I guess maybe it is possible for people to be born Gay or not. Maybe it is not in their DNA but yet maybe it is in their Astrology. I am not “swearing by this” just passing on the research for those who may or may not agree or disagree.

This is for all gays and lesbians who want to know about their astrological chart, and how you can tell if someone is gay. Vedic Astrology is easily able to tell who is gay or not, by looking at planet Mercury, and Ketu. Moon and Venus also matters, but Ketu and Mercury play a big part. There are other combination as well, including aspect of Ketu on Mars and Saturn, which I should have mentioned, also Venus and Moon together looking at Mercury creates this, while Ketu, too is apsecting Mercury. Only if Mercury is in the ‘Nakshatra’ of Ketu, or Ketu being in the Nakshatra of Mercury aspecting Ketu, there has to be a relations of Mercury with Ketu in order to see bisexuality or homosexuality in terms of Merucry’s piece of the puzzle in this game.”

However: I have done the astrology for a lesbian couple; one has Mercury in the 10th house with Katu in the 2nd and Saturn in the 9th, the other has Mercury in the 11th house with Katu in the 7th and Saturn in the 11th. So there may be more ways to figure out if one is born this way, or it may just be a life choice so some people.


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