Love Languages” vs Astrology; but I know that Fire signs love any kind of attention they can get, so a little bit of everything is a good general rule for Fire signs. Remember to pay attention to house placement as well as planetary alignment.

This is one that can go a multitude of ways. The most dominant signs are as fallows in this order; Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and then Taurus. These signs will expect a certain amount of submissiveness. The most service oriented signs are Pisces, Libra, Sagittarius and Virgo. The signs will be the most submissive as long as they are not abused; however, all signs will expect to receive a fair share of “Acts of Service”.

I have 5 out of my primary 13 signs either Leo or Aquarius; if you count my Eros in Taurus and Psyche in Aquarius, it would be 7 out of 15. If you added my business signs Leo House, it would be 8 out of 17. My GF2013 is more service oriented, but more dominant in business.Where I am more dominant but more service oriented in business, so we match each other well.

My Ex 2012 had just about all her signs in the house of Aquarius and then two Tauruses, so she was 6 out of 13 dominant and 1 out out of 13 submissive. I have 5 out of 13 submissive signs, so she needed “Acts of Service” more then I did. My new GF 2013 is 8/13 and 8/17 service oriented where I am 6/17.



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