Hello, my name is CainO’ and I have been Poly nearly all my life; I was recently in a six year monogamous but open to Polyfidelity relationship. We would have been together for se7en years come July 2012 and started having problems after the 6th year. Our psychologist says this is normal, most couples seek help in there relationship at or around this point if they make it this far in their relationship. So we, mostly I started seeking help in as many different directions I could find to make our relationship work. Archive 2012…

As you know we started having problems around our sixth year in, it just got to the point of no return in April 2012. We, mostly I; was seeking help in all corners of the earth that I could find. I being male, wanting to fix things; she was more skeptical but maybe cause she doesn’t want to face her own demons.

My story isn’t a happy story, but the charts helped me though the trauma. Our relationship was weak, and I guess she was too; so the opportunity for a virus was there to come in and destroy all that we had worked for. I sought help from the Astrologist to help me fix the relationship; if she was equally willing, there was potential. Little did I know, she had another man whispering in her ear. So instead, the charts help me to understand why we had problems in the first place, helped me to understand her, her kids and myself a bit better. Eventually they helped me work though all the crap and made me realize that we were unequally yoked to begin with. From now on, I will not date outside of my chart. So if your a female Ares or Sagittarius and born near the year 1974, hit me up.

I had this guys chart ran also and they have less compatibility then we did. I am a fire sign and she is an earth sign, meaning the foundation of our relationship was built on sand. He is a water sign, meaning their affair was build on mud. We have 20 signs in our charts; from what I understand, eight of them are most important and six of them are deal breakers. Mary and I were 55% compatible out of the 20 signs, 50% compatible out of the eight and six. There was a reason I rounded it up to 60%, because I am a Leo on a Virgo cusp. If just one of us had our sun and moon signs reversed, we would be like 83-88% compatible where it really counts. Those two signs are the MOST important signs to look for, start there and work your way through the rest.

I will be setting my date lines up to be more astrology friendly in the future and I will be field testing astrological dating to see just how well it really works in my own life. It should work, just about everything I have seen so far proves to be true; nothing is 100%, but they say it is 80% reliable. One night after our breakup, I was out with the guys and this beautiful Capricorn and I hit it off; but again “Fire & Earth”. We had amazing chemistry, but I knew right out of the barrel it wouldn’t work; I didn’t want to go down that road again. I am holding out for the right one and I will be more careful this time!


I found out in October 2012 that if Mary was born one month earlier, was pulling from her positives more then her negative and was not a pathological liar; we would have been an almost perfect match. So we could have made it work, but it takes two and when she whored around BEHIND MY BACK, that was the knife that killed the relationship.

Our houses were almost in line also, Fire with Air and Earth with Water… So I no longer look at the relationship as a failure, it was maybe the best match I/we have ever had; she was the one who failed us. I know I wasn’t perfect either, you can look at my chart to see my positives and negatives as well.

Like I said before, I will be more cautious next time. We all have free will over our charts; it is up to you whether it works or now, no matter how compatible you are.

Here are my birthday matches: I will update them when I have more details.

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